Tuesday, March 19, 2013

here's the deal:

so. since this bloglovin blogger deal is confusing me, i'm just going to go to wordpress. follow me at


love, ellen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

google reader something

so google reader is callin' it quits or something and i'm not willing to give up something i like because a thing is bummin' out on me. so here's a thing:
idk if you need to click it, but i'm going over to bloglovin because it's a cool thing to do.

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love, ellen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

maxin' relaxin.

It's been so long since I posted. A good 2 weeks, I'd say. Mostly, I've just been hanging out, cleaning the house, working, doing school stuff. Normal. It's my spring break this week and I'm going to go hang out with my friend Erin today and I'm so excited. I haven't hung out with this girl in much too long. I can't wait to gossip and freak out with her like old times. 

On Monday, Sean and I went to the pet store for Reggie food slash new ground for his cage (which he's totally loving) and kitty no-mark stuff because she's dumb and pees in the living room. She also drinks out of the toilet when she has a perfectly delicious automatically-refilling water bowl in the kitchen that she doesn't even have to climb to get to. She loves pushing her water dish around which makes the floor wet and I just don't understand her. At least she's been letting us pet her without attacking our hands now... I want a dog. haha

So I broke broke my new phone. I broke it 6 days after getting it by it slipping off my lap onto the ground in front of the church and then it just got more broken so I'm using Sean's old nugget-of-a-phone with slow connections and gross-sounding ringtones until my new one comes this week. I even bought a  new case for the new one so I don't go smashing it again. It's clean white and I wrote some of my favorite quotes on it. 

One week until the Hub-Cap's birthday! I already have one thing for him, I just have to pick up a couple more things and we'll be partying all over! I just hope I can top last year's awesome present:

This on a tee-shirt! Get it? Transformers + Star Wars? awesome. It's Hot Rod becoming Rodimus Prime! in the fashion of Star Wars? I'm so cool. 

I think I'm gonna go read something. Wanna know the craziest thing? I don't really have any homework over Spring Break. I had my midterm the last day of Brit. Lit., the only thing I had to do for my Creative Writing class is email a short list of personal quirks to the prof., and we never have homework in my Prehistoric Life class. I only have to read through and do a light edit of a story for my Editing class. Super cake. This is the BEST semester! and I'm so glad I'm going out with a bang. I can't wait to have my associates in April! 

Okay, for real this time. Later! Have a super fly week!
love, Ellen