Monday, January 28, 2013

a poem

as she sat and stared at him,
his eyes affixed on his words,
she fell in love.
She fell in love with his passion,
his drive,
his intelligence.
He tapped away at the keys,
penning works everyone would someday read
and admire
as much as she admires him 
in this moment.
He taps, types, tinkering with phrases
and words,
stringing them together with
ease and eloquence.
In silence
they sit,
all but the tap of imaginary conversations
and announcements
coming alive
within his pages and paragraphs.
And all she can do
is sit
and stare
and admire his desire to create
to share
to inspire.
And she hopes
and he hopes
together, they hope
to see these words grow
and develop
as will their lives
in love
as one.

Crap, guys. I almost made myself cry with this one. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 
love, Ellen

Monday, January 21, 2013


It's been a lazy weekend at the Donner home. Lots of napping and watching movies and tv and recovering from illness... just how I like to spend my weekends.

Today, Abby came down to hang out with me. Good ole Carr girls bonding time: watching tv and pretending we're artists. I cleaned the house and she's reading my book. Like I said, a relaxing weekend.

Anyway, it's just a short update. because I can't think of much else to talk about.
So have a nice evening and enjoy this picture of my cat:

love, ellen

Friday, January 18, 2013

on beverages

People think it's weird when I call drinks beverages sometimes. It's just a thing I've always done.

Anyway, Sean and I are drinkers. Not the alcohol or coffee type, but anything else, you might just find in our house. We have a mini fridge mere inches away from our couch stocked full of cans of root beer, American Classic cola, Mountain Dew (or off-brand type), Dr. K (off-brand Dr. Pepper), glass bottles of Crush Grape, and then a couple 12 packs that didn't fit in the fridge.

Tonight at Walmart, we went to get gatorade, a thermometer and possibly more meds and brake fluid (turns out we already have those last two things) and came home with an 8 pack of gatorade, a gallon of milk, orange juice, 3 propels, 4 cans of chicken noodle soup, a can of chicken broth,  a box of salted caramel hot chocolate mix (that I can't wait to try!), cereal, a lemon, honey, and a thermometer. Not a single one of those things does not have to do with a drink (except the thermometer, unless you count saliva). I guess we're just overly thirsty.

How about we throw some literary spin on all of this and call it a metaphor. We're always thirsty. Thirsty for creative flow. We always want to pour creative juices onto canvases and pages via paint and words and other vehicles and we just need liquids to quench the thirst from constantly pouring. or not. it could be that we are just occasionally dehydrated and need to quench our actual thirst.

to sum all this up, here's a picture of some of our art:
love, ellen

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

because it's been a week and the hub-cap is blogging next to me.

haha. Okay, I suppose I could talk about how school is going...

Well. It's going well.

I have a prehistoric life class and there's a lady in the class who brings her dog in a purse and it's the cutest little thing! The littlest and cuddliest and I want to stroke it's huge ears and make it wear blinged out hoodies! awwww. And I have to take a field trip to a Dinosaur Museum! Fun-zo!

Also, my Creative Writing prof. is a huge-o hippie. Right out of the flower power era, for sure. Should be fun, but possibly exhausting at the same time. And I think i'm gonna kick butt in that class, seeing as I like to be all write-y and stuff. (See? It's already seeping from me like ketchup from a packet.)

My Editing prof is named Marj which is super fun and also she's on a cruise this week. Lucky her. I think that it's gonna be a fun class. Also, we're taking a field trip to Adobe sometime! I'll see Sean and show off my handsome hub to the class cuz i'm awesome. Correction, we're awesome.

Brit Lit. is alright. I'm learning stuff and it's interesting. I can't wait to read Charles Dickens, though!! awesome. he's awesome.

I hate the winter. When it's too cold to step outside in anything less than 3 to 7 shirts, a large winter coat, both leggings and jeans, thick socks, and heavy boots, I only ever want to stay inside and cuddle. But, to be honest, that's all I really ever want to do. I can't wait until the day I can slip back into my shorts and tee shirts and strut around the park with a kite string in my hand and the warm breeze keeping my cheap, plastic aircraft afloat. I'll probably get a dog so we can walk around and toss a frisbee without worrying about frostbite or losing the little pup in the mounds of powdery white.

If you can't tell, I'm feeling a little... what's the word... creatively wordy  I'm sure that's not right, but it's night and I'm tired of searching. I figured it out. loquacious. duh. Anyway, I'm in a creative writing class and I keep coming up with fantastic ideas and then I can't express them just right. I'll keep working on it and report back eventually. I am, however, proud of my poem entitled Chaos, which is a jumble of synonyms and antonyms of Chaos in a chaotic manner (askew, oddly spaced, chopped up, etc.). I think I might even get a check plus for it. Please, hold your applause.

If I have something really great, I will most certainly share it with my loyal and obviously intrigued readers. But, until I have something substantial that wouldn't require me re-formatting anything, then i'm just going to leave you hanging.

So it's late and, as you might have guessed, I am tired. I kept waking up for no real reason last night and I just want to crawl into bed and be wrapped in soft blankets and Sean's Minnesota-Warm (is that a thing?) arms and drift softly to a dreamland where I don't get pregnant or have to encounter past acquaintances (good or not-so-good) and figure out which one is my real husband or have to wait in line for hours to get a mandatory elbow surgery where you get an anesthesia shot, go into the operating room, come out 3 minutes later with stitches on your wrist area and Oprah is there and it's dark outside and you see a guy from your French class last semester and somehow find a scrapbook of his past and learn that he was once a midget but know that that isn't true because he is normal sized now and you can't just change from midget-dom to average height... dom (true story, happened last night).
but alas, Sean is still blogging about that one time he got hit in the face with an icicle whilst trying to fix our tv satellite. he's fine.

love, Ellen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

just another new year blog.

This was the craziest year, let's be honest. It flew by and i'm all the better for it.
I think i'll go by month.

New Years last year i spent watching crappy music videos with old friends. Then, in January, I met the Donner boys (Brady and Sean) at a party I held for myself for my half birthday. We also hung out at a game of broom ball that same month (at which I met Jeremiah, their younger brother) and, because I liked them so much, i invited our entire ward to an after-party at Village Inn. Later that month, Sean and I started hanging out. Also, my second year of college started.

On February 7th, Sean sent out the ghost of Paul Revere to tell the world we were dating. The next week was Valentines. The best Valentines I've ever had because I spent it with Sean. That month, we continued dating. I gained a best friend and trusted accomplice.

March is a funny story. the beginning wasn't that much of interest... but Sean's birthday was on the 20th and we celebrated. The week after that, though, we went to Phoenix. It really was a terrible trip, his family will attest to it, but it's a great story now. Here's a rundown of it . So that i don't have to type it all out.

April. Sean and I exchanged mixes, went to the zoo and to our favorite place, the Dinosaur Museum. And Sean and I continued to fall in love (combined awwwww. and... go.)

May. We visited a meat parade, took a fun day-trip to Moab, and Abby had a birthday (shout hooray)

June. We saw Jay Mohr at Wiseguys and busted a gut, bought a record player, and I got some gnarly bruises from a children's playground toy, and went to a super rad Motion City Soundtrack concert with Brady and The Front Bottoms and The Henry Clay People opened for them.

July. the best month. We saw Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and saw some fireworks. On my birthday we saw Foster the People in concert. Sean bought a car (for realz). The next day, we drove it to the Dinosaur museum. We went in and Sean proposed to me in the starry tunnel after the kids stopped running around in it. Adorable. That day, we drove up to bountiful and to logan and all around to show off our new engagement. SO great. We set the date for October 5th. Also that month, i packed up to move, and picked out my dress.

In August, I moved out of my old apartment and into our cozy new apartment, picked out our invites, and school restarted. I was waving my ring finger about like it was nobody's business. Also, we had out engagement pictures done. And Sean started his new job at Adobe.

September. I had some bridal showers and got some awesome stuff. Sean and I took our first of 2 trips to Minnesota for his friends Marcus and Whitney's wedding. 2 entire days were spent just driving. It was fun and cute! We got our marriage licence while there, also. When we got home from our journey, we got a kitten. so cute and fun back then... less fight-y.

October was the biggest month. We drove so much back to Minnesota and got ready for the wedding. Our families met and we set up. We got married in the St. Paul, MN temple on the 5th, had our reception in the Mankato ward building and then we had our honey moon in Mankato and Keystone, South Dakota where we visited Mt. Rushmore and had fun. When we got back, we had a couple days to catch up on things and then we had another reception in Bountiful which was gorgeous and fun. It was a month to remember. Also, Halloween where we carved pumpkins and had candy and it was great.

November. I went to school, Sean went to work. Thanksgiving was tons of fun and delicious. it was really a relaxing month, just what we needed after october.

December flew by. We saw The Hobbit 3 times (our 4th was last night... so it doesn't count for December). I finished the semester of School and hung out at home for most of the break. We had some Christmas parties and stuff and i wrote an adorable blog about our wedding. For New Years, we went to Heber City and just enjoyed each others company instead of going to a party. boring.

I'm excited for 2013. It's gonna be fun. Sean's and my first entire year of being married. Yay! This year, we're hoping to move up to Davis County, start saving for a real house, and maybe visiting Phoenix again or somewhere. I'm excited.

Thanks for another year of listening to me ramble or whatnot.
love, ellen