Monday, June 25, 2012

HBD, MOM. (also music.)

Happy Birthday to my loving mother who helps me with all kinds of things and loves me and all that motherly stuff. 

I wrote a post back in May of 2011 all about my mom probably because of mother's day or something. anyway, i was looking at it and found some funny and true things i'm just going to repost. 

"I know my mom is never going to limit me. Ever. Of course there's curfews and 'don't date guys any more that 3 years older than you until you're in college' or something, but she's never going to say i can't love this boy because he's too anything or i can't obsess over this band because they're too whatever. She's going to support me in whatever I do and never hold me back with restrictions. And the restrictions that do hold me back, i make for myself because i was taught well. 'Cuz my [mommy] taught me good.'"

most funny.  mostly because of the part where i can't date guys more than 3 years older than me until college and what is one of the first things i do? Go falling in love with a guy 9 years older. haha. You wanna know something weird? it's really funny how i unintentionally predict my future occasionally. it's great. Here's another one.

"I really like when we go to the store for a wedding gift or something, pulling into the vehicle aisle (hilarious carr joke, if you didn't catch that.. but seriously, that's where we go first. it's got the fire extinguishers.) and go through the list. then we end up buying something kitchen-y, looking in the clearance for clothes, buying a candy bar, and eating it in the parking lot before heading home. i don't think i'll ever forget that."
 This is funny because now Sean and I now get ride-home treats. It's super great. Anyway, if you want to read the whole thing, here it is.

So that's all. Happy Birthday, Mom. You're great.

Love, Ellen.

One more thing. So on Monday, Sean and I and his brother Brady went to the Motion City Soundtrack concert and it was SO good. We liked both of the openers also and it was great.
here's some vids to check out from all the bands.

The concert started off with The Front Bottoms:
This is a great song and i really like this band and the vid is great. all of it.

Next up was The Henry Clay People:

They're great also. In the band, there are 2 brothers. the older one sings and the younger one looks like a mix between heath ledger and johnny depp. it's crrraaaaaaaaaaazy. anyway.

Finally, the headliner, Motion City Soundtrack:
I think this is one of the ones they played that i liked... anyway.

just thought you might like some music enjoyment. love, ellen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pudding in my fish sticks

i really think i renamed this blog appropriately because i found out recently that i really like titling them with things that are happening with my food right now because i often eat while i blog.

but that's true. why don't those banquet meal things contain the pudding. now i have chocolatey fish sticks and less pudding. boo. at least it doesn't taste too gross... and the mac is good.

i've been working a lot this week. well... a lot for it being only a part time job... i've got almost 6 hours every day except friday. I clocked out today with 16.24 hours under my belt. honestly, i could handle this every day, probably, but i do like having some 'me time' in the mornings.

So i have this bruise.. it's really like 4 bruises connected. it's really gross. i was considering posting a picture of it but the pictures i took look stupid. but seriously, it's pretty gross looking. people sometimes ask me 'is it your boyfriend?' and i say 'no, it was a stupid spinning seat thing at a park...' and it was. There's this thing that you sit on and it spins around and it looks like this:

artist rendition via microsoft paint
Anyway, I sat on the black part held onto the metal pole for dear life and then this giant that i know named Aaron came and spun the living life right outta me and, i nearly died. not really, but i have a gnarly bruise to show for it. at least the intense nausea that followed has now subsided...

We're gonna feed Reggie tonight. Reggie is Sean's pet snake. He's cute. also, we're listening to vinyl. Sean got a record player the other day and now we listen to it a lot. it's great great great. 

anyway, we're gonna eat some tortellini and then get some Reggie food. the end.
love, Ellen. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Abby Birthday!

Since she made fun of me for doing birthday posts, it's some days late. probably more than some. also, i'm lazy and it's blah blah excuse. i know, i know.

Happy Birthday Squish-ter! You're pretty rad and i really hope you like Clueless. and that super awesome tassel-y ball. Sean and I still don't understand how you managed to break the loop and one of the tassels in 15 minutes when we had been playing with it all day and managed to not do any damage... but whatever.

i was looking through my box of memories and stuff and i have a lot a lot of letters from you and i read some of them and they were great. I hope you're having a super killer time at EFY this week and will have the best summer of ever this year.

Love, Ellen.

and a goofy picture just to top it all off.
now back to our regular scheduled programming. summer is... great. i'm really having a hard time with work and enjoying it because it's just.. annoying and there's nothing to do. and next week i'm picking up about 10 extra hours. which will definitely help with the money problems.. awesome.

Sean and I are going to go see Jay Mohr this weekend at Wiseguys. Should be fun, i think.
I feel like wearing a summery dress today but it's only 59 degrees. i'll probably wear it tomorrow.
okay, i'm gonna go shower and get ready.
Hope your week is fabulous!
Love, (for realz this time) Ellen