Thursday, November 24, 2011

le jour de l'action de grâce

which means thanksgiving in French. lots'o words for one thing. and yeah, this really is just another Thanksgiving-themed post.

This i am thankful for:

  1. My family because they're always there for me, they're hilarious, and they always make really yum-tastic foods. 
  2. My ward because they definitely give me something better to do than sit around in my lonely apartment all day. this comes with being thankful for Del Taco for after FHE.
  3. My friends for supporting me and not hating me even though i can definitely be super annoying and a pain sometimes. and sometimes going out to sushi with me and walmart and just chill and let me riffle through their foods. 
  4. My laptop to keep me company when i can't have anyone else as company. and helping me with all my homework. and containing all my fave music. 
  5. clothes. for doing the job of clothes. and looking awesome. same with shoes. 
  6. food. for being food. Delicious, nutritious, tasty, happy, filling... the best. There's so many kinds and flavors and brands and recipes and temperatures.. just the best. especially holiday food. nothing like it.
  7. college. as much as i am in love-hate with it, i'm glad i'm there and that i have classes and professors and am learning and whatever. i mean "yayy!" hah.
  8. My job. I actually really like my job. as much as i don't want to spend 4 hours on my feet making people i don't even know happy with food and then taking their money and all that, i really like making people happy and getting money and getting to know regulars and just chatting and hanging out with my hilarious co-workers. It's really great, especially for a first/food-industry job. 
  9. bathrooms. for obvs reasons. (and i kinda hafta pee right now. lol.) 
  10. my silly kitty. that makes me want to squish the bajeebers out of it regularly. and making me laugh cuz it's funny. 
  11. movies. that pass the time and make me happy and entertained. and also for their ability to connect people of all kinds. "Oh, i don't really like this movie because blah blah." "duude! me neither!" like that.
  12. my car. that works. and even though i'm certainly beginning to save up for a new one eventually, i'm glad i have this one and that it takes me places and makes me feel safe and happy and all that. 
yes. all these things. and I just wanted to finish with a picture of a happy thanksgiving turkey deal. so that's what that was.
Happy Thanksgiving, All! hope your turkey is as good as mine. because mine is cussin' delish. 
Love, Ellen

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's...

Where a medium-size group of adults can be better than kids at games, win 720 something tickets, and pay ridiculous prices for mediocre pizza.

but no srsly. it was hilarious. here's a pic of me and chuck:

it was cussin' hilarious. it was my amigo cody's 1/2 birthday and we went to chuck e. cheese's and played hilarous games and i won like 117 tickets on that one where you have to push the button when the light is in the space. and marcus won a mill on simpson's game. like 200. All together, we got like 720 something tickets out of 130 tokens.

oh. i forgot to mention this has been the most crammed, eventful, crazy week of my life. seriously. i can't even remember monday... or tuesday. i do remember my english teacher saying "your rough drafts are due on thursday" and me being all "there goes my week..." and then also oh yeah! jenny stayed at my house last sunday night. wednesday.. oh! i got friday and next tuesday off of work and chilled during my lunch break with Alex and looked at wedding-y stuff. thursday... i did a bunch of homework and cleaned my room... maybe? then just in these last 2 days i've been over-the-edge.

Friday: went to classes, put my check in the bank, went to H&M with Jenny and bought some really rad clothes then went to cheesecake factory. decided Jenny's NUTS. insane. and then came back, changed, went to walmart for a  minute, went to chuck e. cheese's, won stuff and ate pizza and cake, went to the bowling alley, left because of the ridiculous wait (p.s. it was snowing), went to sarah's played reverse-human-jenga [where one person sits in the middle and you go around the circle adding dvd cases to a pile on top of the person's head] and ate stuff and then played words-with-friends on smartyfones. then i came home and slept.

Saturday: woke up at like 10:30 from a nutzo dream about me marrying a guy named steven (and i don't know a steven) in the temple without being endowed and then trying to find him so i could spray him with shaving cream, cleaned my apartment for like 3 hours, showered and changed real fast and went to Cindy's baptism (she is ADORABLE and i am SO happy for her. So much.), grabbed left-over food from work, ran home saw Mommy, Abby and Tanya there! YAY!, changed, chatted, erchap and hannah came and then jenny and shopped for jewelry for a while and chilled and ate the left-over foods, they left and then jenny and i went to thanksgiving dinner, ate super yummy foods and danced a little and chatted and then went to Jaimie's house and played the picture game (sentence, picture, sentence, picture) and then whatif... and then Stack-n-Laugh [same as reverse-human-jenga but with the added fun of "would you rather" to make it harder to sit still] and then 2 more rounds of picture game, came home, cleaned up from party and chatted with flatmates, put away clothes washed from earlier. BED

which is what i'm doing now. i just wanted to give ya'lls the low-down. I hope your thanksgiving is full of the most wonderful things!
Love, Ellen

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some [good] News

So it has been some time, no? yes. it has. I'll just give you some low-down and we'll be on our way.

let's see... so last post was about that **** project... let's go from there.
Went on sushi date with Erchap. Super yum. We went to Happy Sumo. sooooo yumm. I had a sunomono roll (from the inside out: avocado, tuna (i'm pretty sure), wrapped in cucumber). Super delish. I guess i'm better at sushi than erin is because i ate all my roll and didn't gag and she ate most of her roll and gagged on mine and then i finished hers for her. so that's good. both were yummy. then we went to a magical candy and toy shop by happy sumo that i can't remember the name of and it was super amazin. then we chilled and did laundry at her place. chill.

the next day, i did some stuff and went on a date with my wardie Marcus. it was cool. we went to Noodles and Company and it was yummy and he said he doesn't think anyone judges me by my age. which is nice but i sometimes think they do. a lot. but whatever. and i went to work and school too but that was a bum and you don't want to know about that.

hmm.. oh, yeah. i went home for the weekend. I got home friday night and just chilled with the 'rents. then saturday i woke up at 5:30. and then got ready and went to high school. the bus left the high school at 6:45ish with all the debaters on it. I judged the HS debate squadrons in a tournament. it was interesting and cool. and sort of stressful. but cool. and i got paid for it. that's nice. it was just a long long day. but it was fine. and i'm real glad i'm not a high-schooler anymore. phew.

i got back on sunday and went straight to mormon food night. it was suuuper yummy. mega yum. then we went to ward prayer and chilled and then we hungout for a while and then i went home and my fren Jenny came over and stayed the night. we watched Tron and i did my homework. until 2:30. in the a.m. so basically i'm pooooped. and i've gotta read like 5 chapters of Omni's D. (omnivore's dilemma. but i like my nickname better.) for my writing class tomorrow. shoooot. don't want.

and i love pinterest. and we had fhe tonight and it was wweeeeeird. we played a game called "winkums" or something where you had to grab people after they were winked at. it was weird. but funny. and then we played "do you love your neighbors" which is hilarious. Do you love your neighbors? No, but i do love beards. (seriously one of my answers. lolz)

okay. this whole deal has been leading up to this. Member that time i went on my very very first date ever? I was 16 and he was 19? 3 days from his mission? well, it's been 2 years. And now he's back! and i talked to him and gave him my number and we're gonna do something in some weeks when i come back. i'm actually really excited. yay!

oh, and i got my first debit card. it has a pic of my silly kitty in a sink on it. i love it. some people think it's weird but i don't have a mate yet and i don't want a picture of me on it.. and anything else i love has copyrights all over it. so cat it is.

and i think that's all. Also, the Drums are really cool. here's a vid:
{Look! I can put a vid on now! not a loser!}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why today started out as quite possibly the worst day of my life...

you know what this is? a dam. a broken dam. that's like my morning.
Here's how it went down: Woke up, showered and got ready and all was normal. Left on time, didn't know about the 3 different construction sites (2 of them being new) and was running late to class. Got there 3 minutes (ish) late and then a girl in my class said "is it you're groups' day to present?" "Who is even in your group?" and i was like **** **** **** **** **** **** in my head and out loud i'm like "fml." The girl who was in my group never gave me the power point and the boy never did anything because he broke his collarbone.

So the teacher comes in and says where's the group who's presenting today and i raise my hand nervously and he says come up. shooot. so i go up there, quickly text my group and tell them to get their little fannys over here, and go to the EPA website and look up acid rain for to use it as my power point because, as aforementioned, i don't have it. I explain acid rain as best i can and how we can make it better and all that and then i go into questions and my prof says to not give me easy questions or hard ones, but reasonable ones and i answer them best i can with my partial-knowledge of the subjects.

I finish and the prof tells them to rate me gently due to the fact i went in alone and he also brought up his power point and said he'd go over it more in class next time and give us a "take home party" he calls tests. Then he says he wants to see me after my 10 o' clock class.

I go to my french class, take a test i feel okay about, buy myself some peanut butter m&ms, and chat with my friends for a sec. then i go back to my prof and we talk about why none of my group was there and if it was my fault for poor planning and all that. He tells me to come up with my own in-depth power point and send it to him along with 10 test questions about acid rain that will be on the next "party".

at least he was nice about it and didn't come down too hard on me. I told him like 3 times that i'd rather be in another group and that my group wasn't going to come together no matter how many times i tried. I was still stuck in the same "group". and one of the worst parts of it is that only the guy in my group apologized and said with it that he was going to drop the class anyway be he hadn't told me. And the girl was at work. Who schedules a class at the same time they work!? idiot.

But at least tonight will be better. I'm going to a sushi date with Erin. yummm.
and i've gotta get to work on writing a paper for my lit class. at least i'm going home this weekend. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. a mill.

~elle camino

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little Fan-girl.

You know how easily-obsessed and excitable i can be. I was on stumbleupon and stumbled on this site full of really great teeshirts. specifically Doctor Who tees. and Beatles. i'll share some of my favorites:

This one is all of the lyrics of come together lightened and darkened to look like Abbey Road. awesome.

 Just the beatles. with their sigs. awesome.
 oh, you know... just some guys. beautiful, awesome guys.
 a really rad yellow submarine.
 Abbey road. Doctor Who style. awesome.
 just a bunch of 10th and 11th doctor stuffs.
 clever, ya'll.
 delorean: not bigger on the inside, but that's why they call it the Other.
 Like the WHO! We don't get fooled again!
 i love rory. so great. also, i love rory in glasses.
mega super clever especially for the 6th season. so so so so clever.

anyway. these are all good.
also, i went to a particularly awesome dance last night and i rocked my heart out. and this guy tyler kept telling me how impressed he was with me for being so witty and funny and cool and an awesome dancer and all that with me being 18. woop.
and then his friend kelby is my x's brother's bff or something. so that's... nice.
and other than that.... i worked 7 hours today and now i'm tired and i've got stake conf. in like... 40 minutes. so i'm gonna go change, and that and yeah.
Bonne Journee!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Golden Slumbers

not a reference to death. It's a beatles song. Yes, i'll talk about halloween, but i also wanted to mention some funny sleep experiences i've had lately so this was perfectly applicable. yeah.

i've been having weird dreams a lot lately. I woke up this morning laughing. and i can't remember what i was laughing at. All i remember is Marcus my ward-mate telling me to listen to the song that the evil people were singing and hearing them try to find a rhyme for something and instead saying "lime" and then us cracking up and then i woke up laughing. too bad i can't remember what it was...

and then this afternoon i took a nap and i remember some of it.. i went to this place i can't remember the name of but the manager lady said these words "it's like social sex." and i'm like what? and then i pay and go in. they put a blindfold on you but it's a see-through, plastic bandanna and then you're lead into a room, put on the floor and told to go. then you scurry around and find someone and start talking to them. and apparently you're allowed to sit in somewhat compromising positions (not like hold your horses, cowboy. but more like you're sitting awful close, mister...) and just chat the whole time. but the whole time was like 2 minutes. it was just weird.

remember how halloween was, like, yesterday? oh, it was. hurrah! it seems like forever ago. probably because i took that nap at 2 today and it was solid. anyway. Halloween was good. A bunch of my ward-mates gathered and we went to the pizza pie cafe in provo, ate, and then went back to Marcus's to tell scary stories and then watch the Doctor Who episode Blink. very very good. all the people were kinda disappointed though that no one really died and it was all happy in the end. but that's okay. it's still good.

speaking of the Doctor, i just finished watching the series! I'm all caught up! yeah! And my friend Alex said she saw a Matt Smith walking around campus yesterday but i missed him!! And i'm so sad. But i'm fixed on the theory that it was the real Doctor and he had to visit the school because there is something alien-y going on and he had to save the day.

And my roommate got a date! Yay! I'm so happy for her! I hope this turns out well and everything is super great! Super awesome.

And i think that's all. now i'm going to go finish my response to Meat-glue. Oh, for your food-y English class? nope. my Environment class. Sheesh, i might as well just combine them into one and say good. stupid. 

à plus tard!