Monday, July 30, 2012

68 days.

I have 68 days to get all my wedding planned and ready and also pack and move out. That doesn't seem like a lot of days. but it sometimes seems like forever away at almost the same time. I'm really excited for almost everything, but i think i'm trying to only have myself be over excited for one thing at a time. Not because not everything is interesting, exciting, or important, but because i am easily over excited and then i don't get anything done.

So right now, I'm excited to move. I can't wait to have my own apartment where i can cook and clean without worrying about roommates or stuff. I'm actually really excited to pack up my stuff and test out a new place. We're looking at a place nearer to UVU, which would be nice so i can get to my 8 o' clock sculpting class on time easier. Woo hoo!

Anyway, everything is great. I honestly couldn't ask for anything better. I'm runnin' late for work so i'll end this short update there. I'll probably post some pictures of progress and funny things next time. maybe like tomorrow.

Love, Ellen

Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's get married.

Okay, remember how last post i said we were planning for next spring? NOPE. We've got the funds, homies! Now we're going to do it in early October. Hooray! Right now we're hard at work planning all the things. eugh.
Here's what's already happened:

  • My wedding dress is already bought and will be ready in early september
  • Sean's and my dad's suits are bought and are at the tailor and should be done in a couple weeks
  • We've got the invitations in the works
  • The refreshments are picked out
  • The decorations are starting to be made
  • Abby's Maid of Honor dress is being searched for
  • Same with Mom's Mother-of-the-Bride dress
  • Sean's, his dad, my dad, and Sean's best man ties are picked out and purchased
  • Next weekend, we're picking out cakes and doing engagement pictures
  • Sometime this week, we're doing our gift registry (excited!)
  • Sean is planning our honeymoon
  • We're thinking about places to live after we're married.
Sometimes it seems so soon and sometimes it seems like forever away. There's still so so so much to be done and all.. ugh. Anyway, we're getting married in the St. Paul temple and having receptions there and in Bountiful. I can't wait! 

I'm going to go get ready for work and eat something now. Have a lovely day!
Also, Happy Birthday to Lexi and Hannah! 
love, Ellen

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sean's got a new Carr.

Big news! SEAN AND I ARE ENGAGED! technically, though, we haven't set a date yet so we're 'betrothed' but we can still call it engaged.

I've had a request to write a detailed explanation of the event, so here it is:

Yesterday morning, i woke up and got showered and the norm and then went over to Sean's where he made egg and cheese omelets. After we had finished eating and watching this video (because we're awesome), we grabbed some water bottles to keep in Sean's new '11 Dodge Calibur's water bottle refrigerator (and that's where the title comes from) and flavors and hopped in and headed for the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient History. We got there, parked in the same spot as we did the first time, and went inside. We oooh'd and aahh'd the dinos in the front, got stamped, played for a while in the Discovery Zone, and went into the first exhibit about the act of paleontology. After that was when the Dinosaur part actually started. 

It began with the Earth and a starry tunnel to represent space and all its majesty. We hung out in there for a while (more like lingered until the children left us alone). He kissed me and, while doing so, he slipped the ring on my finger, grabbed my hand, and knelt down and asked me the most important question: would i marry the shit outta him. That's an inside joke from this photo that i found some months ago when we decided we wanted to get married. And then i said "Absolutely." 

Next was actually seeing the ring! Stars are great and all, but they don't help in the whole wanting-to-see-me-new-engagement-ring situation.. so we went out into the aquatic dinosaurs part of the museum and i found on my finger an immaculate, antique (1900-1910) Scottish engagement ring. Exactly what i wanted! 

Then was the next most important part, instagramming. So i rested my newly engaged hand on some fossilized squid remains and Sean had to get 3 pictures because he was so excited! (Aw.) 
pretty, right?! 
Then we enjoyed the rest of the museum (sort of.. we were both too excited), and then left and went to his brother Brady's to show him the new car and give him the news. Next stop was my parents house where we chatted and showed them the car and then we followed them up to Maddox for a nice lunch. We ate and then Sean and I kept heading north and they went back with our leftovers. We stopped at the Gossner Cheese Factory for some curds and ends and pepperjack, then we went to ID for a minute because the GPS misguided us to the Pepperidge Farm Factory... then we turned around, found the Factory and it turned out to be closed due to lack of inventory. bummer... Then we got gas, stopped at Smith & Edwards (also closed because we were too late... boo) and drove back to B-town to grab our leftovers and rest from our super eventful day. Then we went home and went to bed.

And there you go! We're planning probably next spring unless we somehow win buke-o bucks and can afford everything sooner. but most likely next spring. And, let me tell you now, it's NOT THAT LONG of an engagement! The average is 14 months and we're only waiting 9ish. it's fine. 

Anyway, I hope you have a most incredible week! 
love, Ellen

Monday, July 2, 2012

Abe Lincoln: Best Action Hero!

Seriously, though. Sean and I went and saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer and oh. my. word. BEST. It had action and drama and vampires and a burning train bridge vampire slaying ax-riffle-bayonet handling historical figure that was just awesome. It was seriously the best movie i've seen this year in the theater. Anyway, everyone should see it. It's rated R, but just you wait til it comes on DVD and watch. it's so so good.

Another thing, HAPPY 'MERICA WEEK!!! Tonight, we're watching Independence Day, tomorrow night, we're driving down to Bountiful at night for my birthday dinner, then JULY 4TH! fireworks and food and fun and all that stuff. then then then! My Birthday! fun and turning 19 and presents and a Foster the People concert. All fun. I even painted my nails red and white stripes and then my thumbs are blue with 50 stars (right?! i'm awesome.) and sparkly.

Yesterday, Sean made Pain de Campagne (country bread) and I made Norwegian Almond Cake and both are so so yummy. We're such cute little bakers. awesome. Then this morning i had a tuna sandwich and easy mac. healthy...

Anyway, short update today cuz i'm not in a mood to write a lot a lot.
oh, here is this funny picture, though.
the end.
love, ellen