Friday, May 25, 2012

I've got flour on my keyboard...

true story. remember how Sean and I like making fun desserts sometimes? yeah, we were making cream cheese brownies on tuesday and i accidentally stirred the flour in vigorously and got some on my keyboard. it's fine.. i'll just wipe it off with a cotton swab sometime when i'm not lounging on my bed.

I seriously need to start doing more interesting things in the mornings besides watching hulu and playing words with friends... I wish i had some motivation or interesting things to do. I could always start exercising or doing art or writing something... I don't know. If you have any really good ideas, lemme know. Either that or i'll just try the drawing scene again. To be honest, that will probably happen.

Oh, so last weekend, Sean and I, in our spontaneous nature, up-and-went to Moab for the day. We did weird things like hiking and being outside. we were all exercise-y and whatnot. It was great. Sean took a lot of neat-o pictures and i climbed a really high mountain thing and it was scary. It was just really cool.

Also, I'm hoping this post shoots me to over 3000 views. awesome.

I've noticed a lot lately about how insanely annoying all drivers are. There's this crazy switch-over traffic light deal over by UVU and i am too afraid to use it. so i take a better way now that Geneva's open. Seriously, though. It's horrifying. And then, last night at dinner with my family, we were talking about it and then how Walmart will start carrying airbags and abby (her crazy witty self.. darn/bless her...) said 'I can't wait until the airbag blowout sale!' and i was all aaauugghhhh.... okay. that's funny..
and then after dinner, we went to Macy's and I bought new chuck taylor's! they're purple and were on sale for 22 dollars something. blim blam. I'm so excited to wear them to work. And then we stopped by Ross on our way home and Sean bought a new pair of PF Flyers.

Here's Mine
Here's His
(Photo courtesy of Sean's instagram)
We're so cool. Also, there's this neat-o spedito new picture-editing website called and i really like it. it has some instagram-y features and it also lets you do things like texturize and awesome. it's cool. that's where i edited the photo of my shoes. because my camera is crappy and it was all i could do to fix it.

I think that's all for now. keep an eye out for a birthday post to my 'sis'. i only say that because a couple days ago she texted Sean and said 'This is Abby, Ellen's sis..' something something and we both laughed. oh, sis. 
okay, have a fab weekend. 
love, E

Friday, May 18, 2012

I Will

Often times I get songs stuck in my head and i have no idea where they come from and sometimes i like to think that God put them there to remind me of something i need to remember or do. Sometimes it's just because i listened to most of it at some point in the day and my mind is like 'i can't go on until i finish this!' and i just can't get it out. But it's okay. it gives my brain something to do while i do my mindless chores at work or i'm cleaning my room or something. 

anyway, i was having a bit of a day today and just now, out of nowhere, the song I Will by The Beatles popped into my head. After humming it and listening to it a time or two, i know why it's there. Here's a video for you to enjoy.

I think today i need to just remember to love. and just forget myself sometimes. 

That's all. 
Love, Ellen

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meat Parade

seems like everyone i saw on facebook today had some kind of either great or bummer Monday. And, now that I've seen Office Space, i finally understand the phrase 'to have a case of the Mondays.' I certainly didn't. It might have been that mint truffle bar i had for breakfast or that i watched 2 episodes of Community and and episode of Modern Family and an episode of Parks and Rec all before showering and going to work -which was surprisingly speedy seeing as the cafe only made about 117 dollars- and then coming home and going to like an hour of FHE with Sean. But it might also have been the meat parade called Tucano's.

Seriously, guys. Picture in your mind's eye just a parade of meat samplings gracing your table every few minutes as you also enjoy a salad and other amazing appetizer-y deals. But don't (and i mean it.) fill up on salads and peel-n-eat shrimp and fried bananas and mazzo balls and whatever else the salad festival has to offer that i might've missed because you will regret it as soon as the meat parade begins.

I know i'm not the first to go to Tucano's or that it was some undiscovered thing. In fact, i knew it was a hot destination because every time i asked for a good idea to do for something special for Sean or something, Tucano's always came up. Every Time. serious. And i believed them. Then after Sean and i left FHE because we had the best hiding spot out in the open and no one came and found us, we were looking for somewhere to eat and he suprised me with a fabulous dinner at Meat-Parade-I-Mean-Tucano's. It was great. All the best. And we got desserts to take home and it was just a great day, actually.

I wish Tucano's did some kind of thing where if you recommend them on your blog that you get some kind of discount. but i don't think they do. But here is me recommending that if you're in the Orem/Provo area and have a hankering for various meats and salads, go to Tucano's.

We now return to your normally scheduled program. which is probably you just scavenging facebook for entertainment or youtube for some funny cat vids (which you can most definitely show me if you really want to...) or reading all the blogs... but still. have fun doing it.
also, i have the best boyfriend who takes me to cool places like Tucano's.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Barista Bashing.

it's the "not cool" thing to do. or whatever. but no, seriously... i've seen like 7 or 8 (or less.. maybe i'm just exaggerating) photos of people bashing baristas for being English majors with nothing to do with their lives or something. eugh.

this one frustrates me a lot. and do you want to know why? BECAUSE IT'S 'SPOSED TO. which is dumb. whatever. also, why penguins? doesn't make sense. or whatever.

Why? How did i just so happen to fall into the barista-english-major catagory? and why does this bother me so much?! I'm so.. just... ugh. whatever.

This one isn't totally directed at the english major barista scene... but still. also some of the things aren't applicable to me. like the stubble. or screenplay or degree...
Now, i'm not one to gloat. or enjoy pouring coffee for high schoolers... So this one frustrates me most.
[link because the picture wouldn't come up]

AUGH. this one. it's just.. it's just. ugh.

stupid. I'll just end it there because if i keep trying to find more things, i'm just going to frustrate myself the most.
anyway, have fun. or whatever people say now. i'm rarely hip with the kids.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brain explosion.

have you ever waited so hard for a surprise that your brain is just about to pop with excitement? yeah, that's like my life right now. It's not that i still have finals or anything like that, i'm just ready for something new to come. (this isn't all of the suprise.. but) I bought the soundtrack to my childhood "Kermit Unpigged"! AND some new specs! because one of my pairs has scratchy lenses and another one was sat on by accident (although i bent them mostly back into shape). Technically, those came today.. but still! they're a lot bigger than i expected...

but they're fine, i'll still wear them probably.
but seriously. I don't know if you know this but i get really anxious and excited when things are coming. I've been thinking about them and plotting on what to do when i get them. Also, it's going to be great. The next 3 to 5 weeks will be so full of greatness, i'm sure.

This week, though, i get to just relax and do nothing. I am going to take my sis out for lunch tomorrow and then hang out with Emily my photog friend on thursday.

And i'm going to Foster the People on my birthday! awesome.
okay, i'm going to wrap this sucker up.
love, ellen