Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everything Is Changing

is a song by Chameleon Circuit. A British Trock (time lord rock. yeah, sorry i heart Dr. Who) band. In which Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden both participate. This song, however, is by Alex Day, another member of the band (the other 2 members are Ed Plann and Michael Aranda). [here is a link to the site where you can hear the entire album and where you can purchase it]  Anyway, i thought it was a completely fitting title due to the fact that not only is my whole life changing, but the whole blogger layout. which, so far, i can't complain too much about.

i've been 100% busier in the past 3 days than i have been my entire life, basically. I've been trying to meet new people, do well at my new job, get to class on time, do extensive amounts of homework, eat, sleep, go to church activities when permissible, and contact my family regularly.  I definitely have a way to go until i get into the real swing of things, but i'm definitely getting better. Luckily, i have a good support system and i have plenty of people to tell all my goods to (hello, internet!).

I definitely think i will have the most difficult time with my french class. The class itself is nice, it's just my professor isn't what i'd hoped for. She has one of those soft-and-kind voices that drive me up the wall. i understand she can't help the way she speaks, it's just annoying. and all my homework is online and sometimes i have to speak aloud and record it, which i hate. i just hate hearing myself because i like to think my voice isn't annoying and then i hear it and i'm like 'ew'. but it's okay, i just do my best not to listen to it.

Both my English and Lit professors are pretty rad. Even though i'm like 95% sure i'm the absolute youngest and possibly the least insightful person in my whole Lit class, i think i'll get along and be able to participate in and understand the discussions and that's my whole goal. And my English professor is definitely the hippest teacher i've ever had. like he dresses awesome and is funny and seems like he can relate pretty well. and says he talks a lot about his cats which is hilariously fly.

I've been super super super tired all week. mom says that once i get up my endurance, i'll be able to last but i've been so pooped. And i'm sore from lifting really gross bags of garbage (that incidentally break and get minestrone soup all over my bod) and making sandwiches and coffee and fountain drinks and cleaning and mopping and working the till and all the fun things that come with my job.

A really great lesson i learned real fast is what it's like to be around people of different cultures. I've lived in the "bountiful bubble" for so long, i'd never realized how many other people were out there. I've met all   kinds of people from all over the world and it is really fun. I work with this rad guy named Yungmuk. He's Asian and he's so funny and nice. Whenever he needs to talk to me and i'm not facing him, he'll brush my elbow and ask me. He has a thick thick accent but he's so funny. Sometimes he hangs on the counter and says "Yeeehooo!" seriously like that. and it's so awesome. And Vini from Brazil is really awesome. He's so nice and cool. and really outgoing and funny. I'm pretty sure it was him who gave a woman a big cup full of ice water for free (usually they're only like a quarter) and he said "it's just for you" and she was so so flattered. or maybe that was Yungmuk. either way, it was awesome. There's this one girl who frequents and she's HILARIOUS. We talked for a while today about zombies and robots and how prepared her boyfriend is for the Zombie apocalypse and that he wears a bracelet she gave him.

I really like my job. And school. And even though i'm stressed beyond belief and unimaginably tired, i'm really enjoying college life.
And before i accidentally stay up too late and don't get any sleep at all, i'm going to bed.
I love ya'll and I hope you're all doing well! and thanks for reading!
Love, Ellen

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The only thing I hate about...

is a thing i say too often. i don't know if that cancels things out or something, but i say it a lot.
it usually comes before things like
[The only thing i hate about]
-cinder blocks holding my bed up is that it kills when i stub my toe.
-living in Orem is the construction and driving.
-Dr. Who is that it's so dang addicting.
-singles ward is how singles-y everyone is.
-my dishwasher is that it's so cussin' loud.
-my cable is how slow channel-changing is.
-my job is how slow it's been all week.
-eating food is having to pay for it.
-shopping is not having any money for things i like.
but it's alright. i think these things and then i remember that i'd much rather it be like this. it could always be worse.
oh, i get to go home next weekend. it'll be nice to see my house again. and hang out with abby.
AND school starts tomorrow! I'm so so so nervous. i can't believe it's already here! i have to be to classes on time and i have to plan each day individually rather than just going through the motions. whatever those would be... I thought i should give you a little peek around
my flat. the pics aren't the best, but you get the gist.

This is a thouroughly blurry view of my living room. that bright light in the back is my patio. and my sofa and love seat and my roomie's bike and our nice tv.

This is my kitchen, fully equipped. that cupboard that's open is mine.

and this is a close-up of my cupboard. nice and full of goods and edibles, like it should be.

this is my desk and dresser, minus my laptop. but there's my printer and my lamp and my movies and lotions and chair. the norm, i spose.

this is my bed and my posters and that orange thing in the corner is my bean bag chair. and yes, i brought my pillowpet to college. don't judge.

and that's all, she wrote. or something. now i'm watching the regeneration of david tennant into matt smith!! sorry. i know. doctor who is addicting, like i said. and once i catch all the way up, it'll slow down, i promise.
love, ellen.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I'm the Doctor, this is [Ellen]"

haaaah. i love Doctor Whoooooo!!!! It's really all i've had to do lately aside from shopping and waiting at stoplights. seriously, there's a million stoplights and SO many people. and, by the end of the week, there's going to be a billion more peeps and the traffic will be gnarly.

Oh! And i start real work tomorrow! yay! And i might start hanging out with real people! this is getting a lot better.

Anyway, back to the Doctor. I LOVE David Tennant! and i can't wait to see Matt Smith as the next Doc. (hah. i know. But seriously, the next Doctor is played Matt Smith.) But first, i've gotta watch like 6 seasons worth, maybe? i'm just finishing up the last bit of Season 2. Poor Rose is Dead. well.. in the real world she's dead but she's living with her once-dead father and once-dead mother or something in a parallel universe. Anyway, i'm not sure if i want her gone yet or not, but i definitely love David Tennant.

uhm this apartment is awesome, though. i've got a pool and everything (haaaaaaaah i accidentally just typed poop and everythinging. hah. i hope you chuckled. if not, eh.) and my own room and it's great. and i eat food and yeah.

I dunno... there's not a billion to say, really. Oh, I hung out with a good old friend yesterday. It was cool. we did mall-y things and walmart things and sitting and it was fun.

He just saved this chick, Donna, who was on her way to her wedding and he gave her this ring to save her from the peeps or robots, rather, who were chasing her and he said "With this ring, I thee bio-dap." and i laughed and laughed. it's so great.

Anyway, cool. And that's my update.
love, Ellen.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So... What's New?

oh, yeah. EVERYTHING. I'm in a new city with new people in a new ward and i start a new job tomorrow and a new school the week after that and i have to make new friends and yeah.

That's about all... jk. that's never all.
When i first moved in, i was terribly nervous. i was basically shoved off a cliff into the canyon called "the real world" by adults. and i only broke down 3 times. But it was alright. Even after the first night i began sleeping better. i called my mom twice yesterday and i'm gonna talk to her soon.

Well. so far, i've been shopping, watching loads of Dr. Who, exploring slash getting lost, and today i went to church. omy. I love church but a singles ward is a whole heaping helping of different. I'm already giving my first talk in church next week on service. basically, it'll go like this "Hey everyone, I'm incredibly young and i have no point of reference aside from high school." so that's good. At least people are nice and they talk to me and aren't put off by my youth.

So here's my adventures of today, minus the boring stuff hoping. I went to church. I went in and sat by a girl who was alone and it was cool. then these other chicks came and sat by us. After sacrament, i follow the girl to Sunday School. Turns out, she's engaged and she introduces me to some other girls. We go in, sit down, say a prayer and they kick all the noobs out to "get their picture taken" which translates to filling out a noob paper, pictures, and a meeting with one of the bishopric and get a calling to speak in church next week. wow. they waste no time here....

Then, after all that hullabaloo, comes Relief Society. And guess what the topic is on in my singles ward. Marriage. so cool. It was a good lesson, though. And Hayley, who was the teacher, gave everyone "object lessons" aka ring pops. which was delicious. anyway, after RS, there was a "munch n' mingle" which was delicious spaghetti and meatballs and drinks. i chatted a bit and then came home and watched Dr. Who, texted Erin, fb'd Morgan Stewart, called Mom, and ate some food.

Then i went to a fireside in which the Gov'na was speaking and his wife. it was so interesting, i almost fell asleep. the guy next to me did, i think. It was good, i promise, i've just been not sleeping well yet. After that, i drove around a bit and found a park and a trail i think liz was telling me about.

I came back and then went over to the ward prayer. which was interesting. I talked to some people, found my place on a well-drawn map, and almost choking to death on a cookie (that really was delicious but i'm just terrible at stupid things like eating without looking like a fool).

then i came home, called my mom and then now i'm on the couch typing this sucker and watching the telly.

and that's all. i have some cool things to do this week, aka starting work and i've got some plans with Morgan, i think. so that's cool. Oh, and i have a pool so i can swim whenever. hoowah.

Oh, and i Love this guy:
hoo wah dr. whoooo. awesome. watch it sometime. that's all i've been doing.

Love, Ellen-not-Degeneres

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Stop Me Now.

(Queen reference) Seriously, don't. I'm going to make it. it's going to be all good and we'll all live happily ever after. basically.

I went and perused my new apartment yesterday. It's awesome. The laundry room (yeah, not just a closet, yo.) is right across from my bedroom. I'm allowed to put things on the walls, i have a kitchen-full of counter space (like quadruple there is at home), and my flatmates seep pretty rad (one of them is on a student visa from Romania). I only share a bathroom with one other person and it's awesome. And school is about as far from home as it was from high school (that makes sense, right?). Awesome.

Oh, and I signed up for institute today. now i have to be up and in class by 9:00 every day, instead of just thrice a week. and then i have classes and work and eating and studying to fill the rest of my days.

I went out shopping for foodstuffs and make-up with mom today. I got a lot, i think. Hopefully enough to last a while. And i'm going to have my flatmates lay it out for me: who buys what, who cleans what when, where things are, that kind of thing. I bet i'll be able to get along just fine, especially since i have my own room. and there's a lot of storage and i can take a bike up there. I'll have to have Dad spruce one up for me... but that' no prob. and i'm also going to do all my laundry and have my car checked all before i go.

And Mom helped me plan out my budget. it's all good. i'm also probably going to have to get my books at my apartment. i have one coming in the mail to here home but i also have 2 going to my apartment. i'm sure i'll get them eventually. 2 of my classes i can't get books for yet either because they're only offered at the school or they're not even posted online, possibly non-existent but that's highly unlikely.

It's kind of a bummer that all my friends are moving down after me so we don't have much time to hang or whatever. but it's alright. i'll be able to make new friends and it's going to be all right. I found a hip hang-out spot where me and my mates down there can meet. it's a crepe shop called Roll-Up crepes. it's covered in owl things and it's got live music sometimes and the crepes are super yum.

I have a feeling college is going to be good for me.
Everything is working out and I really think this is where i'm supposed to be.
Love, Ellen

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here.. we............. Go.

I hope you caught that. it's a Dark Knight reference. As the Joker's going to push the button to blow up the barges but it doesn't work. All of this is besides the point, like usual.. but i always like having a back-story to go with my post titles and cleverness and all that..
Just wait, i'm getting to the exciting parts...
I GOT THE JOB!!! Most of you who read this probably already know, but I'm still so stoked! i didn't want to jinx it totally so i only told a few people i even had an interview. then i had another interview (mind you, both of these were in Orem so i had to drive an hour there and an hour back for each of them). Then, as i was walking around Urban Outfitters today (makes me sound hip, right? but really, i couldn't afford anything in there. i was just a side-kick, really.) i get a call. "Hello, is this Ellen?" "Yes, it is!" (me probably being way too excited) "We would like to offer you a position." AHHHH!!!
ok, i'm definitely making this seem like 90 million times more exciting then it should be. but i'm stoked. as many of you know, i've been on the famous job-hunt since like a year ago. and now I finally have a job! I start on Monday the 22nd. Just a couple days after i move in! But it will definitely help keep my mind off of being homesick.
AND! It's on-campus! so i will probably know the school pretty well by the time it starts. at least a little bit better than nothing at all. which is about where i am now.
I'm also going out to check out my living sitchiashun (sorry. sometimes i do stupid things and i decide to leave them. deal with it.) on monday which is awfully exciting. and IKEA. I love, i'm excited.
Everything Is Working Out!
all proves that the power of prayer is real and testimony and yeah yeah. woo! I'm so happy! I can do this now. Everything will be alright. yes.
Oh, and an exciting side-note. i was planning on trying to keep this a secret for a while, but whatever. I'm Getting new Specs this week!! They're kind of angularly circular. yes! i'm stoked. i'll post pics as soon as i get them. yah!

and that's all. thanks for dealing with this roller coaster for a while. it's fun, right?
no. i hate roller coasters.
love, Elle Guapo

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I feel...

  • Awesome.
  • Old.
  • Grown-up.
  • Ready.
  • Weird.
  • Tired.
  • Sick.
  • Different.
  • Insane.
  • Terrified.
  • Excited.
  • Nervous.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

50th post! And a poem.

As you can concur from the post title, this is my 50th! woop! i mean, i've been blogging before this, but this is this blogs 50th post.
So the good news i was hinting at either hasn't come yet or isn't coming. i'll keep you updated.
I started packing today. nuts, right? I have so much junk... ugh. anyway... i'm excited. i'm still pretty much a wreck.. but that's ok. and i'm glad i accidentally accepted that loan. blah blah...
AND! I've an Eye appointment tomorrow! You know how much i love my specs. I wonder if i'll get a new pair or something similar or something different... idk, we'll just have to see, i guess! (hah. see. vision jokes...)

And, as I said, I just whipped out this poem. It's kind of inspired by this amazing vid. but it's about dancing and it's not near as good. but i'll just let you have it. unedited, too.

How I learned to Dance

I once didn't know how to dance.
i'd never taken classes, but
as soon as i realized the only true
rules to dancing, i would be able to
move forever. the trick is to
let your body move with the music,
not to it. Let the movements flow from
your body as the drum beats, as the
lyrics swoon in your opened ears, as
the melody wraps itself around you
like a hug from a friend.
I'd hear the words "dance like no on is watching"
but i knew they were. the key is to
be okay with it. Let your motion
inspire and intrigue them. Let their
wandering eyes dance along with you.
never choreograph unless necessary.
never be bothered if you're alone or in a group.
either way your body is yours and
will move no matter who's around.
Dancing is an art form like painting or sculpting.
just let all the things holding you back
flow away from your body as your arms
and legs travel from
one position to the next.
If you stumble, incorporate it.
If you fall, let it become part of the plan.
and last,
take breaks to re-hydrate and rejuvenate and
give others a chance
to dance.

love, ellen

Thursday, August 4, 2011

And it keeps getting better...

seriously, it does.
But i don't want to jinx anything, so i'll save the news for when it comes.
probably monday.

but other than that, everything is going smoothly. i've been moving a lot of music onto my lappy so i can sync my ipod to it and blahblahblah. also, i got a new printer too. it's a good, simple, cheap one. hallelujah.

hmm... what else... i've been cleaning my kitchen every other day and mowing the lawn sometimes... but who cares about that, right?

And, i'm still working on the vlog. i don't know if i wanna do this thing right now for real because i've got a lot on my mind and i don't really have a real great camera to do it with. just my built-in webcam. so... blah yeah.

And that's basically it.
love, Elle Camino

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Something New

hah. it wasn't till after i typed that that i realized that's one of the 4 things for a wedding (something old something blue... etc).

But that's not the point I wanted to make. Mainly, i just wanted to say this:
I'm going to start a Video Blog.

I deffo got the inspiration from Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden .
Yes, i realize both of these people are foreign and men and older.
BUT anyone can vlog and they started their vlogs years ago.
So i'm just going to do that. and it's gonna be cool. i'll try putting my vids on here from youtube.
it'll be cool.
and that's all.

Love, Ellen

Monday, August 1, 2011


to the month where everything changes. New friends, new school, new house, new financial problems, new job, new life.

After my meltdown last night, i've finally come to terms with things. Somewhat. I still have no idea where i'm going to get my money from and i'm still freaking out about being able to pay for everything, but i'm okay. I know God will watch over me and get me where i need to go.

I still don't know who my roomies are or what the living arrangement is or anything... so that's a little stressful... but it's okay. all okay. i'll learn and we'll work it out and everything will be alright.

And i'm sorry about my last post and how depressing it was. I was just frustrated and confused and worried and angry. and i definitely don't wanna write any of that stuff down in a journal because my journal is kinda specifically for what happened and not my feelings. that's what a blog is for. plus i'd be okay reading either of these things out to someone else. i don't have much to hide. and when i do have things to hide, i just write them in a Word doc and that's the end of that.

Anyway, i hope this month doesn't suck. and that i can deal with everything and that it'll all be okay and i won't freak out and get homesick. and that i'll get over my stupid anti-people funk.

love, Ellen

oh, and i like this. (sorry. you get a link because i still can't embed any vids on my blog even with the new lappy. i think it's a blogger problem.)