Monday, June 27, 2011

You are the Dancing Queen

rather, i am the dancing queen. I stinkin' love dancing. like if there's a song being played in a grocery store, i'll dance. or in the car, i'll start playing the drums on my steering wheel and jamming out at the best parts. I dance in my room while i'm getting ready in the morning (or sometimes early afternoon depending on the day...) or for bed at night. I love going to dance functions (like school dances or street dances) and just going all out.

except one time, at a street dance, this guy with a bloody face ran into me and i had to go home to put my shirt in a sanitary was cuz it had blood on it. gross gross grosssssss. plus it was overpriced...

anyway. another reason, i like Queen. maybe even love. Not like Beatles Love but close. less, but close. They're just so original and deep and their lyrics are poetry as well as their musicality. phwoar. Basically, i'm adding this chunk because i watched part of a Queen documentary recently and i didn't even realize it, but i know a lot of their songs. hmm. but still. or whatever.

In essence, what i'm trying to say is, basically...
and... my birthday is one week from today (technically today because it's just past midnight.)
I mean, i'm never excited for my birthday, i'm just excited to be one year older and get to be a legal Adult or whatever. and vote and stuff. and hopefully get a job. hopefully. I had that interview... no luck. daggit. side-tracked... back. Anyway. If someone wants to throw me a suprise dance/birthday party, i would not oppose. I would come and dance my heart out.
But, i'm not holding anyone to it and i don't expect it.

Oh, and i'm freaking out about college and how i can't register yet even though i'm past the scholarship deadline and she won't answer her phone and i'm just super stressed out and aaaahhhhhhhhh! What if I can't go to college because I don't have a scholarshipppppp??!?!?!
I HAVE TO GO. I've gotta. you know, mild freak-outs.. they happen.

blah blah blah and stuff. So, summer, right? it happens. And sometimes, i wish it would be forever. or that i could be more prepared and less stressed and about to cry or whatever. you know. anyway, summer is cool. i sleep and do stuff. sometimes i get a pizza and sometimes i sit around a lot of the day. but whatever, it's still summer and i'll be wanting it back when i have mounds of homework and a job and school and debt. you know. debt. maybe i can get a student loan? except everyone says "ughhhh" when student loan comes up in a conversation. but if it'll help, i'll definitely go for it. please bless everything works out. pleeeassseeee.

Anyway, i'm also confused at the whole romance bit. but whatever. i'm not going to like yammer on about that forever. cuz i could. but i won't. if you wanna hear about it, text me. and then we can do stuff and i'll drive. cuz i like driving. we can get a soda or something.
and sit in "no specific" parking lot until 11:30.

good night and stuff.
love, ellen.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And a Shout-Out:

To ma Momma! Happy Birthday, Miss Mom! You're the absolute coolest and you are funny and tickled my ear while i was eating chocolate which was weird but it was still cool! And i probably will never forget when you made your arm "look like a snake". best ever. Anyway, if any other readers wanna look at how fabby my mom is, check out the post Here's to Her. it's a good'n.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Update

So we went on vacation. to Oregon. And! I have some pictures i'd like to share. yeah, weird right? usually i just go on and on about something and never give any kind of visual except with my incredible ability to employ imagery. jk. anyway... here's an over-view of vacation-ness.

This is our third floor. yeah. 3 floors. a lot of stairs = a lot of fun (minus the walking up them...) this is the full sized kitchen and behind that pillar is a huge tv and out those doors is a balcony overlooking the ocean. yes. and that couch was comfy too.

This is the hot tub that was on the second floor balcony. It was outside my parent's room and it was a great thing cuz it was cold outside a lot and we were warm. and stuff? yeah. awesome. Also, that is the ocean. coooool.
We went to Crater Lake. Basically, it was a big tourist trap and we climbed like 7-10 feet of snow (all the while praying we weren't gonna fall through and die) to actually see it. pretty blue, though.

We went crabbing the third day we were at the townhouse and it was great. We caught TONS of crab. none that we could keep... but the guy was nice enough to give us one to start out with. then we bought some, cooked them at the marina, took them home, and dissected their delicious crab meat (Cloak reference!*). Also, i put my gnome next to it because that's what people with gnomes do. right? yeah.

Anyway, it was cool and fun and relaxing and great. I bought a cool rope bracelet from Cape Dissappointment (i know, right?), a cool anklet from Cape Foulweather (again, I know, right?) and a mood necklace and a henna kit from Flamingo Jim's. And i got some fun memories, yo. and that's all that matters. (what? yeah. anyway...)

*midpost notice! The Cloak is just a thing i watched a lot in jh and i had to throw a reference in with the crab meat. i might've also said "Meet me at the peer at midnight. We can stare into the ocean one last time." but i didn't. till now. also, i'm sorry if you're offended. i didn't make it, i just like to quote the funny things. yeah.*

Oh. and we stayed in Nevada one night and our hotel room was a nightmare. Seriously, we could've been murdered in our beds. or burned alive because our smoke alarm was hanging by a thread, literally. here is a picture. And i guess gnomes look good next to health hazards as well as crab? go figure.

So, anyway. It was great. then this week Abby was at EFY so i did some other stuff. like computer games and driving around and i did a thing for Relief Society and hung out with Maggie. So it was great and stuff. Summer rocks.

love, ellen.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"I build the ramps"

a post devoted to my dear dad.

He's a guy.
The only guy I ever lived with.
The only guy i see every day.
The only guy I have the pleasure of sharing a bathroom with.
The only guy who drives our mini van, once for 8 hours in one day.
The only guy who comes into my room at night while i'm blogging or something just to have me look up a song or youtube video he thinks i'd like.
The only guy who once shouted at me for sneezing in the dark (funny story... hah. once, he was running down the stairs and i was just around the corner coming out of the bathroom and i sneezed and he didn't know i was there so he started shouting and freaking out about it cuz i accidentally scared him. hah).
The only guy who would buy me staking cups as a gag gift.
The only guy who, one year for christmas, had my sister and I buy each other CD's and then change out the covers with a copy of something we know the other'd be disappointed in recieving.
The only guy who will fix my car or my computer without anything more than me just mentioning it.
The only guy who pays for my dinner, my ticket, and my popcorn every time.
The only guy who tells me never to be afraid to ask for something.
The only guy who doesn't give a second thought to helping out a neighbor, even if it means sacrificing his whole saturday, possibly more, fixing their bikes or their computers or anything else when he could be "relaxing his eyes" or searching for music he remembers or doing a project he's been meaning to do for maybe months.
The only guy who goes on trek with 40 pound speakers and then runs down a mountain like a maniacal loon to give dirty teenagers letters from their parents.
The only guy who will listen to my boy problems and not flinch.
The only guy who will listen to my friend problems and back me up every time.
The only guy who will buy bongo drums just to have bongo drums. same with most anything he finds at the DI that has the possibility of being used slash actually working.
The only guy who lives with two teenage girls and a wife who might be equally "quirky".
The only guy who would say "I'd want a hamster if it could hip-hop" because of a commercial.
The only guy who takes out our cat litter every week because no one else will do it.
The only guy who comes home from a long day at work and still does the dishes before going to bed.
The only guy who could really handle the incredible task of being ward clerk, stake clerk in charge of AV stuff, guy who helps outside techs fix stuff at work, neighborhood bike guy, DI frequenter, cat-lover, and most importantly... drum roll... mine and Abby's magnificent Dad.
"[Dad], That's number 1!" (hot rod rip-off quote. oh, yeah.)
I love you!
Love, Ellen.

Friday, June 10, 2011

And the Best Summer Award goes to...

right now. This is going to be the best summer ever. And I'll tell you why in bulleted list form because, let's be honest here, who doesn't love that?

  • Let's start off with my top one. Summer Romance! yeah yeah. And we're going to leave it at that (name-wise) because no one wants to define the relationship. and who should? no one. Anyway.. I'm assuming you wanna know (or already do for most of my readers...) who. I'll tell you who. in code. just kidding. Matt Smith. He's amazing. We hang out and do cool stuff like go on bike rides, listen to music, go to barbeques, sit in the park, watch movies, adventure at walmart, have tons of fun, finger paint. yeah. And it's all fun and we're just cool and stuff. It just rocks.

  • Number 2. Senior Trip, Senior Trip! Woooo! I love vacations. if you didn't know. and we're going to *drum roll... Oregon! yeah yeah! On the coast, baby! We're staying in a top-notch town house right on the beach. And we're driving there, so we're taking tons and tons of stuff. It's gonna be cool getting it up there, but i can already feel the un-fun of packing it all back up to come home. that's okay! It'll still be awesome and relaxing and fun and awesome. and i'll take tons of pics and my gnome will be there and i'm taking my uke. i've always wanted to chill on the beach with a ukulele and just not care about the world. plus i'll probably be texting my friends frequently about awesome stuff. so it's just gonna rock.

  • Job! Well.. maybe... i had an interview yesterday and i think it went well. I'll get the call whether they want me or not in a week or so. eeeeeeeeeekk i hope i get it. I need the money and I need the experience and it would just be great. I mean, it might take a little away from the romance bit, but it's okay because he has a job too and we'll just work around it. blah blah excitement.

  • It is my last summer at home. egads. I'm not sure whether to be stoked or nervous or what, but i know that it'll all be awesome. and work out for the best. I mean, why wouldn't it? anyway. awesome.

  • ummm... I'm running out of ideas here. i just like bulleted lists.. ummmmm... hmm.. Lexi and Teresa and me hung out today... we're cool and stuff. Oh, yeah. Have fun, all my friends on vacations currently! woooooooo summer rocks.

All of this adds up to the most incredible summer ever. And guess what. It's only the first week! well... end of the first week... BUt Still! still. Let's just rock this whole summer thing into the ground, yeah? yeah.

here's some pics to top it off.

hey hey, we graduated and stuff!

Matt and I did this. It's a giraffe snake made of finger paints.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


is how i am. what? my mind is still not working at full capacity. I think it's part euphoria, part sleep deprivation.
I'll tell you why.

Graduation. That happened. ANd it was fab. I got my diploma and I didn't fall asleep and I got a lot of money from my family who loves me and I thank you so much for it! It will for sure help me in college. Which is coming up. wholey canoli. what? yeah. The only bummer about graduation is not being able to see all those i associate with all the time every day anymore. but that's okay. Another door about to open! And my geometrical rediculous cap kept falling off. ugh. but still yay.

I've been staying out super late lately. Because my parents are awesome. And because Matt Smith is amazing and awesome and kept inviting me to fun and it rocked. Also there was an all night party after graduation. And it rocked! I played games, won some prizes, and got the best hugs ever :). This is where euphoria meets sleep deprivation. I think I hear a summer romance? (is that a thing you can hear? probably). Anyway. I had a blast and stayed up all night (went to bed at 5:30 am. woo.) and it was just amazing. All the way.

I haven't been feeling up-to-par in the health department lately, but my mom says it's because of the euphoria. I haven't been eating well and nothing sounds good and I'm just pooped out all the time. BUt she says she didn't eat for like 3 weeks after she met my dad and felt the same way. So we're going with that. The illness of euphoria. hah. I love it.

oh. and seminary graduation happened. I spoke, people congratulated me. it was cool. not much to report but i did it. hooorah.

Here's some shout-outs.
-First, to my incredible family who have helped me to get here and always loving me, no matter what.
-To my Granny for attending both my graduations and supporting me all these years.
-To my Grandpa for making a huge donation in my favor for college. Thanks, G-pa!
-To Lexi for showing me how you never know what will happen until you try and for supporting me and being an incredible friend.
-To Matt Smith for making my last days of high school magical and for just being amazing.
-To Erin, Maggie, Mandy, Ashley, Karlie, Hannah, Teresa, and Rachel. May we always be besties and bridesmaids ;).

Love, Ellen