Thursday, August 30, 2012

sophomore and stuff (36 days)

guys. that's less than 40 days. I'm seriously the most excited. The other day, i came home to find that Sean had written me a note that simply said "I love you, Ellen! Love, Sean" i seriously couldn't ask for a better guy.

Since school started, i've had a lot of people ask me if it was weird that i am only 19 and getting married. Also i've had a number of fellas approach me and flirt so i wave my ring finger around hoping for them to leave me alone... Anyway. Yes, it's kind of weird. but also, i don't care. I'm known to be weird and it's gonna be fine. I cannot wait to just marry this guy.

Also, as i mentioned before, school has started again. Holy. Moses. I have a busy schedule. Not only am i taking 12 credits, working 20-25 hours a week, and planning a trip to MN for Sean's best friend's wedding, but i'm getting married. And i'm going to be fine. as difficult as it is to plan everything and schedule everything and get everything done, i'm going to be fine. i'm going to work through it, stay focused, and, with Sean around, i'll be able to handle everything and have fun. Everything is great.\

My most favorite thing ever is just sitting watching TV with Sean at night. We sit, cuddle, talk.. sometimes i'm on my computer and he's farming (*eye roll* but that's only because i give him a hard time about it.) and the tv is on and it's just relaxing. the only downside is that sometimes i'm forced to do my homework. and sometimes i've already done it and i probably should still look over it. it's fine...

Buying books is going to SUCK. seriously. there goes my entire paycheck. adios, money. and i don't even care about one of them. health, specifically. boo.

speaking of homework and books and such, i should probably look over my homework for tomorrow.
so i'm going to do that.

also, member my friend emily? She did our engagements.
here's one for the road.

love, Ellen

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remember my Resolution?

you may remember my beginning of the year resolution to exercise more. It's a normal goal for everyone to want to lose some pounds or something, but i just want to be able to go up 3 flights of stairs  without needing to catch my breath.

Anyway, I was just scrolling through pinterest and I saw this:
Once upon a time about 2 months ago, i was constantly watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' because, duh, i was just engaged and I was excited to find my dream dress.

Back to topic. Whoever came up with the drinking game into exercise bits, is a genius. plus i can enjoy my show whilst exercising! multitasking! anyway, the website this is on ( has tons and tons of workouts along with tv shows and movies and things. There's everything from 'The Office' to 'Hercules' to 'Angel' to 'Friday the 13th'. I can't promise i'll know what all of the workouts are, but they all sound reasonable. and I can pause the show and do them or alter them a bit or come up with my own.

I can't wait to start doing these. and I probably should so i can be fit for all the fun that will happen from October 4th through the 14th (i.e. wedding. doy.) I'll probably start doing these when i have internet and cable at my own apartment so i can do it while i have some time in the morning before school/work. We're getting it on Wednesday so it'll be probably then. I'll keep you updated on how well i'm doing and all.

On a different note, we got our invites printed!!! they are seriously the coolest things ever. ever. I can't wait to see everyones fridges being overrun by the cute couple (i.e. us.). I'm so excited!

oh, my gosh. i was scrolling throught the workouts (still) and if found... DOCTOR WHO. best. i can't wait.

okay. have a super day or something! woo!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Week of Extreme Change is Almost OVER.

Hip hip! HOORAY. seriously, guys. It's been quite the week. Since i last posted, Sean and I found an apartment in PG (not that one we saw that i was hoping for) and it's a 1 bedroom with a teeny kitchen, a huge closet, plenty of parking, and new carpet. it's great. cozy, quaint... great.

It's taken a couple days to feel like home, but it's getting there. I moved in on monday and that day was heck-tick (hectic. but heck also.) It was Sean's first day at his new job, i moved house, and i just had to calm myself down. Abby stayed the night on Monday and then Tuesday, Sean installed an air conditioner on his lunch break (THANK YOU, SEAN!) and then we went home and I had an eye-doc appointment. All good. I'm getting new glasses sometime soonish. Wednesday morn brought the dentist and then a physical and then a hair-cut in the afternoon. Not anything big, just a trim. but now i can handle growing it out some more. phew.

Oh, and i'm getting a KITTY!!! they were born a couple days ago at our new neighbors house and they're black and white. So we're going to wait a couple weeks til they can eat without their mom's help (*wink*) and then we're taking one of 'em home and loving it. and cuddling and all cuz kitties are adorable. I'll post pics and name choice when we get it. Abby wants to name it Barbara if it's a girl. that's funny. but idk yet.

And to make everything happier and give you a laugh, here's a hilarious pic of a cat.

anyway. Wedding planning is going swimmingly as well. normal. I just finished making 5 centerpieces. now we have like 30. We're not having 30 tables, just fyi. but it's gonna be awesome. awesome. seriously.

okay, love you. i guess...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some pretty big things.

So i haven't updated in a while. It's because i've been crazy overwhelmed with a bunch o' stuff lately that i just couldn't sit and type. also, my apartment doesn't have internet currently so i have to wait til i'm at work or Sean's to do anything.

Anywho, speaking of apartment, I have to be out of mine in a matter of days. 5 to be honest. Sean and I have been frantically searching for a new apartment i would move into soon and then he'd move in when we get married. So we went and viewed a place today and we'll know for sure on Saturday whether yes or no. Please bless yes. please, please bless. It is a 1 bedroom basement apartment not too far away from my school/work and fairly easy to get to Sean's current work. I'm just praying everything works out. if not... just pray. and all that.

Another neat-o thing is we got the rough draft of our wedding invites today. Lemme tell ya, they are the coolest things you ever saw. I'm not going to give anything away, but they are seriously awesome. See, not giving anything away. just wait. If you haven't given me your address and would like an invite, leave your name and address in the comments. I'll be honest, if Sean or I don't know you, i probably won't be sending you an invite.

I'm seriously ready for October 14th to happen. on that day, i will have nothing to worry about except school stuff. it's coming. only some days. well... month and days.

Seriously, guys, i'm like... baaaaaaaaaaah. and stuff. so it's great. i want a puppy. there. i said it. also, i'm getting married. AH. this is all great. everything is great. i'm eating meat right now and hoping for a positive response on any of the apartments i just contacted. we're going driving around to look at them tonight. i'm praying. okay.
i'm gonna finish this meat and stuff. also, we have potatoes in the oven.
love, ellen.

p.s. our invites will not be a post-card with pictures of us and something saying 'We've decided on forever and forever begins when we {names of couple} are sealed for time and all enternity on {date} at {place & time all written out}' - serious invite Sean and I recieved. serious. guys, spell check. and let someone edit it for you.