Monday, April 23, 2012

feelin' hot, hot, hot

remember how i love back stories to blog titles and also dual meanings. When i was a kid, we had this halloween decoration that was a headstone with a skull on it that sang that "Hot, Hot, Hot" song and we pushed the button to play the song much much too often.
also, it's been really hot outside and i LOVE IT. It's one of the best feelings ever to be able to roll down my car windows and play my muzak for the world to hear. because everyone knows i have the best taste in music.
Today, before and after work, i pushed all my warm winter clothes to the back of my closet and cleaned out a drawer for my sweats to hang out in for the summer and i basically just did a 'spring cleaning', if you will, of my bedroom. and it looks mighty fine, if i do say so myself.
ALSO! I found out i get to keep my job for the summer! So i get to kick it in Orem until who knows when. and hang out with my super hot boyfriend.
we can drink cokes from glass bottles and lounge around with the grill going and all that. it's gonna be kick-awesome.
So i have 2 weeks of summer break after this week. Which is great. i'm just going to do a lot. of sitting. i'll find something to do, i'm sure.
YeSterday, Sean and I Went To The ZOO. It was awesome. There was this monkey that was HILARIOUS. It did that lip thing where you try to get it to stay above your teeth. it was funny. Also, we saw a lot of animals and animal-like individuals as well. It was great. then we went to City Creek and i bought this Star Wars tee and a Bruce Springsteen tee and a fun spring dress. Awesome.

Anywho, i'm off.
just thought i'd update ya'llz.
(what's with me and being ghetto today.)
love, Ellen

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Love Mixes.

It's true. Sean and I have already made/given each other 3 mixes. We're so good at it.
Well, he's really good at it and i just like forcing my music down people's throats a lot of times...
Anyway, we have a lot of fun. Here's some of the best songs from his latest mix to me.
I'd embed the vids, but they weren't on the thing or whatever... so now you get a variety of links. have fun, kids!
Mr. Rock and Roll by Amy Macdonald.
Lions by Ace Enders
Beware by Def Gone Graphic
haha, i got one to work! this is a good one too. but then again.. they're all good.

Anyway.. Yeah. it's great. we have so much fun. yesterday, we (and by we i mean Sean) made bacon cheeseburgers on our (his) new grill. the grill was on the balcony and it was raining so we sat inside and grilled from inside and listened to the Twins game. They won. Woo!

i've been having stupid dreams lately. the latest one was about me going to some conference or something and blah blah can't remember most of it except that it ended with me on a roller coaster that went so high up and then stopped and i fell out and was dangling by my seatbelt that wasn't even secure. it was h o r r i f y i n g. i already hate roller coasters and heights! it was so stupid. ugh.

okay. anyway...
now that it's taken me 3 times to finally post this, ENJOY!
love, Ellen

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You wanna be on Top?

oh. hi again. It's been some time since i last graced this blog with words and wit. Since march 20, i've done quite a lot a lot of stuff. mainly, though, i went to Phoenix with Sean to meet his family. Good news!
They're cool and funny!
Here is a brief overview of things we did (mainly because it's late and i'd like to sleep):
drove drove drove, transmission broke so drove some more for about 7 more hours at 35 mph, got to his brother's at 8:30 in the morn, took some naps, showered, ate at Oregano's (pizza. yum), met his Mom, Dad, sisters, Great Aunt, Great Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa, talked, ate birthday cake, watched the guys drink O'Doul's (then Sean kissed me...eugh. ;) ), went back to Dustin's and talked and slept. Then Saturday his family came over in the morning and we just sat around and talked for a while and rested and then went to Red Robin and had burgers while Brady's car was in the shop, went to the fancy car lots, went to walmart for a spell, went back to Dustin's and chatted and slept. Sunday we woke up early and went to his Grandma's and then on a hike in the desert and it was hot and i got sunburned and then we went to (what Sean and i now call) Hell aka Tortilla Flats, went to his grandma's place and had a nap, then went to the second level of Hell aka Organ Stop (where this organ rises out of the floor and plays all kinds of hokey whatever. imagine chuck e. cheese for old people) and then we went back to Dustin's and showered and then went to bed. Monday, we woke up, showered and packed and then went to get the rental car (Mazda 6. which was NICE) from the airport, came back, loaded up our things, went to his Great Aunt's and said goodbye to everyone, and drove drove drove more until 3:30 in the morning, frantically searched my luggage for my keys which were soon found on the floor of the rental car, drove to Midvale and dropped his brother Brady off and his stuff and got gas and then went to the SLC airport and then drove home and got to his house at 5:30, slept for 2 hours, and then he went to work and i went home for 2 more hours of sleep before heading to work.

that was much longer than i had intended. but it was all necessary for you to know. i suppose. Anyway...
I bet by now you're wondering what the cuss the title of this thang is all about.
i'll tell you.
Remember how a few weeks ago i went to Bountiful and did a fun photo shoot with my amigo, Emily? Well good news! She finished the photos! And they're MAGNIFICENT!
there's a link for you to go look at them. Seriously, though. they're so good.
I can't wait to shoot with her again!

okay. that's all.
i'm going to bed.
love, elle