Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Times

I've been a horrible blogger... neglectful, lazy... bums. I've really been wanting to take a picture of our apartment because it's actually super cute but I feel weird about it every time I'm outside because idk. We have a lovely maple tree in our front yard (however, come spring, I'll be wanting to smash it with all the axes because of its dropping of incredible annoying whatevers) that is currently dropping cute leaves all over, which I have been collecting for my Thanksgiving decor project.

I would run outside right now and do it but... it's raining and cold and I'd rather just stay here on my couch and type.

Last night, our church had a trunk or treat night and Sean and I dressed up as the Donner Party. Hilarious, right? Well, we ended up winning the costume competition and ended up running out of candy fairly early. I'd say it was a good night.

The only thing I'm not having a great time with is that Halloween hasn't even happened yet! I was so hoping tomorrow was Friday because my mom, sister, and I are taking a little girls' weekend away and I am way excited. I think I'll even be okay not sleeping next to Sean that night because I'll just be happy it's not Halloween and we're just relaxing and being hilarious because it's always a party with those two.

Oh, Sean's home and guess who took a picture of outside! Best husband.
See? Isn't it super cute and quaint? It is.

Time for dinner.
love, Ellen

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I've been really pretty bad about writing this month... Whoops. I couldn't tell you why... I've just been super lazy and... yep. That's it.

Other than sitting around napping, working at a donut shop, and doing general October stuff, I dyed my hair and I'm planning the decorations for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my absolute most favorite holiday. I love being around my family and eating all the delicious food and remembering all my blessings. It's just generally great.

My favorite holiday used to be Halloween but, as I've gotten older, it's been harder for me to figure out what to dress up as and what to do. I don't know anyone having a party and we live in an apartment where not a lot of kids come trick-or-treating. I have to (get to) dress up for work on Halloween but I have no idea what to be. I thought being Ellen would be funny (because... it would be) or I realized I have Snow White-esque hair and a new big red bow so I could be her, but I don't want to wear a dress to work and I don't have anything that would work with that. Any suggestions? Something easy and comfortable is preferable.

love, Ellen

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don't tell Edna...

I understand it's been a while since I posted. There's no excuse, I just have been excessively lazy and haven't really had much to talk about besides being tired a lot, working at a donut shop, and watching the World Series with Sean (Go Tigers! (only because I feel like Detroit needs a little love)).

So the laptop I've had all through college is a Toshiba Satellite (who I named Edna) and it's been fairly trusty up until a few months ago. Recently, it has been having screen problems where it splits into three and the two side portions flip places. Also, it randomly shuts down and has a really hard time finding the wifi.

So the solution to my problem? I'm getting a new computer (hopefully tonight). I'm really excited, to be honest. I don't get new gadgets all that often and I tend to get the thing that is already out of date. I don't have a lot of money to spend on this computer, but I still think I can get something pretty nice for my money.

Did I tell you about the time I slammed my finger in my car door, got the donut shop job, went to the zoo, and hosted a dinner party all in the same day? Well, that was way back in August when Sean's mom was visiting. Now, my finger is fine, however the nail has started to grow off. It's really kind of gross actually. Then, on Monday, Sean and I were carving pumpkins. He did this:
Super impressive. And what I did was screw up a cute pumpkin. I tried doing a Twins logo as well but I cut the W too poorly and tried fixing it with a toothpick and ended up stabbing myself in the finger. Same finger as the car door. So, essentially, what I'm saying is that something somewhere has a secret vendetta against my poor right index finger. It's made it a lot harder to do the dishes as well as plenty of other things.

There's a lot of really annoying road construction in front of our house. They're doing things at very inconvenient times (i.e. rush hour) and in a way that makes me feel like the tiny shack of a shop that I work in is going to collapse on top of me. At least I would be crushed in a building with food so while I wait for someone to save me, I can still have nourishment (delicious, delicious nourishment...).

I put on a new fall smell in our wax melter deal we bought from walmart to make our apartment smell less like previous smoker and poorly done wet paint (from a year + ago...). I really love this smell. It's
called Apple Spice & Citrus from Better Homes. Yum.

I feel like this is a lot of rambling but what can you do? Nothing.
love, Ellen

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi Hi Hi

Remember how I've been sick a bunch lately? It eased up just in time for our anniversary get-away. It was such a nice weekend of shopping and relaxing and just hanging out. I bought my first pair of yoga pants (ohhhh, yeah.) and some new bathroom digs (i.e. bath towels, a rug, and a new shower curtain), a hat, Sean got a bowtie, a potato masher, and some yummy tea. It was just a really good weekend all around. 

However, the night we got home, I threw up again. Ahh, my life. So what I'm doing is I'm going off my birth control pill. I think my hormones have just changed and all of the side effects are showing. I'm hoping this takes care of the problem though... If it doesn't, I'm going to go to the doctor and get it all figured out. 

Sean's in the kitchen (with Dinah... jk) making chicken noodle soup and it's so yummy smelling/looking. He's such a good cook and I love when he makes me dinner. 

So anyway, I'm gonna go eat. 
love, Ellen

Thursday, October 3, 2013


YAY! Guys, this month is awesome. I'm so excited for our 1 year anniversary and Halloween and everything! WOO!

I want to make all the cute decorations and put them around, the only problem is that we have no where to store them after holidays are over... rough life. But it's okay, our situation won't be forever. And we can still carve pumpkins and put up a wreath... and stuff.

We redecorated our house again. I really love changing things up ever once in a while because then it helps us get rid of some of our junk and leads to a little better feng shui. All we have to do is put up a few shelves, stop by Deseret Industries, and take a hutch back to my parent's. Ahh... clean house, happy life... or however that goes.

That's probably enough for today.
love, Ellen