Sunday, March 27, 2011


Idea time!:

  1. double date with batman with Erchap and her... man? I'm honestly not sure. and probalby some other peeps bowling. now just to put that plan in motion... It's gonna take some serious scheming on our part though.... we can do it!

  2. I FINALLY have a pretty good idea for my drawing. I had one idea where I make a checkerboard background and then put Michael Jackson's bod with a cassette tape for a head. But then I really like the idea of a wood texture pattern... So. Here's my final idea: wood texture background, fish inside a coca cola glass bottle. Is that cool? I think it'll be cool. please bless... i'll run it by Mr. O'connor tomorrow and get a final answer. phewsch.

  3. I honestly have no idea (:P) why i do stupid things to myself. I signed up to give a talk and a musical number for class conference. I guess i just really wanted to play my uke and have an excuse to bring it to school. But being the class co-prez, i have to give a talk too. buuuh... It'll be fine. But i'm sure rach is going to make me sing and i've been told that i'm a good singer but i just don't know. i don't know. buuuh.

p.s. i'm going to marry batman. it's just going to happen. He doesn't really know that yet... but it will. it will. i've already got it all planned out. i just need to find the perfect dress and get him to do all the things necessary, but it's going to happen.

Anyway.. i usually write a boatload on this thing but i really wanna go to bed now. (I know... i've really gotta get better at writing during the daytime. i guess that'll just have to come later.)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little Artist Did This!

We had a magnet on our fridge all growing up (it might still be there, but i don't ever put things actually on my fridge. our special things go on the magnet board on the side.) that was a box of crayons (or was it a paint pallet? one or the other. probably both.) that said "A Little Artist Did This!" and we got to put our art on the fridge.

Well, as I've said in previous posts, I've been working on a drawing of George Harrison's Face with paisley hair. I finally finished it and my teacher had it matted and is going to display it somewhere in the school for a while! I know!

Here is the basic finished product minus a few minor adjustments (outlining and some touch-ups) and the mat:

Yay! (no, i did not scan this. It's about 23 inches tall and 16 inches wide, too big for a scanner. this is a picture I took.) Next I have to work on a picture combining 3 images onto toned paper. uh, oh. hah. I've gotta come up with a good idea. So far, all i've got is making Karlie into Tink. And that'd be great but i just want some back-up ideas just in case.

AND in jewelry i'm going to make a pendant with a bird on a treebranch design on it. It's gonna be awesome! I finished my turquoise bezel ring today. it's alright... there are definitely some things I don't like about it, but it's much much much mucho better than my first attempt. there was no reviving it...

I can't believe we're ending the school year already. FOURth TERM! of FOUR! That means this is my last last last term of high school. oooooh my. It's coming! AND! Now my grades don't really count! but i still have to get above a C to keep my car. leeks. But that's cake with all my mostly-pass classes(aka drawing, yearbook, newspaper, jewelry, math the last month or so, and AP English and Psych after the tests.) supercake.

I sure hope it's not totally dumb or whatever that I really wanna go to prom. I don't wanna get my hopes up, but it's my senior year and I just wanna end it right. by dancing. with a boy. You're probably thinking oh, yeah. she has that huge crush that she's aiming for. but honestly, i'd go with anyone. i just like dancing and looking fancy and having fun. fancydancing. plus i haven't been on an boy-ask date since may of last year. so... yeah. prom.

And my hair-growing is coming along. i can officially do a scarlet pimpernel ponytail. but like i'm going to wear that to school... it's like paintbrush size. hah. I really just want to up my collection of hats so i can just get through this awkward length phase (hah. i almost spelled phase faze.) and get to the lengthy man-getting goodness. it'll happen.

i'm going to try embedding a vid because that never works for me. so this is a test. (p.s. i search everywhere for a vid i was in the mood for and i sorta gave up even though i still really like this one, i'm once again posting at night and i wanna go to bed.)

guh. it's not worrrrkkkiiiinnnggg.... does it always take years or is my lappy just slow?

bed. night.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Bubbles with Guns?

bubble guns...

That was something my parents said on our recent trip to southern Utah. There was a sign for Mr. Bubbles Car Wash and it had a picture of a cowguy with guns shooting bubbles.

It was "quote-note worthy". I write down one funny thing my dad says at the drive thru of Dickey's BBQ about that commercial with the hampsters driving the car he thinks is cool about how "[He'd] want a hampster if it could hiphop" and i'm in charge of keeping track of the funny things people say.

Dad also said these things:
"They have an annual parade every week." at Wildcat Willies Restaurant (boo)
"Don't drink all that" (-mom referring to Abby's water jar) "Yeah... little sips."
"Ho-made pies... I hope they was their hands..." about the ho-made pie place thing (he got a teeshirt from there.)

Mom said:
"We will kill you. Don't test us." after almost running over a cute chipmunk in Zion National Park. We've killed many a animal in our day. on accident of course. (RIP lizard, duck, and numerous birds and probably some rocks..)

Abby and I weren't very notably funny this trip. meh. We're happy to give our parents some hilaricred (mix of hilarious and credit. don't question this.) once in a while.

We drove a lot, ate tons of junk food and drove next to heights (oh. man. I hate heights. especially in the snow.) and through mile-long cut-out-of-a-mountain tunnels. actually only one mile-long one. the other was like... how long is a football field? probably that much.

It's kinda weird that I woke up today in a hotel room that Sammie Davis Jr. stayed in and now i'm home, showered, and I drove past "his" house today. (LOL! okay. so I told abby to look up his address in my viking stalker and as she was searching, she said "Shoot! There's 3 Youngs'! and i said "Not Young, dummie!" which is really funny. Really funny. Maybe that should be a quote note... nah. i'll just put it here.)

p.s. this is a picture of Sammie Davis Jr. in case you wanted to see his face without having to look him up yourself:

Anyway. There were also Don Knotts, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra... but we got sammie and that's okay. it was the only one with separate bedrooms (don't question, once again.)

And to Abby: Sorry for being a spoon-monster. I just like being next to something. that's why i sleep with stuffed animals and 2 pillows.

BUT to my Future husband: I sure hope you like spooning.

(The bad part about adding a picture is that it makes all the spacing weird and i don't like it. but i'll just deal with it. ugh.wahterve.)

HAH and i got a pair of sweats (because i accidentally soaked my pjs i brought with the shower.. don't ask. just kidding. i left them on the floor and the curtain sucked.) that say "Good Luck" on the bum because they're for St. Paddy's day and were on clearance and my mom said "Ew. Don't wear those to college." but i want to. plus I will because i'm taking all my clothings. OH! And i saw my apt. in person! But not the inside... just the outside. but it has a cute little bbq and is ground level and close to the pool and clubhouse. Yay!

Onward and upward to downtown sleepsville. aka it's night time once again and I'm going to bed.

-Ellen C.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have a serious case of brainmush - an illness of the mind where nothing makes sense, you honestly can't focus too long on one thing, something (or someone, in my case) is always on you mind, often accompanied by needless energy, tiredness (yeah. at the same time), signing the first letters of the things you say or sing in your head, high-pitched voice, and tenseness.
I'm sure there's a better, more technical term for brainmush, but it's what I've got.

I had to do this extra credit project for AP Psychology and there was this poem in the childrens book i did a report on (yes, i'm still talking about the same thing. children's book report = project.) that applies well and is really sweet and simple:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You are my friend
And I like you.

If it was last month or Valentines was in March, i would post that as my facebook status but since it's March and Valentines is a year away, I'll just say it here. because i like it.

I filled out my first ever NCAA bracket today. I have no idea what I did. I think i picked them by associating the names with things i like. SHOOT! I should've had BYU win (hah. Brigham. Young... okay.) but i think i put duke. Let's face it, BYU is just coming into the spotlight, Duke had it all planned out. or so i've heard...

Oh, Hah! I just realized (actually... i tore the page off my page-a-day cat calender. don't judge.) that tomorrow is St. Paddy's day. It's cool though, i have green things. And the grass is out so the Earth will not recieve a pinch. I always thought i was cool in JH and Elem. whenever I only wore green socks or unders so that people would pinch me, i would show them my hidden green, and they'd recieve a pinch from me. Like that ever worked.. hah.

Speakin of JH, I'm SO glad i'm not there anymore. What a horrible place. So full of hormones and awkwardness and popularity contests. The whole idea of JH is a bum, anyway. You go, learn, get some broken-heartage that really wasn't real in the first place, try to "fit in", and boom. But once you reach high school, it's mostly better. Much less hormones (unless you find that select group of sophomores that haven't really matured at all. perhaps since elem.), a whole lot more individuality, better learning.. much better. I'm sure college will be even better than HS, though. because i'll be on my own, serving myself, doing my own thing, being old enough to marry...

Things happen.
THen I blog about them and boom.
much better.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh, i'm sure...

I'm sure that this will all blow over when we get new staffs and I don't sit right next to him basically ever again. Which is either a happy or a sad thought: happy because I won't have such a "problem" with not being able to get my mind off of him and a sad thought because i probably won't have my mind on anyone else. or anything for that matter... well... maybe college... maybe.

My neighbor is moving and i'm excited about that. And i just emailed my uncle who lives across the country about ukuleles which is a subject I quite enjoy. a lot. (i keep wanting to write al. like al instead of all or al instead of a lot. eh.)

This was a total bizarro week. I don't know why but so much stuff seems weird and unreal and just off. It might just be some solar weirdness happenin. (yeah. I'm cool with astrology. I don't put my life into it, but i think it's funny and cool.)

I think i might just be into all 60's things. I was watching bits and pieces of old Ed Sullivan shows during commercial breaks while watching Celeb Apprentice (yeah. I watch that.) and i just wanted most of the music they showed that I saw. But i'm definitely not willling to pay 200 or whatever bucks just to get 4 dvds and Beatle 1 album and probably a bunch of other random junk they'd throw in. plus I didn't really wanna be on the phone for that long. just a mix of lazy for me. plus CA was on and i was into it. I'll probably end up researching some songs, create a playlist of them, and obtain them somehow. that's the plan - break.

I found a really great way to do my makeup that makes me look great. I'll probably do it tomorrow. and the next day. just because yeah. yeah.

daylight savings.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Got to get you into my life.

oh, gosh.

I accidentally fell for the guy from my dream of earlier. since ya'll know who i'm talking about and what's happening, i won't go on about it. because no one else will really read it besides those that already know.
He gave me a hug! well... after his show on monday... so he probably gave everyone else a hug too... but i was one of the first and it was a full hug and he came back after the huge-o crowd had mellowed and gave me a high five and a "peace" sign.
And today in newspaper, he came over while i was finishing George's face (YES! Finito! Just gotta take a pic. and maybe fix a few tad things) and leaned over right next to me and talked to me about my drawing and about the beatles and about his batman mask (okay. could that moment possibly get any better? highly unlikely not.) As T-Lex says, "opportunity train, Ellen. Jump on it." will do, lex, will do. The thing is, though, i don't want to jump and then land and get sliced into pieces because i jumped too far. (sense? sure...)

Also. well... basically that's all i'm obsessed with lately... I had a goal to look hott every day this week (because my slack clothes are all dirty... hah... and because of him... double hah) except i shouldn't wear nice things to jewelry because there's fire and other superscary things happ'nin on in there. and i have 2 ap classes that day and i'm just not in the mood to look great in any of my classes because no one i care that much about is in any of them. so yes.

And lent? People do that. I've never done that. I don't ever have the motivation or need for it. I like eating and i don't really have a big-o reason to give up eating something. I don't need to lose weight. Well... i suppose i could gain some muscle and lose some pounds rather than being a lazy gourd all the time... but i don't really want to give up fried foods or meat or caffeine. I like my food. Could it be a lent thing to eat more veggies and fruits? Can i do that? or does it have to be a give-up thing? i'll look it up... {sing the jeopardy theme here and imagine me searching} nope. i have to fast something. Well, there goes my lenting.

"desperate measures call for desperate actions at times of desperation"
- ln(e)

beatles lyric of the period of time until i post next:
"Ooo, you were meant to be near me
Ooo, and I want you to hear me
Say we'll be together every day
Got to get you into my life "

(linked it because i didn't want it on here. just because)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And your bird can Sing

i honestly couldn't think of a good title for this blog. so i picked the next song on beatles-playlist-shuffle on my ipod and "And your bird can sing" was the next one up. so there.

My addiction is not dying. it's going even stronger than ever, actually. I seriously spent 5 and a half hours on youtube today watching Beatles Anthology and i've still got one or two whole portions to go (5 or 6 portions split into 7 or 8 ten-minute parts). gee, whiz.
AND i found out i have ancestors from Liverpool! That's why i have such a great fake-English accent! awesome. beautiful.
I've just about got all of George's face shaded and all i've gotta do is finish his clothes and paisley hair and i'm done!! I'll take a pic and upload it as soon as i can. I'm stoked. Who knew i could draw? yayyy.

This is the pic i'm drawing but making his hair paisley print rather than black.

I've also got 3 wallpapers and 2 ringtones of beatlesy goodness on my cellular and 80 something beatles songs on my laptop as well as like 15 pictures and 123 songs on my ipod. beautius maximus.
AND i've learned, officially, 4 beatles songs on my uke -
Let It Be
Hey, Jude
Eleanor Rigby
All My Loving

double awesome.
Also, i've almost finished my online class (needed to graduate) and i'm almost done with high school all together! I'm still not senioritis-y yet. but i'm sure i'll get there. I'm just focusing on not being burnt out. I think i totally drown on my last math test though..... it was really hard and it was really long and i don't really like how my teacher teaches. it's too disciplinarian rather than on-my-level, which i'd prefer.

I dyed my hairs yesterday (that chocolate cherry i was talkin bout earlier) and i just trimmed my bangs and they're looking good.
I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but i've got a bad case of the early-beatles hairstyle: Arthur. mine's only slightly updated, but it's the same basic mop-top the boys fashioned back in the day. Considering I'm a girl, it definitely has the potential of being creepy but i'm just trying to grow out my previously fauxhawked look so i can be a little girlier for a while. eh.

Finished readind Death of a Salesman for English and i didn't hate it. I didn't love it, though. It was frustrating and i really just wanted to slap Biff and Happy and give Willy some kind of pain-pill or sedative so he'd stop being such an enabler for his kids. And Linda! She needs like a day at the spa or a trip to paris or something to get her poor mind off the chaotic mess back home, poor girl. But whatever. it's basically one of the only books that i've read all the way through with out skimming or sparknotesing the parts i didn't get to read. Which, i guess, is a good thing.

I have had the strangest dream. Last night, i had a dream that this guy i know (only to be named if i'm asked personally) kissed my cheek and neck like 9 times and then puppy-dog looked at me and i kissed him twice on the cheek. And there was something about us needing to help orphans sell puppies and other animals and there was a weird food thing happening and i ended up having to clean corn and carrots and gravy off the floor with a snow shovel and my dad telling me that that concoction on the floor would be good over those shell noodles. And we had to paint the walls of a really big room with colorful polka dots and my mom saying something like "There aren't enough black dots" so she filled a window with big black dots, i think using a mongo Q-tip.
If anyone can decifer that one, please ring me because i would really like to know what orphans puppy-selling and me food-shovelling and all that would have to do with my life or future or whatever. Thanks.

tired and cold so i'm going to hit the hey-hey-haystack (?) aka sleeping bed

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good deal.

I super love clearance because of these reasons.

  1. super cool clothes that everyone else picked over.

  2. freaking awesome deals on said cool clothes.

  3. no one else has these items, or else they already would.

  4. it gives me a reason to make a numbered list.

Why on earth would you want to buy jeans for hundreds of dollars? Why? It's a waste of money, if you ask me. I found super comfy, super great jeans for 10 bucks today at Target. yeah. 10 bucks. And they fit and are so soft and they're just perfect. No one's going to notice them, of course, but that's just how jeans and shoes go: no one notices them because they're below eye level. plus everyone has jeans on, so there's nothing special about those specific ones on your body.

Also, I recently purchased a pair of high-top Vans. Really comfy, REALLY cheap. 12 bucks. OH, I love a sale. So much. I don't think i ever buy things at full price. Because if I do, there's a chance that at least 7 other people own that very item of clothing. Also, it's just a good way to save money and still get cool things.

I also got hair dye today (yeah! Chocolate Cherry. I'm stoked) that was on clearance for 4 dollars. and it's the good brand. Why would I go and search for the exact right color (which is hard to do with dyes...) and pay triple that amount when I can just pay 4 bucks and not even look at the other colors. plus, i'm one of the lucky ones whose complexion and face shape work with every haircut and color. And i thank heavens everyday (basically...) for that. So even if that cherry chocolate isn't exactly what I hoped for, it'll still be pretty on me and keep my craving for hair-cuts down for at least a while. Oh, i love haircuts... BUT i'm growing it out. Then after I get married and have kids, i can chop it all off again and go back to easy-to-manage hair. I sure hope i can last that long...

I feel like i need to add a picture... i like pictures.

This is a couch that I took a picture of at the Teton Dam. The one that busted and flooded and did damage. I guess it was whoever's way of "sticking" it to the man for busting the dam.

Speaking of dam and trips... because that's where this was taken... I still haven't figured out what I wanna do for my senior trip. It has to be cheapish (like I like) and fun. and fun. (had to emphasize.) I wanted to do a spontaneous trip where we just go in a direction (toward the coast, preferably) and find ourselves in cool places and have funny memories of searching for a hotel and memories. i guess i'll figure it out...

but i've gotta go read Death of a Salesman (hah. I accidentally typed Salesome. wha?? hahhh..)

-Elle Camino