Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff

Since i'm not in the mood for writing sappy cliche things on ye olde facebook, i've converted to a more efficient way of communicating my love and birthday wishes: bloggery!
but no seriously.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best best best best boyfriend in the universe, Sean. I hope it's as kick-awesome as i am planning and that you'll love love love your gift {but i already know you will}. I cannot wait to give it to you. seriously. i keep wanting to give you hints, but i won't. because i want you to be so excited for it. and you will be. and i am. or something.
Also, I Love You. completely. There's no better way to say it. I just do and it's plain and simple. I love you.  and i can't say it enough.
I can't wait to go to Phoenix with you! It's going to be so fun and great. just awesome. Seriously cannot wait.
Sean's name is Earl. 
(photo/chocolate credit: my parents, quote credit: Marcus Penny)

But f'realz. I Love You, Sean, and I hope you have the best best birthday in the history of birthdays. 
love, Ellen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who's a li'l domestic?

it's me.

Guess what i did today! i got up and showered and cleaned my room mostly. I put on a super cute new outfit i got from H&M yesterday (blue loose tee, cutoff shorts from last year, new white-rose earrings, owl necklace from Mt. Pleasant last year (in fact, almost exactly 1 year ago because it was spring break like it is now.), and blue/white striped shoes with hemp seams.)

Then i went to Walmart and bought some more things for making dinner tonight and some lunch things and shampoo & conditioner. Then i came home and ate lunch and made some muffins. Then i realized that one of my shoes from H&M had a hole in the toe so i got out my sewing stuff and it looks crappy enough to be cool! and now i'm just watching tv waiting for Sean to come home from work/haircut and then i'm going over to his house and i'm going to make mexican chicken salad (my specialty) for him and his roommate.

aw, who's a cute girlfriend. me. it's me.

OH! Even better news!! I went to bountiful yesterday and had myself a photoshoot with my super good friend, Emily. Check out her photography facebook profile (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Mensing-photos/106187019469863). SO good. She's still working on a few of the photos from yesterday, but i'm sure they're all real great. I can't wait to see them! If you want, she would love love to do senior pics or engagements or anything. She's really good.

that's all.
love, ellen

Thursday, March 8, 2012

super lolz

I seriously laughed so so hard the first time i saw this. and the second. and third. and all the times after that. it's SO FUNNY. seriously.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you remembah?

the 21st night of September? haha. i love disco. anyway.
do you remember how my printer has trouble printing under pressure? oh, good. because it does. no matter when or what i need to print or how important it is, if i need it, it won't print. so that's.. annoying. 100% annoying. luckily i have some minutes to get it to work. please bless it does. please.

anyway.. good news! spring break is NEXT WEEK! HOORAH! I'm so excited. I'm going home this weekend with Sean so he and my dad can fix his car and me and my mom can do my taxes (woo.. not. but that's fine.) it's going to be nice.

man, i wish this printer would work. what if i unplugged it.. that might do the trick.. nope. boooo. it made that 'i detect something being plugged in!' noise.. but my ipod didn't even show up. whatever. maybe i'll restart my computer?

OH! That devil. that stupid stupid printer devil. right as soon as all hope is lost, it prints. devil. and multiple copies. whatever. it's fine.

also, i proclaim that Katy Perry is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. true story.
hahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. anyway.
also, i felt i should include this because of the title.
awesome. go have yourself a dance-party. i'm going to go turn in this paper.
love, ellen

Thursday, March 1, 2012


one of the only things i've been drinking this week. cran-juice and chai tea. and water.
i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morn. i'll be waking up nice and earrrrrrrrrrrly. it's fine. i'll be able to handle it. i'm going down to bountiful for the day and going out to lunch so it'll be good. hopefully all is well in the bod-business. it should be.

holy moly!! I'm watching Parenthood and it's so so good. NOOOOOOOOOO! Julia and Joel the baby and Crosby and Jasmine and Sarah and her breakup and the Luncheonette... oh my. i just. i just love it.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. okay. that's all.. this wedding is so so cute!!!

uhm. oh, check this out: http://www.thatonegirlwhoiscoolerthenyouthink.blogspot.com/
that's my lil' sister. She's got a blog and stuff! go abby. go follow her and stuff. she's great. and as witty as ever. She'll tell you how it is and it might be harsh but it'll be so funny. And it'll stick with you forever. Like one time, Sean and I were at their house but we stopped by the temple to see a near-by cemetery and there was a dear at the cemetery and we told my parents and abby we'd seen it and she cracked some joke and we still say it often. maybe a little too often.. anyway.

I'm still ecstatic often. Sean is just the best. better than the best. impossible words. so so great.

eugh, i shouldn't have bought that large candy, chicken bowl, chips, ice water, chai latte, and that halfa cran-juice from earlier. it's fine. i'll just save some for later. drink my chai in french class.

oh, i just want to dance dance dance dance. That's my plan for tonight. Go over to Sean's and somehow play lots of music and and just dance. sounds like lots of fun. or we could just do anything and it would be fun. but i've got to go to bed early! okay. also, i  need to go to class soon... okay. s'later.