Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 10

Yay! here's that blog post I promised. my top 10 happenstances of my 2011. I wrote this list a while ago. and i still like it. there are some dumb sounding things, but i'm just going to keep them and go with it. you know. like things.
  1. Graduated High School
  2. Graduated Seminary
  3. Moved out 
  4. Got a job as a barista at a cafe in the library at my college
  5. Started college.
  6. Became “legal”. aka turned 18.
  7. Became an artist. well... kinda. i drew some pictures.
  8. Made approx. 100 new friends through random events and college and new ward. 
  9. Rode scary roller coasters at Lagoon. woo
  10. Fell in love...  with Doctor Who. hah
well.. that was less eventful than i had hoped.. 

anyway. I wanna wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your entire year be full of life-changing events that only make you better. (cliche? or genuine. i choose genuine.

love, Ellen

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve, not Christmas Steve.

My (not really my but i wish he was my) friend from Edinburgh, Liam Dryden reposted this from someone else on twitter and i thought it'd make a good title for a blog.

Hoorah! Christmas Eve! The day where me and my fam kinda just chill around and stare at gifts most of the time. and then at night we go to a location (lately it's been a hotel my Aunt works at) and eat food and relax and chat and, if you're me, there's a lot more relaxing and a lot less chatting. But i have so much more to talk about this year than last year! For instance: i moved out, got a job, and go to college. take that, silence. (sorry, i really thought it would be funny if i could make some sort of Doctor Who reference. and it pretty much was funny.)

Here's our adorable Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:
cute, huh? take that, commercially-sized tannenbaums. "How are all the presents that high?" you might ask. well, there happens to be a coffee table under them. but i felt it more artistic to leave that detail out. until after the picture was posted and i'd say it.

With it being Christmas and all, i figured i'd share some of my absolute favorite christmas songs that you don't hear ever day most likely. We'll just call it my Christmas gift to you.
(first off, i'd just like to force everyone to go to youtube (and by force i mean tell you, of course) and click the little snowflake button on the bottom of your favorite video and watch them fall and then try to touch them with your mouse! aww, youtube!! cute)

okay, number one is a favorite from my childhood. we would listen to this christmas morning while opening our "baby born baby born" or "sing-and-dance Angelica" or whatever. It's Riu Chiu done by the Monkees. They're so good!
okay, second is a good one if you wanna just jam out and have some good base going. It's What I Want for Christmas by Macy Gray. if you just want to listen to the song, that's okay. the video's not super fly anyway.
This next one technically is good for all times of the year, but i like it especially around Christmas time because it's about winter and it's just a sweet song. It's Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne.
Okay. this one will get you in fits if you haven't seen or heard it before and this video definitely makes me go "wha??" and then chuckle and it's all the best. It's Dominick the Donkey.
This next one is my favorite take on 12 Days of Christmas. It actually makes sense and who can go wrong with Andy Williams on Christmas? it's A Song and a Christmas Tree. again, the video has a lot less to do with the song. just listen.
This is so good. It's another crappy boy band trying to do their own Christmas jam. but it's my fave. me and Hannah Wing and Erica Farnes used to LOVE these guys we watched all their youtube vids and almost cried when Thomas left. Don't worry, Thomas is still with them for this one. hallelujah.. he was like the glue holding the sanity of that band, i think. hah. Anyway! back to the song. Presenting It's Christmas Again by Varsity Fanclub. (again with the vid, i'm sorry. maybe you can learn it and this'll be like karaoke.)
I love this one! the story is so sweet and it's just a good song. I don't totally know how to describe it... it's just one of those that has been around my whole life. Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. (listen no vid)
i think i'll wrap it up right now with this one. it's not the nicest most special song ever but i still like it. It's just one of those songs that is good to sing along to and that. it's just good, i guess. Here's Donde Esta Santa Claus by Guster. (just audio, once again. not my fault.)
love, Ellen.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

watch out.

I've got a really great blog coming. eventually. it's gonna be great. and after christmas.. but i'll probably post before then.

here's a sneak peek:
10 Events of 2011

i'm thinkin o' changing it to 11. because of it being twenty ELEVEN and all.
but who knows.

something else:
MERRY CHRISTMAS IN (approximately) 3 DAYS!

here's a picture of Marlon Brando with a cat to put you in the holiday spirit:

and if that doesn't do the trick, here's a christmas-y-er version:

Love, Ellen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

so today...

i got a haircut! yeah. i'm addicted to haircuts.
I won this one at a charity auction in my ward and it was done by my friend Heather.
here's a picture.
cute, right!? pretty short but i've had shorter. my mom would like it. (hi, mom!) and she will when i see her on THURSDAY!
now to go to work.
adios amigos!

Monday, December 12, 2011

not going to throw up.

maybe. let's just say i've got news.

Good news: i'm done with my finals! except one online one. that's wednesday-thursday. and it's environment. pukey.
news: i might have some good boy stories coming up. how soon? no one can tell... or maybe they can. i'm sure some can. and then sometimes i'm like "eh.." and others i'm like "aaaaahhh!"
Other news: CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HEEERRREEE! guess how excited i am. 100000%.
i'm still stuck on the boy news. i'm just. ahhhh. and ahahhhhhhhh. and like. ahehhhhhhahhh. you know? aahhhghhhhh
let's see some other things.. christmas...
oh! haircut. i'm getting one. it might look like this:
minus the purple. whadya think?
idk. i'll post a pic sometime. ahghhha.
ok. ok. i'm going to bed now. sleep in tomorrow! hair cut at 2. work at 4. date with Jayme at 9. awesome.
love ellen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

once upon a time...

okay. remember forever ago with the flirty boy and all? funny story... i helped him while at work today and Amy grabbed his card from my hands and looked for his name. Jesse. his name is Jesse. and he has an Alaskan drivers licence even though he's not from Alaska because he worked up there last summer.

and he flirted. again. Why must he be so handsome and cool? and then seem like he has a girlfriend. less cool. i'm so sad. weird thing...i typed that and then i watched tv and forgot i had written that last sentence. odd. whatever. here's hoping he doesn't have a girlfriend and that's like his sister or something.. that'd be cool. because he's super flirty. and i totally love his glasses. and face.

uhm.. something else. I went to salt lake last weekend. it was nice. me and some friends from my french class went and saw Like Crazy. dislike {more on that in a minute}. then we went to settebellos and it was delish and we rode trax and it was freezing. anyway. about the movie: ugh. i just. ugh. it was very open ended and was too ambiguous on the ending. i wanted them to be separate forever so that we could just get it over with. and it just felt like a big, long, sad love story where no one was happy and nothing was ever right. so whatever.

oh and i had a cell phone loss scare today. but i found it so no big deal. then i talked to my mom, my dad, and marcus on the phone. maybe i should lose my phone more often so i can have reasons to talk to people. hah. uhm... also some other things happened.

finals are next week! AGH! I have to have to have to have to have to have to study like a mill bazill.
something else at work today: we cleaned up what smelled like someone taking a potty break for several months on end that was hidden under the sink. it was super gross and i gagged. luckily, though, there was a pillar between me and Jesse so he didn't see me gag. it was gross. and that's that.

my feets hurt.
i'm gonna work on my paper now. night!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toppled Tannenbaums

at least that's how i would imagine trees in B-town and C-ville would say. but seriously. I woke up this morning to a text saying "you should stay home from school. Tolman's trampoline blew into dad's car broke the back window and side window." and i'm like kaawhaaa? so i look out my window and nothing's happening... so i go to the news websites and check the weather and it's all pretty normal.

except for the gale-force winds reported in bountiful. So i say, that i can't miss another french class and it's not that bad down here {cuz it isn't} and then i just get ready and go to school and all is normal except my french teacher brought us a half a cake and some eclairs and cream puffs and my english teacher let us out 20 minutes early.... but then i went to walmart and bought a bunch of preservatives-i-mean-food and other stuff. 

And i find pictures like these on facebook:

{that's the aforementioned car with the windows}

{This is my friend John's driveway}
{This is Cory's driveway}
{This is across the street from my parent's house}

and there's so much more. Semi's down and fuel all over and roofs blown off or smashed by trees and cars smashed and powerlines down. and i know this even though i wasn't there. because i watched this. and you should too. my dad was interviewed in the driveway but i don't think he's been on it yet... or it has and i've just not seen it. 
and that's all. and i'm probably gonna have "roommate bonding" over christmas. that's nice. and christmas-y.
AND! Emily came a visited me and Erchap yesterday! we went to happy sumo and had sushi and then went to blickenstaffs {aka wonderland} and then Em and i went to the mall real fast. yay! much better than a boring night alone. much much. 

and i think that's all.. i'm just praying for those affected in davis county (yeah, i know no one is killed or whatever, it's still a rough situation and not one we're used to.)

that is all.
love, ellen.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

le jour de l'action de grâce

which means thanksgiving in French. lots'o words for one thing. and yeah, this really is just another Thanksgiving-themed post.

This i am thankful for:

  1. My family because they're always there for me, they're hilarious, and they always make really yum-tastic foods. 
  2. My ward because they definitely give me something better to do than sit around in my lonely apartment all day. this comes with being thankful for Del Taco for after FHE.
  3. My friends for supporting me and not hating me even though i can definitely be super annoying and a pain sometimes. and sometimes going out to sushi with me and walmart and just chill and let me riffle through their foods. 
  4. My laptop to keep me company when i can't have anyone else as company. and helping me with all my homework. and containing all my fave music. 
  5. clothes. for doing the job of clothes. and looking awesome. same with shoes. 
  6. food. for being food. Delicious, nutritious, tasty, happy, filling... the best. There's so many kinds and flavors and brands and recipes and temperatures.. just the best. especially holiday food. nothing like it.
  7. college. as much as i am in love-hate with it, i'm glad i'm there and that i have classes and professors and am learning and whatever. i mean "yayy!" hah.
  8. My job. I actually really like my job. as much as i don't want to spend 4 hours on my feet making people i don't even know happy with food and then taking their money and all that, i really like making people happy and getting money and getting to know regulars and just chatting and hanging out with my hilarious co-workers. It's really great, especially for a first/food-industry job. 
  9. bathrooms. for obvs reasons. (and i kinda hafta pee right now. lol.) 
  10. my silly kitty. that makes me want to squish the bajeebers out of it regularly. and making me laugh cuz it's funny. 
  11. movies. that pass the time and make me happy and entertained. and also for their ability to connect people of all kinds. "Oh, i don't really like this movie because blah blah." "duude! me neither!" like that.
  12. my car. that works. and even though i'm certainly beginning to save up for a new one eventually, i'm glad i have this one and that it takes me places and makes me feel safe and happy and all that. 
yes. all these things. and I just wanted to finish with a picture of a happy thanksgiving turkey deal. so that's what that was.
Happy Thanksgiving, All! hope your turkey is as good as mine. because mine is cussin' delish. 
Love, Ellen

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's...

Where a medium-size group of adults can be better than kids at games, win 720 something tickets, and pay ridiculous prices for mediocre pizza.

but no srsly. it was hilarious. here's a pic of me and chuck:

it was cussin' hilarious. it was my amigo cody's 1/2 birthday and we went to chuck e. cheese's and played hilarous games and i won like 117 tickets on that one where you have to push the button when the light is in the space. and marcus won a mill on simpson's game. like 200. All together, we got like 720 something tickets out of 130 tokens.

oh. i forgot to mention this has been the most crammed, eventful, crazy week of my life. seriously. i can't even remember monday... or tuesday. i do remember my english teacher saying "your rough drafts are due on thursday" and me being all "there goes my week..." and then also oh yeah! jenny stayed at my house last sunday night. wednesday.. oh! i got friday and next tuesday off of work and chilled during my lunch break with Alex and looked at wedding-y stuff. thursday... i did a bunch of homework and cleaned my room... maybe? then just in these last 2 days i've been over-the-edge.

Friday: went to classes, put my check in the bank, went to H&M with Jenny and bought some really rad clothes then went to cheesecake factory. decided Jenny's NUTS. insane. and then came back, changed, went to walmart for a  minute, went to chuck e. cheese's, won stuff and ate pizza and cake, went to the bowling alley, left because of the ridiculous wait (p.s. it was snowing), went to sarah's played reverse-human-jenga [where one person sits in the middle and you go around the circle adding dvd cases to a pile on top of the person's head] and ate stuff and then played words-with-friends on smartyfones. then i came home and slept.

Saturday: woke up at like 10:30 from a nutzo dream about me marrying a guy named steven (and i don't know a steven) in the temple without being endowed and then trying to find him so i could spray him with shaving cream, cleaned my apartment for like 3 hours, showered and changed real fast and went to Cindy's baptism (she is ADORABLE and i am SO happy for her. So much.), grabbed left-over food from work, ran home saw Mommy, Abby and Tanya there! YAY!, changed, chatted, erchap and hannah came and then jenny and shopped for jewelry for a while and chilled and ate the left-over foods, they left and then jenny and i went to thanksgiving dinner, ate super yummy foods and danced a little and chatted and then went to Jaimie's house and played the picture game (sentence, picture, sentence, picture) and then whatif... and then Stack-n-Laugh [same as reverse-human-jenga but with the added fun of "would you rather" to make it harder to sit still] and then 2 more rounds of picture game, came home, cleaned up from party and chatted with flatmates, put away clothes washed from earlier. BED

which is what i'm doing now. i just wanted to give ya'lls the low-down. I hope your thanksgiving is full of the most wonderful things!
Love, Ellen

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some [good] News

So it has been some time, no? yes. it has. I'll just give you some low-down and we'll be on our way.

let's see... so last post was about that **** project... let's go from there.
Went on sushi date with Erchap. Super yum. We went to Happy Sumo. sooooo yumm. I had a sunomono roll (from the inside out: avocado, tuna (i'm pretty sure), wrapped in cucumber). Super delish. I guess i'm better at sushi than erin is because i ate all my roll and didn't gag and she ate most of her roll and gagged on mine and then i finished hers for her. so that's good. both were yummy. then we went to a magical candy and toy shop by happy sumo that i can't remember the name of and it was super amazin. then we chilled and did laundry at her place. chill.

the next day, i did some stuff and went on a date with my wardie Marcus. it was cool. we went to Noodles and Company and it was yummy and he said he doesn't think anyone judges me by my age. which is nice but i sometimes think they do. a lot. but whatever. and i went to work and school too but that was a bum and you don't want to know about that.

hmm.. oh, yeah. i went home for the weekend. I got home friday night and just chilled with the 'rents. then saturday i woke up at 5:30. and then got ready and went to high school. the bus left the high school at 6:45ish with all the debaters on it. I judged the HS debate squadrons in a tournament. it was interesting and cool. and sort of stressful. but cool. and i got paid for it. that's nice. it was just a long long day. but it was fine. and i'm real glad i'm not a high-schooler anymore. phew.

i got back on sunday and went straight to mormon food night. it was suuuper yummy. mega yum. then we went to ward prayer and chilled and then we hungout for a while and then i went home and my fren Jenny came over and stayed the night. we watched Tron and i did my homework. until 2:30. in the a.m. so basically i'm pooooped. and i've gotta read like 5 chapters of Omni's D. (omnivore's dilemma. but i like my nickname better.) for my writing class tomorrow. shoooot. don't want.

and i love pinterest. and we had fhe tonight and it was wweeeeeird. we played a game called "winkums" or something where you had to grab people after they were winked at. it was weird. but funny. and then we played "do you love your neighbors" which is hilarious. Do you love your neighbors? No, but i do love beards. (seriously one of my answers. lolz)

okay. this whole deal has been leading up to this. Member that time i went on my very very first date ever? I was 16 and he was 19? 3 days from his mission? well, it's been 2 years. And now he's back! and i talked to him and gave him my number and we're gonna do something in some weeks when i come back. i'm actually really excited. yay!

oh, and i got my first debit card. it has a pic of my silly kitty in a sink on it. i love it. some people think it's weird but i don't have a mate yet and i don't want a picture of me on it.. and anything else i love has copyrights all over it. so cat it is.

and i think that's all. Also, the Drums are really cool. here's a vid:
{Look! I can put a vid on now! not a loser!}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why today started out as quite possibly the worst day of my life...

you know what this is? a dam. a broken dam. that's like my morning.
Here's how it went down: Woke up, showered and got ready and all was normal. Left on time, didn't know about the 3 different construction sites (2 of them being new) and was running late to class. Got there 3 minutes (ish) late and then a girl in my class said "is it you're groups' day to present?" "Who is even in your group?" and i was like **** **** **** **** **** **** in my head and out loud i'm like "fml." The girl who was in my group never gave me the power point and the boy never did anything because he broke his collarbone.

So the teacher comes in and says where's the group who's presenting today and i raise my hand nervously and he says come up. shooot. so i go up there, quickly text my group and tell them to get their little fannys over here, and go to the EPA website and look up acid rain for to use it as my power point because, as aforementioned, i don't have it. I explain acid rain as best i can and how we can make it better and all that and then i go into questions and my prof says to not give me easy questions or hard ones, but reasonable ones and i answer them best i can with my partial-knowledge of the subjects.

I finish and the prof tells them to rate me gently due to the fact i went in alone and he also brought up his power point and said he'd go over it more in class next time and give us a "take home party" he calls tests. Then he says he wants to see me after my 10 o' clock class.

I go to my french class, take a test i feel okay about, buy myself some peanut butter m&ms, and chat with my friends for a sec. then i go back to my prof and we talk about why none of my group was there and if it was my fault for poor planning and all that. He tells me to come up with my own in-depth power point and send it to him along with 10 test questions about acid rain that will be on the next "party".

at least he was nice about it and didn't come down too hard on me. I told him like 3 times that i'd rather be in another group and that my group wasn't going to come together no matter how many times i tried. I was still stuck in the same "group". and one of the worst parts of it is that only the guy in my group apologized and said with it that he was going to drop the class anyway be he hadn't told me. And the girl was at work. Who schedules a class at the same time they work!? idiot.

But at least tonight will be better. I'm going to a sushi date with Erin. yummm.
and i've gotta get to work on writing a paper for my lit class. at least i'm going home this weekend. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. a mill.

~elle camino

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little Fan-girl.

You know how easily-obsessed and excitable i can be. I was on stumbleupon and stumbled on this site full of really great teeshirts. specifically Doctor Who tees. and Beatles. i'll share some of my favorites:

This one is all of the lyrics of come together lightened and darkened to look like Abbey Road. awesome.

 Just the beatles. with their sigs. awesome.
 oh, you know... just some guys. beautiful, awesome guys.
 a really rad yellow submarine.
 Abbey road. Doctor Who style. awesome.
 just a bunch of 10th and 11th doctor stuffs.
 clever, ya'll.
 delorean: not bigger on the inside, but that's why they call it the Other.
 Like the WHO! We don't get fooled again!
 i love rory. so great. also, i love rory in glasses.
mega super clever especially for the 6th season. so so so so clever.

anyway. these are all good.
also, i went to a particularly awesome dance last night and i rocked my heart out. and this guy tyler kept telling me how impressed he was with me for being so witty and funny and cool and an awesome dancer and all that with me being 18. woop.
and then his friend kelby is my x's brother's bff or something. so that's... nice.
and other than that.... i worked 7 hours today and now i'm tired and i've got stake conf. in like... 40 minutes. so i'm gonna go change, and that and yeah.
Bonne Journee!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Golden Slumbers

not a reference to death. It's a beatles song. Yes, i'll talk about halloween, but i also wanted to mention some funny sleep experiences i've had lately so this was perfectly applicable. yeah.

i've been having weird dreams a lot lately. I woke up this morning laughing. and i can't remember what i was laughing at. All i remember is Marcus my ward-mate telling me to listen to the song that the evil people were singing and hearing them try to find a rhyme for something and instead saying "lime" and then us cracking up and then i woke up laughing. too bad i can't remember what it was...

and then this afternoon i took a nap and i remember some of it.. i went to this place i can't remember the name of but the manager lady said these words "it's like social sex." and i'm like what? and then i pay and go in. they put a blindfold on you but it's a see-through, plastic bandanna and then you're lead into a room, put on the floor and told to go. then you scurry around and find someone and start talking to them. and apparently you're allowed to sit in somewhat compromising positions (not like hold your horses, cowboy. but more like you're sitting awful close, mister...) and just chat the whole time. but the whole time was like 2 minutes. it was just weird.

remember how halloween was, like, yesterday? oh, it was. hurrah! it seems like forever ago. probably because i took that nap at 2 today and it was solid. anyway. Halloween was good. A bunch of my ward-mates gathered and we went to the pizza pie cafe in provo, ate, and then went back to Marcus's to tell scary stories and then watch the Doctor Who episode Blink. very very good. all the people were kinda disappointed though that no one really died and it was all happy in the end. but that's okay. it's still good.

speaking of the Doctor, i just finished watching the series! I'm all caught up! yeah! And my friend Alex said she saw a Matt Smith walking around campus yesterday but i missed him!! And i'm so sad. But i'm fixed on the theory that it was the real Doctor and he had to visit the school because there is something alien-y going on and he had to save the day.

And my roommate got a date! Yay! I'm so happy for her! I hope this turns out well and everything is super great! Super awesome.

And i think that's all. now i'm going to go finish my response to Meat-glue. Oh, for your food-y English class? nope. my Environment class. Sheesh, i might as well just combine them into one and say good. stupid. 

à plus tard!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

short stuff.

just wanted to post real quick about how i have 1000 pageviews! Congrats to myself for being the 1000th one. so cool.

 also, i have like 20 something dollars in change from tips and stuff. so that's cool.

and i just watched some gnarly snail sex in my English class along with ladybugs goin' at it and crazy rain storms from a bug's point of view. What does snail sex have to do with English, you ask? oh, we're learning about the environment and how humans are putting it to heck. Wait, so you mean your environment class? Nope, still English. for real. At one point, we saw a couple ants that were going to this other supposedly dead ant from the rain and i thought "Oh, my [cuss]! They killed Kenny!" from south park. i don't watch it ever but i have a couple times. and i just know the reference from places. so yeah. and then we saw a butterfly emerging from a cocoon and i though holy crap. guys... guys...? Guys! I'm a cussin' butterfly! No crap!  but it was probably funnier in my head.

oh. and i'm watching doctor who again. yay!

that's all. Have a nice amount of time until i blog again or something!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Hallows week-before

seriously, it's been a lot. i think i'll make this a bulleted list!

  • to start (because the picture thing is being a bum again) i got my fingernail all tore up putting away nakeds. hah. i mean naked juices. and also, there's a fan in the back of the fridge i accidentally got too close to and yeah. ow. and now i've got this really gross thing on my finger and i've gotta wear silly gloves at work and in the shower to make me not have to constantly change my bandaid or snag the dangly nail on anything. grooossss. sorry.. but still. here's a picture of my bandaid shortly after the incident
  • found free streaming Doctor Who season 6! Hoooooorayy!! 
  • speaking of the Doctor, me and my ward-mate Marcus are going to be the Doctor and a companion (probably Amy once i find a wig maybe. or donna. probably amy.) for halloween this monday! (unless not. because there's nothing happening. eh. but still) hooray again! 
  • there was this guy at work today who was wearing a full on tux and then here's what happened: his friend (we'll call him guy 2) asked to see the tea choices. Amy (my boss) said "you've gotta give us something for it" (or something like that...) and the tux guy says "I'll give you a kiss" and Amy says "You'll have to ask my husband about that... but she [pointing to me] would be willing" and I say "I'm more of a fist-bump kinda girl." and he puts a piece of gum in his mouth and i'm like ew in my brain and then amy asks him why he's wearing a tux and he shrugs and says "just for fun." and i'm like double ew in my brain. so that's... interesting... 
  • and i should've posted this earlier but there was a guy at work before i left for home that played like 20 questions with me and his name is Blair and that's his middle name and he's seen me around. so that's... interesting... 
  • I went home. and it was super nice. i slept a ton and ate some yummy food and went to Logan and my dad helped me make chili for our FHE halloween chili cook-off slash party thing and it was cool. i didn't win, but Emily did and it was good. my cornbread should've won though. that stuff's like cake. I'll probably bring it to Italian Night on sunday. 
  • doctor who never ceases to excite me. never. and i love it a mill.
  • and i got some fancy facewashes today! It's that neutrogena skin id stuff and, so far, it's really nice. and it came with a lot too! like a 3-step regiment, spot treatment, body-acne spray, and a little tote bag. aww. i'm excited. it's super cool. and here's to helping my weird new acne problem. 
  • i took a really stressy American Lit test today but i think i did well. i made post-it note cards. then i made them accordian style and it was even better. then i drank a cream soda before and it was good. good.
  • french is fine. sometimes i accidentally speak in french and stuff. like i was just watching doctor who and he kept saying nephew and i kept translating "neveu" (i seriously just had to google how to spell nephew. sad day. and i'm an English major! who'da thunk?). 
  • there was another thing but i forgot it. it's okay. i'll remember later and then say something or something. and yeah.
I think that's all.. 
Doorbell! I wonder who?
it's for Gabi. no suprise. 
so i'm gonna go watch more Doctor. k cool.
love, ellen

Friday, October 21, 2011


it's juss shout out mixt to one word. Sho-out.

This one goes out to Emily Mensing for being able to quote my blog. lolz. So cool. Follow her new blog HERE. she's great. On wednesday night, we went to Maverik and got hot chocolates and then drove around the round-a-bout 6 times (barf) and then chilled. twas cool. she's cool. We're friends. yeaaah. (pretend that was a really great song with some really nice riffs). 

This next one goes out to my fam. Ma famille sont amusant, drôle, et bien. J'aime beaucoup ma famille. (translation: My family is fun, funny, and good. I like my family a lot.) I'm at home for the fall break (aka UEA aka Deer Hunt). It's super nice just to sit at home and have my family chillin around me and not worrying if they're judging me because i left a bowl in the sink or i haven't cleaned up the bathroom in a while or that i keep accidentally forgetting to clean the blasted microwave. It's also nice to have dvr, less traffic, someone to talk face to face to, someone to show funny junk to (without them thinking it's not funny.) or just anything. it's way comfier at home. even though i like the people in Orem more. if only i could have the best of both worlds: family and orem peeps. that'd be cool. but whatevre. 

And a sho-out to my lit professor! thanks for the B+ on my paper. I'm really pleased with it. And thank you for the insight, my next paper will be that much better. And, dear English prof, please don't judge me too harshly on my second paper. i'm okay with the C on my first, but i'd really like at least a B- or B or anything. is there a C+? because even that'd be nicer. but whatever, be fair. 

and i think that's all. I'm going to go to bed now cuz i'm tired and i'm trying to fit the last month's worth of lost sleep into one 4 day weekend. i'm sure i can do it. or something. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I am so sad, I am so very very sad"

I bought Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World! it was only 10 bucks at walmart. And i've already watched it like 3 times. i love.
but that's not all this title has to do with my post, oh no. This pic should describe everything...
ok... not everything sucks. actually, it's pretty decent. I like my job still, school is... alright. busy but alright. And i like my ward a lot.

We went to the corn maze last night and it was super fun. Well... we got lost. obvz. and then we went to Del Taco like usual and it was cool. We chilled and chatted and left.

And i have a new bff! hah. Emily is way cool. we're cool. hah. she's in my ward and we chill.

but i do have to explain the picture, right? right. So remember those last 2 posts about that guy from work? yeah... he left the library yesterday with a girl. and she was wearing slippers. ew. but i guess i shouldn't be too sad considering i didn't even know his name.. but still. eh.

oh, man! I just tipped over my huge flower. my home-teachers and marcus brought me over a gigantor flower (a bird of paradise, i believe). here's a pic:

oh, it's from a fashion show. this is it as a fashion piece:
it's in her hands...
but it's cool, yeah!
man... i just worked for 5 hours and now i've gotta pack for my trip home tomorrow and clean my room and i've gotta do some homeworkz. oh. hah. my English class should definitely be called "Hipsters and Food 201H" becuz that's like what it is. and my teacher said "internetz" today and i refrained from lolzing.
p.s. I'm watching Father of the Bride pt. II and it's funny because Kieran Culkin is in both this and Scott Pilgrim. he plays the son in FotBpt.II and the gay roomie in SPvs.tW

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flirt Boy part 2

remember that guy i was telling you about? yeah, he came back AGAIN!! And he's even cuter than i remember. still don't know his name... but still! And i want to know him so bad. like a million. Here are the things I know about him:

  1. he wears glasses
  2. he dresses well
  3. he likes chicken bowls with veg.
  4. he has a debit card. (Shoot! I should've checked to see if there was a name on it!)
  5. he sat at a computer facing the cafe for like 4 hours today.
  6. he dances to his ipod (love.)
  7. i think he has a crush on me too. we made eye contact quite a few times.
  8. it might be love at first sight
oops. and i don't even know anything substantial. and he doesn't know anything about me either. but i wanna give him my nunber. or just talk to him. or anything. annnyyythinng. 
i might go to bed early tonight.. i have to work early tomorrow. guh. and i'm dang tired. but whateves. 

love, ellen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flirt Boy

I drew this picture today at work because i was bored and wanted to show my co-worker, Jen, what the guy who flirted with me yesterday looked like (i know i already posted today, but i thought this needed some recognition.)
I had to edit it to make the pen show up more. and i can't remember what his face looked like... and i'm not good at my own face so i left them blank. but we both do have glasses.
"Us glasses kids need to stick together, hey?"

"Talk about Boys"

hah. i tole you, i've gotta put Beatles all over this sucker. This line is from "Boys" sung by Ringo. It's a cover version originally done by the Shirelles. Either way, it's a fun song. and a good way to start off this blog about - you guessed it - boys.

It's all good news this time!! And how weird is it that i've had 3 guys take interest in me in the month i've lived here and i lived at home for way longer and only had 2 boys ever. hm. And then i also have a crush on another boy. i'll explain in a bulleted list! fave! (i think i'll leave names out because just in case and stuff. blah, yeah.)

  • Boy 1: took interest in me, got my number, texted and called me. I had no interest in him. Because he creeped me out and i'm not sure if he's LDS. he came and watched me at work which was weird. 
  • Boy 2: in my ward. He asked for my number, i gave it to him, we played halo, he bought me in-n-out and we went to the 80's dance together. and watched Dr. Who. and he sat pretty close to me but i definitely made my hands unavailable for holding.
  • Boy 3: is in my English class. i've had a crush on him since the first week. our names fit pretty darn well and he's cute. he's from kaysville too! so we could live close enough to both of our families! perfecto. also, now we're in the same peer-review group. he ate my mac and cheese... and liked it! 
  • Boy 4: is unknown. like 99%. He came into my work yesterday, bought a chicken bowl, flirted with me for a bit. I said "I like your glasses." and he said "Yeah, Thanks. Us glasses kids gotta stick together, hey?" and i was like "marry me?" but not literally... in my mind. Then i went home, made my mac an cheese, internet broke, went back to the school to finish my homework. Then my boss said "That cute guy came back and just stood on the balcony above the cafe for like 10 minutes... waiting for his bride" and i was like a little school girl. which i guess i am in some ways. but how great is that!
and that's kind of all. and i'm really tired. (lol. i took a nap right after i wrote that. and now i'm off to work.)(]=
loves. ellen

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Youthful Energy

i have some. i actually have a lot. of both. Maybe not in equal proportions, but they're both there.

Turns out, i'm an incredible dancer. I won 3rd place at the 80's stake dance last night because i can really shake it. too bad i had to shake it to some weird "pop" music (whatever that is...) song. but i'm still awesome. i got a pack of victory tropical skittles. and a bunch of high-5's and a self-confidence boost. and a whole lot of day-after soreness. like paralyzing soreness. but it was still fun!

I hate to say it, but i'm kinda embarrassed about my age... all of the people in my ward are older than me and a lot of my classmates are older than me. All i have are class of 2011 sweatshirts and they screeeaaammm "Look how young I am!!" "I have no real-life experience!" "I'm a noooob!" and "So thaat's why she's not _____" fill-in-the-blank. maybe with "interested in dating me because i'm [probably] looking for an eternal companion."

man. my dishwasher is looouuud. i can hardly hear Titanic. yeah.. it's the only thing on tv. boooo no direct tv.. whatever. at least i have one. i cleaned the bathroom today. and mopped the floor in the kitchen. yay. oh and i hung out with erchap. it was rad. we ate some magnificent pizza and went to the mall for a spell and chilled and chatted. and looked at pics of Carl. yeah... i have a huge crush on him.

my head is singing "We watched Titanic and it didn't make us sad!" over and over because i'm watching it and i'm not sad a: because i don't get sad easily, 2: i can't hear it (as aforementioned) c: I love Leo DiCaprio a mill and he will never die to me. and when he does for real, i will be most sad. that is when i'll cry. possibly. or not... because i don't know him and i don't cry. Not heartless, just doesn't cry.

YAY! HAllowEEN Is COMING!! yay. yayaaayyyyyaaaay! it's my fave. and, and, i love how much candy i can buy for less. i'm gonna get a lot and then eat it over the span of till christmas. probably. oh. and i'm hungry now. I even ate 2 WHOLE pieces of pizza and lunch! and a bowl of oatmeal! blah blah.

oh, and if you want a shot of happiness with your morning coffee. or whatever you drink.. go to here and say "awww!" and "cuuuute!" and other things like that. seriously, it makes me so so happy.

that's all, she wrote.

Friday, October 7, 2011


This week was certainly a make-up for the heck-tic mess that was last week. I don't even remember what happened because i was so flustered and stressed and it was not fun. in the slightest.

But this week has been really nice and fun. I was never in a tizz or panic-y. It's just been lots of good. if that makes sense... i'm just trying to remember why this was such a good week. I gave a guy in my ward my number. we played Halo on tuesday and it was fun. i killed some things. I'm really glad the real world isn't as violent and i hope that, if it does, the Doctor can swoop in and make it a peaceful place again. that'd be nice. and Jonny and me might hang out this weekend or something. idk. maybe the dance! (stay tuned for more into on that)

And a couple boys in my ward gave me their Joker pumpkin after famblynite. It's in my room on my dresser right now! and it looks like this:
It's really cool. and i'm very happy. it's painted greenish black on the back.

Oh, i'm at school right now. I have a class in an hour and a half and then i have work until 6ish. i close today. and then there's an 80's stake dance!! I hope it's real and good 80's and that, if it's not, they'll let me dj. because i know my 80's. even though some of the peeps in my ward were born there. you know... in the 80's. still.

And i'm watching Yellow submarine "The meanies are coming! The MEANIES ARE COMING!" on youtube at the same time. I have a paper due in my next class but i did it already and i really hope it doesn't suck. i hope it's actually really good. i feel good about it, but you know... blah and stuff.

And i guess you could say i'm on another epic Beatles kick. hhoops hah. no, it's cool. i like it.

 I'm thinking of buying a hot chocolate but i can just make me a free one in a couple hours. patience is a virtue, i spose. Seriously, though, it's freezing out here. there were like 2 days of autumn and then snow and cold and unhappiness. but i think it's going to warm up in a bit here. or at least it should. mother nature is a beast who is pms-y during spring and fall. short-tempered and quick to change her mind. sheesh.

and yeah, i think you're up to speed. so cool.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

C'est une Blague.

I renamed my blog. sometimes it's cool to have a diff blog title than the url. 
So i went with one of my new favorite French sayings:
C'est une blague.
it means "it's a joke" 
it's kind of like French's "jk, lol." but it's somewhat more formal. just a little.

speaking of French, in my class today, someone  brought croissants and butter and chocolate chips: incredifabulorad. i made that up. but no srsly, they were AMAZING. He works at Brick Oven and got them from there and i wanted to eat several.
j'ai envie manger trop de croissants. 
i'm starting to really like french again. maybe it's how funny my class is and how much i already know. 

anyway, i just thought you should know. 
love, elle

Sunday, October 2, 2011


how many people can live-tweet General Conference? too many.

But i really enjoyed this one. it just kept reminding me "hey. you need to bust out that p. blessing and have a read or two." so as soon as i got home, went to ward prayer, washed the dishes, cleaned my room, and got some sinus relief herbal tea, i got it out and read through it.

I am amazed how many times i am reminded of my Heavenly Father's love lately. It's like every day. Even when i don't have FHE or Institute or church or anything. I just feel him walking with me to my classes and sitting with me during my lunch break while i'm reading my homework due in less than an hour (it's okay. it's just reading. and it's better if i read it closer to the class because i remember more).

I am constantly being reminded of his infinite power too. Like in my French class. I am learning a lot about this whole new culture and i can't believe how Heavenly Father just created everyone and gave them each different adventures and like even knowing different languages is incredible.

And Dr Who! (you know i had to tie it in somehow. just wait. it gets better.) It just reminds me that He made worlds without end. We don't even know those worlds or how they live or what they speak or what they look like. Well.. they're going to look like us most likely because we are created in his image and after his likeness but we don't know what they're skin color will be. Just take the diversity of the earth and make it on a larger scale.

And he put this most incredible prophet on Earth just for us. It really feels like Thomas S. Monson was chosen to speak to us in this generation because we all love his stories and his humor and his genuine love for each and every one of us. I'm sure if i went up to him that he would treat me like a cousin. because that's just how he is. He's the perfect example for us to follow, really.

And of course, i have to mention that i went home this weekend. You may think i'm a sissy for going home bi-weekly but i have reasons every time! never just frivolity. Although i do enjoy spending time with my fam and seeing my high school mates. I guess I just feel a lot more comfortable there because i don't have to work around non-relative people with different lives than me and put myself out there a mil. I can just enjoy the company of my mom and dad as we watch a movie or talk about my future wedding (no, no. I'm not dating anyone or anything. i'm just planning like every other girl.) or getting gas with my dad's money and having a DVR and i know where everything is and i can navigate the walmart and target fairly well and i have people i can see without travelling a million miles and planning days in advance.

I'll tell you what happened this weekend because i think it's cool. My super rad boss and i were chatting and i told her that 1 of my 2 friday classes was cancelled and that i could go home early friday for a long weekend besides the fact that i have work. And she said she could cover my shift and Yungmuk volunteered to take my Saturday. Yay! So i left home at about 10, grabbed some gas, and headed home for a fun surprise. I came in through the back door to see my mom waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She said "I saw you sneaking!" and i said "I left my keys at my apartment and i was hoping the back door was open..." and then i went down and hugged her and we watched most of an episode of parenthood.

 then i went to my Alma Mater to surprise Abby. I got there and chatted with my old jewelry teacher for a mint about how i won $2 at the county fair for my necklace and some other stuff and then i went into abby's french class and chatted with my old french teacher for a mint until the bell rang and i saw abby about to walk out and then her friend said "hey, isn't that your sister?" and she was all "Heeeeey!" and came over and hugged me and then i took her and Lex and Reese out to lunch. and then i bought abby a super rad foam finger like "live long and prosper" but viking-y. you'll have to see it. then she ditched her last class and her, me, and mom went to Dilly Dally's and abby got some sunglasses and we bugged mom a bit and it was fun. then we picked up some maddox (<3) and came home.

and then we also did the conference stuff, played the game i got dad for his birthday and we had a turkey dinner and we watched Whip It (LOVE! I would definitely want to buy this movie. It's SO cute and it's just great. recommend frosho.) and Megamind (also pretty good but not as good as Whip It) - not in that order. oh, and me, Mom and Sharla went to their cousin Leslie's son's wedding reception and chatted and ate some yummy refreshments and then went to HomeGoods and Sharla bought me a really nice side-table storage thing that i'm so excited about.

and now i'm home, blogging, and i'm about to go to bed. i just made myself a cute lunch for tomorrow of a peanut butter sandwich, a granola thing, cookies, and an orange juice thing. awww! reminiscent of youth and all that. i'm excited. it's even in a princess lunch box. yay!

here's a link to my song of late.
or this one:
either way.
i wish i could, like, make the vids actually on here. but it never works for me.

okay. night!
-Ellen of Utah
p.s. Pres. Monson quoted the Beatles! heart.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He works at the Far-Mar.

I should really start re-reading my last blog posts to know what i already said before i start a new one and have to re-tell everything...

Anyway, So did i tell you about Carl? he's this guy in my English class that i've never talked to but i fb stalked a little last weekend and i have a crush on him. Today in class, our prof told us how he ate a cheeseburger a while ago and felt guilty and then ate a fancy meal he originally purchased from the far-mar and Carl says "Which farmers' market did you go to?" and prof says "the one in SL" and then carl says "Oh, you should come to the one in Murray. I work there." and i was like (in my head) "no. way." and now i just wanna marry him. so yeah. i mean there's other stuff like he looks nice with some stubble and he dresses well and wears glasses. all i've gotta do is talk to him... hm. well that'll happen. maybe...

i made me some chicken today but, being an idiot, didn't get it out to thaw early enough and then ended up being some minutes late to work because the chicken too forever. but it's alright. i'm eating it now and it's fine. and i'm eating a really delish pb bar from the B&B and i heart it. it reminds me of elementary school when i'd bring 50 cents and buy one to go with my lunch on special occasions (those being that i had been able to gain 50 cents). they were incredible. this brings me right back. except that they're a lot more expensive now (what isnt?) and i'm not in elem. anymore. and also we'd get them from Dick's in C-ville and chow down for fhe. good times.

Ugh, my allergies are starting to pop up. i'm all tired and runny-nosed and itchy/watery eyed and scratchy-throat'd. bad news. lucky, though, i got some allergy meds form my parents for my birthday. (p.s. i just typed that whole sentence with my eyes closed. yeah, boy. (although, i did fix my errors after.. still counts.))

I hate saying i'm debating on going to bed now or watching doctor who. i need to catch up before this weekend but they're all on my flatmate's lappy and i wouldn't feel comfortable snatching it up without her here. or whatever. and it's like 10:30. i've still gotta do some french devoirs. boo.

anyway, i low you.
Love, Elle (eventh doctor, Matt Smith)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh, boy...(s)

"Wanna hear my boy problems?" was another idea for this blog title.. but i went with this so yeah.
And i got my hair cut! it's pretty awesome. once i get a chance, i'll upload a pic and stuff. rad.
now to the boys!

k. I told you bout that guy with the asking for my number? so yeah. basically, after that, i got sick (like ill sick). so cool. and i'm just having trouble convincing myself to go on this one date with him. I will. but i don't want a relationship. at all. because i'm still trying to get the hang of college and stuff - trying to figure myself out as well. I don't wanna break the guy's heart, but i also don't want to break my own life. or something.. pretend that was inspirational or something. k rad.

also.. i have a crush on this guy from my English class. and (i'm not a creep, promise) i found out his last name from our class roster. what a lovely thing! and, basically, it's going no where. but that's okay! like i told my mom, crushes are better than broken hearts.

Luckily, i got to lay out all my boy problems on my mate who went to hair-cut with me. What a nice guy. and i've been able to get a lot of good advice from my boss and my co-workers and my mommy and Erchap. so that'll be good. I'm so lucky to have such nice and understanding people in my life!

Also, this is me sitting at home on a friday night. I'm watching an old fave - "AFV IS OOOONNNNNN" (something we used to say in my house a lot when i was a kid, with it being my fave show and all...) and i have some things to do tomorrow. like a "tranning meeting" (aka a training meeting - my boss doesn't know how to spell very well and we like to kid around) and an RS dinner and broadcast. And I think an old friend from home and I are going to do something. Yay! I think it'll be fun.

okay. that's enough for now.
love, Ellen.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It all happened so fast...

foreal. i know i just posted like yesterday, but i feel this day needs a little more recognition.

So today:

I run late for class. My flatmate was in the shower and i needed to be. then i was sort of an idiot and drove past my turn. then i got to class (like 2 minutes late) and the teacher hadn't come in yet. we took a quiz, i talked to him about the state of my group project (no bueno) and then i went to french. normal. had a laugh. went home for lunch and some studying. back to school for Lit class. almost fell asleep... i've been so tired lately... eh. change, go to work. do some work stuff...
(here's the (first) good part) then get asked if i wanna "grab a bite sometime" from this guy in my lit class who has a goatee and likes punk rock and wears a newsies hat every day. so i give him my number and the rest of work is so... uuuughhh. so long and busy but boring. the norm, i spose.
Then i call mom and talk to the whole fam about it (minus abby. she was in the tub and when i called her back something happened and blah.) did my homework, watched tv, chatted with Erchap and planned a haircut trip with Matt B. and then i change and go to FHE. I chill and chat and watch some crazy exciting marshmallow wars rage. then we go to del taco. turns out my home teachers are hispanic and black and cook a meal for me. sah-wheat! at del taco we chill and bring up too many innuendos (seriously) and my wardie-with-a-beard says he likes Dr. Who. oh, my awesome. chat chat laugh laugh. come home, finish my homework, chat with flatmates, plan my envt group thing (finally.... sheesh) and then my new glasses from Zenni Optical come! wooooooo!
 and i get a cool AP-i'm-awesome certificate deal. rad rad raaaad. and i go to bed, basically. well.. i will. awesommme. seriously rad day.

heartslash ellafella

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salut! Comment vas-tu?

translation: Hey, how goes it?

So i told you i'm taking a french class. it's good. good times. funny and i'm learning and stuff and right now i'm trying to watch Amelie but it's kinda crappin out on me. i get extra cred if i do. so i am. yay.
I'm also in an Intermediate Writing class (aka English 201H) and i already told you how much i suck at it.
and my Lit class is super rad and, even though i don't feel like the wisest one there, i definitely fit in and feel comfortable there.
and my Environment class is great except for the group project. i hate group projects. especially this one. It basically feels like i'll be doing whatever work we actually do and/or i'll be put in another group and made to feel somewhat like an outsider. great... not. this sucks. stupid acid rain and crap group.

and work is good. I'm getting a lot better at figuring things out on my own without having to ask my manager or co-workers how to do things. better.

I just got back from a quick trip home. It was full of babies. but that's a good thing. A really cute baby shower for my cousin's girlfriend and a baby shower for my other cousin's newest baby girl (stinking ADORABLE.) And sorta now that i'm all grown up (not) i can fit in a little better with my cousins... or not. i mean maybe it'll be better when i'm married but it's kinda tough when basically all your cousins are married with kids and all there is to do at family parties is to talk about school. school is great. that's all. pretty bland subject, but whatever. i love my fam, don't get me wrong, it's just that abby and i could definitely use some fun conversation or memories of games to reminisce about, ya know?

eh. uhm. Oh, yah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! That's like the main reason i went home. I got him a fun board game and mom and abby got him a shiatsu massager chair thing (really rad, btdubs). Unfortunately, though, mom got sick so that was a bummer. it's okay. We had a good dinner and watch some of the emmys and i drank some sips of a virgin bloody mary (ew ew ew ew) and got my food handlers permit. hooplah.

other than that, that's all. and i'm tired. and i love you. probably.
love, Elle (est amusant).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

60: how many times 10 i am an idiot today.

yeah, that didn't make sense. But i'll explain, cool your jets. this is my 60th post. and 60 times 10 is 600. and i am 600% idiot today.

Number 1: I go to school. everything is normal. i chat with old-friend Laura about my high school friends she's gonna go visit. I would go with her but i'm going home for the weekend for my pop's birthday. anyway... french is normal too. blah blah. then i go to the library, buy a bag of chips for 77 cents with my discount, and sit down for an hour to do my homework. At about 11:53, i saunter into my English class. turns out my brain was an idiot. It mixed up the time of my Lit class with me English class. English starts at 11:30. Luckily, it's one of the longest class i have, so i didn't miss too much.

Number 2: except the whole point of the essay. I spent so much effort on this paper about a commercial - any commercial i wanted. I chose a reasonable commercial about a cell phone. i spent all night last night analyzing this stupid advert and then i get to class late, and i find out that the commercial is supposed to be about food. cuss. cuss. oh, my gosh. WHY CAN'T I DO ANYTHING RIGHT IN THIS CLASS? seriously. we've written about 3 things for this class - 2 of them being like a daily work deal and the other one this paper. how many i've missed the point of? 3. seriously.

It's not a hard class, really. I understand the subject matter just fine, it's the writing i suck so much at. I guess i get confused at what he's asking and then i just end up digging myself into an embarrassing pit. fuuunn...

anyway... i'm going to go to walmart before i go to work. woo. okay.
-Elle s'apElle Ellen.
(french translation: her name is Ellen.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 10th

10 years ago today, devastation hit a country as two airplanes hit two buildings.
In this post, i plan on sharing my 8-year-old version of the story.

Tuesday morning. i wake up, i put on my clothes (skipping the shower because i hated them as a 4th grader), i go into the kitchen in our little duplex and i put some Eggo waffles in the toaster. I get out the peanut butter and the knife and all of a sudden, i hear the tv in the living room turn on. We never had the tv on because it would, without fail, make me late for school.
Mom and Dad are watching the tv. The start shouting. What? It's not a football match, we never watch those. I have no idea what's going on. So i walk into the living room, risking my being on time, to find my parents' eyes glued to the television. I take a peek and see show with a couple tall buildings and some smoke. I remember asking "what is it?" and mom just said "look!" and i looked and it just looked like a bunch of special effects. Why are we watching a movie in the morning?
[something along the lines of] "This plane just crashed into the Twin Towers!" my mom shouted. I couldn't comprehend. it still seemed unreal. fictional, even. I went back into the kitchen thinking things like "I don't understand what the big deal is about this..." and then a scream - the second plane had crashed into the second building. I went back into the living room and saw the plane smash into the building. they showed it at least 3 times while i was in there. I'm still thinking "fictional. it's a movie. this isn't funny, even. ugh."
I ate my waffles and packed up my backpack and walked to school [i'm pretty sure.. i usually did so i don't see why i wouldn't have..].

It wasn't until my teacher turned on the tv in the classroom and explained to me what happened and the moment of silence initiated by the president that it occurred to me how different things would be - how extreme the situation really was.

It was only a few months (or was it weeks? or years? well it was for sure a while after 9/11) that i was driving around SLC with my family, looking up at what i knew to be tall buildings [now i realize that they're nothing compared to New York, but remember, i was 8] that i asked my parents "Are we gonna have to go to war?" of course we were. I'd learned about wars in my class, but i don't think i could comprehend that it was a real thing. All history was just stories. This is when the world became real to me.

And now i'm living on my own and i live in the real world daily. From 8 to 18, i'm in the real world and it's alright. Every day i'm finding out new things and learning more about myself. and it's all fun.
Love, Ellen
p.s. i broke 600 pageviews!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

While I've got a minute...

i guess i'd better post a little something.

Uhm... it's been really really great. and also tiring and stressful and tiring and painful. not like pain as in sorrow but as in my feet are killing me and tiring not as in boring but as in i seriously almost fell asleep in one of my classes today and i can't even remember which one it is.

my main problem, as of late, is that i have to keep checking and double and triple checking everything just to make sure i don't make a fool of myself and forget an important paper or to study or to do some homework. i seriously need to maintain my gpa so i can keep getting scholarships and going to school.

Also, i have this carton of eggs in my fridge and i feel bad about it, but i haven't used them yet and i feel i need to. I have used up a lot of my milk, though. I've already bought 2 1/2 gallons since i lived here and i'm down to like... 3/8 of a gallon. and it expired yesterday... but it still tasted good... i might have to make something with it. the problem is, i'm too lazy to cook and nothing sounds good and i don't have time to cook.

because i'm constantly cooking up something at work. sort of.. i don't really cook all that often. just sandwiches and the occasional hot dog or coffee. i mainly clean up and work the register. which i dig.

Oh, i went home for the weekend. it was cool. and kind of totally weird. I don't know... It just didn't feel... right, i guess. It was like i didn't belong there anymore. I kept speeding around everywhere and getting antsy when driving because i'm more used to all the traffic and higher speed limits around here.

one of the only things i think i'm having the most trouble with out here is meeting people and making friends. I have my friends at work and my friends at BYU but i can't ever seem to make friends who are my classmates. And i still feel like everyone is so much older and more experienced than me. It might be because half of my classes have prerequisites that i took in high school and the other half just happen to have excess amounts of not freshman. i think i might've met one freshman in all of my classes and she's from... guess. Bountiful. like me. So... that's great...

and we got our project groups today for my Envt class. i'm working with someone whose first day was today and another who has only gone to one other day of class. great... here's hoping we can make acid rain sound more interesting than.. regular rain... or something.

uhm.. other than that, there's not much to report. I bought the new Chameleon Circuit album the other day. hoo resh! or something else.

love, ellen.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everything Is Changing

is a song by Chameleon Circuit. A British Trock (time lord rock. yeah, sorry i heart Dr. Who) band. In which Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden both participate. This song, however, is by Alex Day, another member of the band (the other 2 members are Ed Plann and Michael Aranda). [here is a link to the site where you can hear the entire album and where you can purchase it]  Anyway, i thought it was a completely fitting title due to the fact that not only is my whole life changing, but the whole blogger layout. which, so far, i can't complain too much about.

i've been 100% busier in the past 3 days than i have been my entire life, basically. I've been trying to meet new people, do well at my new job, get to class on time, do extensive amounts of homework, eat, sleep, go to church activities when permissible, and contact my family regularly.  I definitely have a way to go until i get into the real swing of things, but i'm definitely getting better. Luckily, i have a good support system and i have plenty of people to tell all my goods to (hello, internet!).

I definitely think i will have the most difficult time with my french class. The class itself is nice, it's just my professor isn't what i'd hoped for. She has one of those soft-and-kind voices that drive me up the wall. i understand she can't help the way she speaks, it's just annoying. and all my homework is online and sometimes i have to speak aloud and record it, which i hate. i just hate hearing myself because i like to think my voice isn't annoying and then i hear it and i'm like 'ew'. but it's okay, i just do my best not to listen to it.

Both my English and Lit professors are pretty rad. Even though i'm like 95% sure i'm the absolute youngest and possibly the least insightful person in my whole Lit class, i think i'll get along and be able to participate in and understand the discussions and that's my whole goal. And my English professor is definitely the hippest teacher i've ever had. like he dresses awesome and is funny and seems like he can relate pretty well. and says he talks a lot about his cats which is hilariously fly.

I've been super super super tired all week. mom says that once i get up my endurance, i'll be able to last but i've been so pooped. And i'm sore from lifting really gross bags of garbage (that incidentally break and get minestrone soup all over my bod) and making sandwiches and coffee and fountain drinks and cleaning and mopping and working the till and all the fun things that come with my job.

A really great lesson i learned real fast is what it's like to be around people of different cultures. I've lived in the "bountiful bubble" for so long, i'd never realized how many other people were out there. I've met all   kinds of people from all over the world and it is really fun. I work with this rad guy named Yungmuk. He's Asian and he's so funny and nice. Whenever he needs to talk to me and i'm not facing him, he'll brush my elbow and ask me. He has a thick thick accent but he's so funny. Sometimes he hangs on the counter and says "Yeeehooo!" seriously like that. and it's so awesome. And Vini from Brazil is really awesome. He's so nice and cool. and really outgoing and funny. I'm pretty sure it was him who gave a woman a big cup full of ice water for free (usually they're only like a quarter) and he said "it's just for you" and she was so so flattered. or maybe that was Yungmuk. either way, it was awesome. There's this one girl who frequents and she's HILARIOUS. We talked for a while today about zombies and robots and how prepared her boyfriend is for the Zombie apocalypse and that he wears a bracelet she gave him.

I really like my job. And school. And even though i'm stressed beyond belief and unimaginably tired, i'm really enjoying college life.
And before i accidentally stay up too late and don't get any sleep at all, i'm going to bed.
I love ya'll and I hope you're all doing well! and thanks for reading!
Love, Ellen

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The only thing I hate about...

is a thing i say too often. i don't know if that cancels things out or something, but i say it a lot.
it usually comes before things like
[The only thing i hate about]
-cinder blocks holding my bed up is that it kills when i stub my toe.
-living in Orem is the construction and driving.
-Dr. Who is that it's so dang addicting.
-singles ward is how singles-y everyone is.
-my dishwasher is that it's so cussin' loud.
-my cable is how slow channel-changing is.
-my job is how slow it's been all week.
-eating food is having to pay for it.
-shopping is not having any money for things i like.
but it's alright. i think these things and then i remember that i'd much rather it be like this. it could always be worse.
oh, i get to go home next weekend. it'll be nice to see my house again. and hang out with abby.
AND school starts tomorrow! I'm so so so nervous. i can't believe it's already here! i have to be to classes on time and i have to plan each day individually rather than just going through the motions. whatever those would be... I thought i should give you a little peek around
my flat. the pics aren't the best, but you get the gist.

This is a thouroughly blurry view of my living room. that bright light in the back is my patio. and my sofa and love seat and my roomie's bike and our nice tv.

This is my kitchen, fully equipped. that cupboard that's open is mine.

and this is a close-up of my cupboard. nice and full of goods and edibles, like it should be.

this is my desk and dresser, minus my laptop. but there's my printer and my lamp and my movies and lotions and chair. the norm, i spose.

this is my bed and my posters and that orange thing in the corner is my bean bag chair. and yes, i brought my pillowpet to college. don't judge.

and that's all, she wrote. or something. now i'm watching the regeneration of david tennant into matt smith!! sorry. i know. doctor who is addicting, like i said. and once i catch all the way up, it'll slow down, i promise.
love, ellen.