Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phebruary Fotos.

okay. i know i've tried doing this before but that was a little more overwhelming and i had a super boring life.. But this should be interesting! if only i had instagram to make my photos look decent.. i'll just do my best and maybe edit them on some random site if i can find one (stinkin' picnik being gone...)

but here's the to-do list.
Starts tomorrow. I'll probably post like once or twice a week. we'll see how it goes.


Turns out I still love eating peanut butter from a spoon.

true that. i love peanut butter. and now that i decided to take the jar into my room, it's even better. and i bought plastic spoons so i can just throw them away after. perfect.

now all i need is a stay-cold gallon of milk. Someone invent forever-perfect-temperature milk and i will be forever-perfect-happy. or whatever. i guess walmart-brand water flavorer will have to do. and i have 3 flavors of them. so it'll work. yeah.

In other good news, i really love living in Orem. Not that i don't love bountiful, but it seems like there's so much more to see and do and so many more people with such diverse backgrounds around here and i feel like i just fit in better by being me instead of pretending. I have great friends and a great job and cool classes and it's just great.

also, i super love 30 Rock. just amazing. and fruit by the foot and easy mac and sandwiches from work and  heating-y things. oh. and i'm SUPER EXCITED for Arrested Development to come back. so much.

I think i just wanted to post tonight so i did. I really want cheetos. they're on my grocery list next to milk and laundry detergent.

i'm just going to post this picture because i love it.

Erchap showed me this a while ago. i thought i'd share because it's so hott... if you want to see some more, go here. all the things on there are so so so great. so classy and great.

aside from that, i think that's all. but valentine's is coming. we'll have to see how that goes. hah...

also, how do you like the new layout?? I felt it could just use an update. Lemme know what you think!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

because it seriously feels like it has been weeks since monday and will be months until friday. aka the longest week of my life. not that it's uneventful or stressful or busy or boring or any of that, it's just been really long and i'm not 100% sure why.

i'll tell you probably why. i'm super excited for this weekend. It's been almost 3 weeks since i've been home. (oooh, yeah 3 weeks... she's a wuss... i can stay away for like a whole 4 months...) yeah but i like my family and sometimes i just don't want to be in Orem. *cough*. no, to be really honest, i love orem.

some other times. or something. i don't know what i'm saying. i finished my french homework and i have all weekend to read a really long thing called Utopia (shoot. i hate all utopian things. blast.)

i've been watching parks and rec lately. it's really great. uhm. some other stuff...

well. it's been great.
and i'm going to probably go to bed soon before blah blah blah.
i love you or something.


Friday, January 20, 2012

musikz and other recent likes.

This is a really great song by a really great band that i kinda know some of the people in kind of. They're super hip and their music is really good.


go to that link. just do it.
Also listen to the song Dirt. both very good.

Also, whilst i'm here: check out my friend Emily. She's this Super amazing photographer that i want to photograph my future wedding in the future.

her blog is this:


check it out. do it.

Uhm.. and i'm not 100% sure why i'm thinking this.. it could be due to the fact that i'm really tired and don't know it or the fact that i bonked my head pretty hard on my car door frame earlier today or that i'm just prompted by something beyond my immediate comprehension.. or maybe i've just been really homesick lately..

anyway. I love my family. And i want them to know that. And i'm grateful for them every single day and think about them often. I know i don't ask about your lives enough when i'm home because i'm so excited to tell you about my adventures.. but it might just be because i like to think everything is the same as it always has been back there and that nothing ever changes. Thanks for all that you do for me and everything always. I love you!!
and i can't wait to be back on the 27th. at least for a visit.
{wow.. that turned around fast...}
anyway, Here's to a fabulous [rest of the] new year and all that. It's had an extremely rocky start.. but i guess in like a lion, out like a lamb. hopefully.

Love, Ellen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catch up and mustard?

yes, please. just kidding. it's a word play.

but no srsly. this is kinda just gonna be a catching up post. duh.
This has been a manic insanic week full of oddities and whatever. classes happened and i made some friends in my French class and work is a good time. but this weekend is probably what i want to focus on..

okay. so Friday i went to institute and that was good and will hopefully help me with my resolution i forgot to post on my resolutions post about being more spiritual. then i changed and went to work for a long time. then i came home and then went to dinner with my ward friends Bethany, Marcus, and Marcus's roommate Jason to cafe paesan. it was yummy.. i had a thai salad and i ate most of it!

Then Saturday, me and Jayme went and bought a bunch of party stuff and that night i had a batman half birthday party! basically i just wanted cake and to watch batman. and that's what i got! it was actually a lot a lot of fun. i met a bunch of people. Like this new guy in my ward and one of Jamie's (not to be confused with Jayme) friends Ethan and Annie's friend (who might be in our ward?) named BJ.

then sunday was normal except i found out that Chelsea Hightower's little brother just moved into our ward and she was at church with us except i missed like 2/3 of church for a fellowship meeting... eeks. But yeah! and uhm oh yeah there was this cute guy at ward prayer who i'm hoping is actually in our ward and not just a visitor... that'd be super sad. for me.

yesterday was MLKJr. day. So no classes or work. So i woke up and got ready and then went to Zupa's and Target with the aforementioned Ethan guy. it was good.. i bought a sweet new slap bracelet watch and some veg and ranch.. then we came back to my apartment and chatted for a while and then he left and i went to Walmart with Erin and her roomies and bought some muffins and pepperoni and a glade plug-in and some batteries and some other stuff.

then we went to Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. and i bought some stuff and then chilled at Erin's until i had to go to FHE. so i drove home and put my stuff away real fast and then went to FHE. Which was our bishop talking about his art career and how it is tied into the church and it was super impressive. sometimes i think i can art but then i see things like his and i'm like... not an art. but this is my latest attempt!:

It's not the most amazing but i think it's good. and yes.. it's the Doctor again. you know me... but i'm working on something that Emily Mensing photographed. and it's not the Doctor! i will hopefully be able to finish it soon.. but i can't promise anything.

anyway.. time to get ready for work!
Have a superfab day, all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Artist Did This 2

A while ago and by that i mean earlier this week, i drew a picture of Doctor Who. Nerd, right. next.
Here's what it looks like:
Sometimes i do art. this is actually before i finished it. but my camera died and i need to go buy batteries. so maybe later i'll post an updated pic but it kinda looks the exact same. hah
good news: night classes are good.
i think i'm going to just have to sit back and let a lot of things slide in my ethics and values class though.. i kinda think of myself as a free-thinker who just thinks above everyone. not saying i'm so much better than them, but i can just accept everyone's opinions and i understand that no one is going to have identical views. I think if i start expressing my feelings that people will roll their eyes and say "Pick a side, Hippie!" but i like to find a common ground or happy medium or alternative choices. you know.. eh.

okay. enough of that. I'm going to go read some abstracts and save them for my bio class.
and i might go make me some tuna.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"you know what sucks...?"

everything. here's me re-posting this picture of this very quote from scott pilgrim v. the world:
here's the reasons why:
1. (yes, more than one significant reason) got a speeding ticket on my way home.
2. lost my scholarship.
3. my first day back to school on monday, i will be working approx. 8 hours before class.

of course, the last one i succumbed to because my boss asked me and i have to help train 4 noobs that same morn so it was by my own free will, basically.. but still.

you cannot imagine the crap i'm feeling. it kinda makes me wanna shout things like "Dear world, why do you have to hate me so much today?" mixed with some swear words. it kinda makes me wish the end of the world was within 5 to 14 days... then everything would be fine aside from the mortal well-being of the entire planet, of course.

golly gee.. i'm going to bed. my flatmates have friends over and it's 2 in the morning. i guess it's okay. i just really really hope i can go to sleep.

is it weird if i ask ya'll to keep me in your prayers? do people ask that? don't see it as me forcing you into prayer or anything, but it would be nice to have a little virtual hug right now. but if you're not down with that, just give me a mental high-five or something. you know i would for you probably.

okay. that's all. good night.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well hello, 2012.

To start the year to end all years (2012 joke, anyone), i decided to make some resolutions. Here's the thing, i'm not too good at resolutions. i'm real crap at remembering and also coming up with goals to push myself. and all that. but this year will be different. Last year was the year of changes with the whole growing up and moving out bit but this year will be the year of progression from that change.

here's me getting to the point. and these are my resolutions (cuz you know i like bulleted lists):

  • learn how to study like a college student. 
    • here's the thing to this, i know i study better when something else is going on. so i might end up like at someone else's house all too often in an attempt to study more. does that sound logical? no? well it does to me. so there.

  • learn how to exercise.
    • how do you learn how to do that? i have no idea. maybe if i actually used the gym equipment at my apartment's clubhouse. i'm skinny enough that people won't stare at me like i'm this chub trying to lose weight but they'll probably think that i'm just doing it because i do that. i might lost a couple weight in the process but i will also be able to not feel like a laze also.
  • cook for myself.
    • i can cook. i can cook well (at least i think. the thing is, i just don't do it. plus i hate buying food for myself because i'm afraid that i probably won't use it fast enough and it'll spoil and it'll just not be good. i have the money to buy myself food besides easy mac and pringles, i just only buy those things. one of the things i want to cook is these lemon poppy seed pancakes with strawberries. y.u.m.
  • date more and don't worry about it.
    • i'm 18, i have time to date and have fun. i'm not looking to get married. i mean, if i find the right man... but i have time. this is the time of my life when i need to have fun and not worry about it. so i won't. that's why it's on my resolution list.
  • smell nicer.
    • is that weird? i don't feel it is. my plan for this is to just wear perfume or body spray and deodorant  (not that i haven't, just that i'll continue to) and clean clothes (again with the continuing).
  • be nicer.
    • no, seriously. i'm not a mean person necessarily, but near every time i leave the house my mom says "be. nice." like that. so that gets me thinking "am i a mean person?" and i don't think so, but if my mom says it then it's doctrine. and i guess i can tie this to be more giving and less selfish. like when i'm driving. (here's a picture of a kitty. for no particular reason but to have a hipster kitty on my blog.)
  • quit procrastinating. 
    • (sidenote: i had a hard time deciding which word to capitalize.) especially in the morning. i get caught on the internet so often just staring at pinterest or facebook or twitter or memebase or iwastesomuchtime or dearblankpleaseblank... i just need to get ready earlier and quit getting stuck online. so i will. and there.

Here's to you and your resolutions for 2012. May you be successful and safe the whole year round.