Friday, October 26, 2012

The Honeymoon

Sorry i've been out of commission for a while.. I've been busy with school and work and being married. Anyway, here's the honeymoon bit.

So we stayed in South Dakota, right? I know, I know, you're thinking "eugh, south dakota? like the least romantic place in the galaxy?" and to that i say "no, it was pretty and secluded and all I wanted to do anyway was cuddle with my new husband, so it was perfect."

We left Mankato at about 9 am on Sunday morn after the wedding and stopped at his parents house for pictures his dad took, frozen peppers that he bought who knows how long ago (like 2 years?), and some of his old stuff from their attic. Then we finally hit the road for SD. drive drive drive. Then we check into the hotel, grab some hot chocolate and check out our hotel room.

Over the course of our honeymoon, we cuddle a lot (like i wanted), watch Jurassic Park and baseball, visit Mount Rushmore,

"That's just my wife wondering how far I'm gonna make her walk." photo courtesy of Sean's Instagram
get a huge pizza and eat it in the hotel room, and go to Rapid City and have dinner at the Firehouse Brewery.
There's a story about that. So we go to Rapid City, park a couple blocks away, and walk there through a graffiti'd alleyway with a couple sleeping bums, and then get there and the special is prime rib. awww, yeah. We both order the same exact thing (the special, obvs) with a baked potato and a lemonade and hot chocolate. Then we eat, normal, and get the check. It's a substantial amount wrong (over). So we wait and wait for the waitress to come around and pick up our check so we can have her fix it and it's taking forever. There's a couple of couples a short distance away from us and one of the ladies there is super picky about her food. So anyway, the waitress comes up the stairs with their order and at the very top, she trips and all their food goes tumbling. Sean looks at me and says "Should we just pay the check?" and so we did with some cash from our wedding. Then we leave and walk toward our car aaand Sean has us walk 2 accidental blocks past our car. greaaat. it's cold. anyway, it was great. then we went back and cuddled so it's okay.

Then we left on tuesday morning and get home tuesday night and relax.
It was really great. I only wish it was longer.

And that's all. Love, Ellen

Monday, October 15, 2012

The post you've been waiting for!

okay, i don't know where to start on this bad boy... how about 2 tuesdays ago. Deal. So i got home from work, we loaded up Clark the Caliber (Sean's car) and headed out. drive drive drive. lots of music, a couple naps, breakfast in Rapid City and we visited some concrete dinosaurs in the cold and kissed because of excitement of almost being married.
"She just got done telling South Dakota that we're getting married on Friday." Photo courtesy of Sean's instagram
Kept driving, got there wednesday and rested and did something... i can't remember what... Thursday we relaxed and then started setting up for the big day. Also, our parents met each other and got along instantly (i guess now Sean's and my dads are going camping sometime eventually..) and then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (YUM.) We said good bye, hugged a bunch, and I stayed with my family that night.

Then happened the big day. I woke up at about 7 and showered and got ready while my family slept. then i waited for Sean to come and get me and take me to All About Hair to get my hairs did by Sean's friend Amy for the wedding.

Then we went back, I put on a dress Abby lent me (that i looked good in ;) ), and then Sean came back from Bloom's (where, instead of spending 15 minutes getting ready and coming back, Sean spent 30+ minutes "Smashing" (super smash bros) and 3 minutes getting ready. that guy...) Then we took an almost 2 hour drive to the temple, where we left our sisters and Sean's cousin Kathy who took our pictures, and Sean and I were sealed. After the wedding, we gathered for pictures.
This is the only one I've edited so far. and i'm still trying to figure out my new, simpler version of photoshop.
Us and our sisters. awww. 
"Wurr Murried!" also, "It's cold!"

Me and my warm-thing-I-mean-husband. :)
After pictures, we went to Burger King. Sean and I got some chicken strips and fries and cokes and drove back. We checked into our hotel and went and saw the room. (SO nice! the bed was as big as my entire bedroom, i'm pretty sure.) Then we went to the church, finished setting up a little, and had a party! we had BBQ and dancing and it was great.
This was our guest book. Cool, right? my dad made it.
I remembered we were having bbq so i brought my apron.
see how well they get along? haha
Marti hands! (my aunt marti has a chronic cannot-hold-her-hands-normal-in-pictures condition ;) )
Wedding cake! from top to bottom, White, Carrot, Marble. YUM!
feeding. look how cute and clean we are!
first dance! the light spots are bubbles. 
father/daughter dance!
and that's just the MN reception. We stayed in Mankato for a couple days, chillin' and visiting his friends and getting some stuff he left at his parents house. Then we headed for South Dakota. We stayed at the K Bar S Lodge in Keystone, SD.

i'm gonna cut it short cuz i'm sure you're tired of this and also, i'm gonna eat lunch and take a nap and watch Fellowship of the Ring. Don't worry, i will eventually write about honeymoon and Utah reception. 

love, ellen

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mrs. Donner

well hello, all.
guess who is a married woman. This girl right here.

the ceremony was small and perfect, the party was great, and the honeymoon was short but relaxing.
We still have one more reception to go and a bunch of pictures to sort through and fix, but i promise i'll post all about it.
but for now, here's a picture to hold you over for a while:
love, ellen donner

Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday, I'm in LOVE.

I know. I KNOW i'm just gonna bawl all over the place. I've already teared up a couple times today when Sean and I went through our music playlists for the wedding. but aside from becoming an Alice Cooper look-alike, I'm going to be a WIFE. guys, a wife. Someone who cleans up and (pretends to) cooks (? that doesn't sound right. whatever.)

but seriously, guys. it is weird. but no matter how weird it is, i'm way way more excited than i am nervous. Plenty o' people have asked me if i'm nervous. i'm not. only for the drive there and that's a normal thing.

anyway, i'm going to go to bed because it's night and i'm tired. i just thought you'd like a little update about how stoked i am for the rest of this week. seriously, guys.
good bye
and goodnight.

love, ellen.