Monday, April 29, 2013

Duh Duh Doughnuts.

Hey, everyone! So this morning I was totally craving doughnuts. It might have been because I used to eat at least one doughnut at work every other day or so or because I watched an episode of "Unwrapped" on Food Network all about doughnuts this morning. So I did what any girl that didn't want to leave home would do, Pinterest! I found a few recipes but none of them seemed that great and I don't have a thermometer for oil... so I continued searching until I found a great recipe for a baked doughnut. Luckily, Sean likes making bread, so we had some yeast around the house. Here's the recipe, if you wanna try it out.

First came the dough:
First, I had to whip up the dough and then let it rise for an hour. Easy peasy. While I waited, I watched Clueless. Great movie!
Then the dough was cut and let to rise again. like it does.
Then some time in the oven and BLAM! awesomeness.
 I don't have powdered sugar so I had to find another way to make a glaze. I found this recipe and then got to work whipping it all together. turns out, these puppies are SO GOOD.  Then just a dash of cute sprinkles and then gobble them all up! 
YUM! oh, and kitty just loves the smell of fresh homemade donuts and the cool breeze of the fan. What a cute kitty! 
Hope everyone has a sunny spring week!
love, Ellen

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adventure Time

Sorry I've been away so long... It was finals week and stuff. But I haven't gone anywhere, just busy.

So last week was finals. Guys... I'm GRADUATED! My diploma should be coming in the mail any day now. YAY! Now I'm just going to keep working at the library cafe for a few more months and then I'll be finding an adult job. Yeah, baby! Look who's all grown up. It's me.

That first part about not having gone anywhere isn't totally true. Sean and I decided to take a Saturday to go explore a national park - Bryce Canyon. It was so gorgeous and full of cliffs... I was terrified. However, Sean and I went on 2 hikes about a mile long apiece. The first one went along the edge of the canyon and you could see right down into the vast expanse. On the second hike, we went down into the canyon a ways and went under an arch and through a crevasse. Although it was super tiring, it was way fun!

As you're sure to find out within the next milliseconds, Sean really had fun with the panorama capabilities on my phone (HTC Radar)

 This is down. See? Cliffs. So scary.

 check out this majestic view!
This one was from our hike down in just before we turned around and started to head out.

See! Gorgeous.

One more thing, next Saturday... I'm finally getting my hair cut! perfect for the summertime. I can't wait to get all this weight, I mean hair off my shoulders! It's going to be so cute! I'll post before and after pics (if i can remember to take one just before..).

Okay, I gotta get ready for church!
love, Ellen

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Today in our primary class, we only had two kids, which is not a lot compared to our average five. It felt a lot more fun and intimate just being able to teach two kids. Plus it was easier to hear their funny comments without the shouting of other kids. At one point, we were talking about one of their dads coming to sub for the class and how he let them sit wherever they wanted and the one whose dad it was not said "I love that guy!" and then we said we'd call him to sub next time we couldn't be there and they were excited. Then Sean said "But then we won't be here!" and the kid whose dad it was said "Well this just got awkward..." HAH. So cute.

I think what was so fun about today was that we got to visit with the kids a little more. We looked at pictures of Reggie the Ball Python (Sean's snake) and Erma Gerd and talked about animals as well as about Disneyland (because one of them went there for spring break) and Durango, Colorado (where the other one went) and we also talked about Baptismal Covenants. Sean had them read one of the sacrament prayers and it was so cute to see these future priests read it to us! I felt like they really understood the lesson and were interested in what we had to teach them. I wish every Sunday could be this successful!

We also had a teacher training meeting during Sharing Time because we just got a new presidency and they wanted to go over some stuff and, turns out, Sean and I are great primary teachers. haha. Also that we need to be set apart still... whoops...

Sean and I eventually want 3 or 4 kids, but I'm just glad to have some primary ones right now. They're fun and I only have to take care of them for 2 hours every week. I do want to be a reading tutor, though. I think that would be really fun and I know how much my mom loves doing it and I think I would too.

Anyway, I think that's all for today. OH. And I decided I'm going to cut my hair when I run out of this bottle of shampoo. Which is only like a quarter of the way used so it might be the beginning of next month when it happens. Stay Tuned!

love, ellen donner

p.s. I'm thinking about changing the title to something Donner related. Some of my ideas are The Donner's Party or something like that. Let me know if you have any better ideas! I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm back! and some other stuff.

So I tried out the wordpress thing for a while but I don't think I actually like it. I like my format and background stuff here... idk how it's going to work after blogger calls it quits for realzies but I'm just going to see what happens here until then.

I haven't posted generally anywhere in a while. It's been pretty hectic at work and school with it being the end of the semester and with me graduating and all... Anyway, I apologize and stuff.

Recently, I've been thinking so much about cutting my hair off. All of it. Here's my hair as it is now straight:
And here's what I want to do:
Note that I've had it that short before. It's not scary to me to get it cut off, but I just feel so determined to grow it out as long as I can stand it. My last real cut was 2 Decembers ago. Anyway, I'm getting antsy to get it off and I was hoping for some input. Should I keep going or should I wait until May and cut it then?

Some other things that have been on my mind... I don't know why necessarily, but I've been listening to Motion City Soundtrack's Even If It Kills Me album all week. It's really a great album and it's been on repeat on my phone since Monday. I've been especially enamored with this song:
I'll confess to a bathroom dance party to this song while taking the above selfie. I just love it. 

I can't wait until June when Sean and I are going to a family reunion in MN. It's going to be so fun! I can't wait to hang out with his family again and see the Mall of America and go to a Twins Game! I can't wait to get away! I've been itching to just pack up somethings and go somewhere. I love driving for hours and being somewhere different. And I can't wait to move up North this summer! Yay, new places! 

Okay, I think that's enough for today. 
Have a great day!
love, Ellen.