Thursday, September 27, 2012

~ Eight Days ~

Guys. 1 day and 1 week until i marry the absolute love of my life. 1 week from right now, we'll be waking up in MN and getting ready for the big day. So we leave in like 5 days for a lotta lotta driving. Hooray and excitement!!! I've been making a ton a ton of yarn pompoms and making kitten sitter arrangements and starting to pack and get ready. IT'S COMING!

In other news, our apartment is a MESS. There's CD's everywhere and kitten toys and stuff going to the wedding and knickknacks and boxes and mail and yarn stuff and trash that kitten has been playing with and i need to do the dishes and take out the left-overs and put away random crap we have everywhere but instead i'm blogging and then i'm gonna make more pom poms.

Kitten is cute but she really gets annoying sometimes. like when she pounces on your hands while you're typing or when she can't leave your yarn projects alone or when she crawls all over you with her sharp claws digging in your skin or pooping on the floor and chewing on computer and phone cords and  getting in your face when you're eating. at least she would follow that laser pointer to the end of the earth and she has her cute moments. like kittens do. and then she disappears and is quiet and i get nervous and i look behind me and she's taking a nap on the back of the couch. aw. true story

and i'm listening to Brittany Spears. true story. (i just said that.) I put Sean in charge of 2 things for the wedding: the honeymoon and the music playlists. So now, on my dancing playlists i have Vitamin C, Enrique Iglesias, Brittany Spears, and Mandy Moore. but i still love him.

8 days.

I have an open book/notes French test today. which (as much as i don't need to) i should probably study for. and shower. and make pompoms.

8. days.

okay. byeee

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So much NEWS.

I was in walmart this morning to get toilet paper and milk for my mac and cheese. Turns out walmart in the morning is great. Another thing, there was one of those little video things at the end of an aisle and it was that dunkin' donuts commercial where the girl's name is Ellen and everytime it shouted "Ellen!" i got so confused. okay.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the fun things that happened this weekend. So Sean and I left home last Wednesday night and drove for about 20 hours to get to MN for his best friend Marcus's wedding. We got there Thursday night and went to bed at about 8:30 and didn't wake up until 7 the next morning. then on Friday, we went and got our marriage license and then went to get Sean's haircut and tested out my wedding hair (SO great) and then we went and gave invites to the old Barnes and Noble Sean used to work at and then to lunch and bought me some wedding shoes.

THEN we went to the wedding rehearsal where i met all of Sean's friends. I was nervous, of course, but turns out they were cool. I kinda wish I had some more time to meet them, but i will in 17 days (!) at my own wedding. Rehearsal dinner was yummy and it was great. then we went home and relaxed.

The next day, we visited some more people and gave them invites and then got ready and went to the real wedding (actually pictures, then lunch, then the wedding). Then I put most of the boutonnieres on the groomsmen and groom and father-of-the-bride. So you know, i'm cool & stuff. The ceremony was really sweet and special. Then dinner was good and dancing was awesome. I can't wait to do it all again in a couple weeks! but then it will be ME in the pretty dress with the handsome husband. Speaking of handsome:

After dancing and saying some sad goodbyes to Sean's friend, we went home for the night and the next morning we packed up the car with things he wanted to take and then we stopped to say hi to his Aunt and then hit the road. for 18 hours. and we got home at 3 in the morn.

sleep happened and then i went to class and work and then i check my phone to see a picture of a KITTEN. Guys, i have a cussin' adorable kitten named Erma Barbara Gerd. she has the funniest walk and the cutest little meow. all she does is explore and take cute naps. which is okay.
Yup, that's our li'l snuggler. also, photos are courtesy of Sean's iphone. i'm still working on upgrading...
okay, well I think that's all. i'm gonna go cuddle with Erma and eat and shower and all normal stuff i do.
love, Ellen

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend update.

So, as you MUST know by now, i'm getting married (in 26 days but who's counting). A lot of things come with marriage, i'm slowly becoming aware of. There are things i'm sure i haven't thought of that my wonderful mom or sister or future family-in-laws or my old neighbor, Anna, has. It's hard enough to look at the next 24 hours than the next 26 days. in those days, i will be doing these things

  • school (4 classes - 12 credit hours)
  • work (upgrading inventory and changing stock as well as management)
  • driving to MN and back 2 times (total of approximately 76* hours of driving. seriously.(*some of that will be after the wedding)
  • going Sean's best friend's wedding (nervous but excited)
  • sending invites
  • getting a new phone
  • putting away things from bridal showers
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • (hopefully) relaxing
so that's gonna be fun.

This week, Sean's friend from his old work-place came and stayed with us for a bunch of days. Unfortunately, i was sick. but at the same time it was nice because i got to be home and hang out with her and become friends with her instead of having a 'fantastic' time at work. and by fantastic i mean crappy. Anyway, we became friends and now she lives in LA and we're gonna visit her eventually.

Alright, so yesterday. Started off great, because i forgot my makeup bag at home so my mom and dad and i went to get bagels and wedding make-up (hooray), then we went to my parent's ward's bridal shower for me. TONS of cool stuff. to name a few things: 6 or 7 cookie sheets and a couple muffin tins, 4 movies, a quesadilla maker, a gorgeous blue glass plate and a stylish white plate with red print spoon on it, tons of glass dishes and bowls and casserole pans, popcorn things, a minichopper, a game, and probably other things that have slipped my mind. 

After that, me and Abby and my mom went to Bridal Image and got my dress. lemme tell you, it's PERFECT. i wasn't sure about it at first because i bought it when it wasn't what i wanted (long with a train and short sleeves) and then i went and got it from being altered and it's PERFECT. i don't think i can say that enough. it's exactly my style and comfortable and elegant and i'm so so excited. I put it on to show my dad and Sean and sean was dazzled. he had the most adorable face. 

then we passed out some wedding invites, and went over to my Aunt Sharla's for a family shower. We played some games and chatted and ate dinner that Uncle Scott prepared. Then we opened gifts (which i'm finding to be loads of fun)! We got a huge tub full of awesome food, a griddle, a Twister Duvet cover, laundry detergent, post-it's, stickers, the Game of Life, Pyrex things, floor lamps, gift cards, and perhaps other things i have forgotten. 

But seriously, we have things! We still need a can opener and pots and pans (probably coming from my parents) but we can finally cook things in our house! hooray! Thank you to all who came and gave us things! We're SO grateful and hopefully will be sending Thank You notes soon. 

Now we're going to go get ready for our trip to MN! lots of driving. we're gonna eat a lot of snacks. and there's gonna be music up the wazoo. Woo! 

okay. i'm going to go do the sunday things like eating and naps. 
love, ellen

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On crying.

I've only known myself to not cry. I don't usually cry at weddings or funerals or babies or cute things or sad movies. of course i have only up-close experienced a few of these things, but still. The other night at a bridal shower my HS friends threw for me, my little sister said "I've only known Ellen to cry like 3 times." Double that, and that's how often Sean has.

My question is WHY. Why do i cry so much around Sean? my thought is that i love his so much that i just trust him with my loving and frustrated tears. I guess i just unconsciously figured out that i'm going to probably go through my most difficult trials with him and that he should get used to it and learn how to comfort me now while it still matters little.

Anyway, why i bring this up is because i haven't been feeling very well this weekend. Last night, i was feeling particularly icky. So after a 'fun-filled' trip to puke-town, Sean was giving me a really good hug trying to calm my nerves. As he was hugging me i asked him to say a prayer. i explained to him that i was crazy, he chuckled and said a fantastic prayer. of course, like 3 words in i start sobbing. And i mean really gross, wet, slobbery sobbing. He laughs and comforts me.

I am super grateful for Sean. He is the most incredible guy for me. He really knows how to take care of me and comfort me and entertain me. Also, i get to marry him in 31 days. exactly 1 month from tomorrow. holy. crap. I am SO excited. WOO.

Alright, i'm going to go get ready for class and work and hopefully i can feel better soon and handle both.
okay, laters
love, Ellen