Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 10

Yay! here's that blog post I promised. my top 10 happenstances of my 2011. I wrote this list a while ago. and i still like it. there are some dumb sounding things, but i'm just going to keep them and go with it. you know. like things.
  1. Graduated High School
  2. Graduated Seminary
  3. Moved out 
  4. Got a job as a barista at a cafe in the library at my college
  5. Started college.
  6. Became “legal”. aka turned 18.
  7. Became an artist. well... kinda. i drew some pictures.
  8. Made approx. 100 new friends through random events and college and new ward. 
  9. Rode scary roller coasters at Lagoon. woo
  10. Fell in love...  with Doctor Who. hah
well.. that was less eventful than i had hoped.. 

anyway. I wanna wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your entire year be full of life-changing events that only make you better. (cliche? or genuine. i choose genuine.

love, Ellen

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve, not Christmas Steve.

My (not really my but i wish he was my) friend from Edinburgh, Liam Dryden reposted this from someone else on twitter and i thought it'd make a good title for a blog.

Hoorah! Christmas Eve! The day where me and my fam kinda just chill around and stare at gifts most of the time. and then at night we go to a location (lately it's been a hotel my Aunt works at) and eat food and relax and chat and, if you're me, there's a lot more relaxing and a lot less chatting. But i have so much more to talk about this year than last year! For instance: i moved out, got a job, and go to college. take that, silence. (sorry, i really thought it would be funny if i could make some sort of Doctor Who reference. and it pretty much was funny.)

Here's our adorable Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:
cute, huh? take that, commercially-sized tannenbaums. "How are all the presents that high?" you might ask. well, there happens to be a coffee table under them. but i felt it more artistic to leave that detail out. until after the picture was posted and i'd say it.

With it being Christmas and all, i figured i'd share some of my absolute favorite christmas songs that you don't hear ever day most likely. We'll just call it my Christmas gift to you.
(first off, i'd just like to force everyone to go to youtube (and by force i mean tell you, of course) and click the little snowflake button on the bottom of your favorite video and watch them fall and then try to touch them with your mouse! aww, youtube!! cute)

okay, number one is a favorite from my childhood. we would listen to this christmas morning while opening our "baby born baby born" or "sing-and-dance Angelica" or whatever. It's Riu Chiu done by the Monkees. They're so good!
okay, second is a good one if you wanna just jam out and have some good base going. It's What I Want for Christmas by Macy Gray. if you just want to listen to the song, that's okay. the video's not super fly anyway.
This next one technically is good for all times of the year, but i like it especially around Christmas time because it's about winter and it's just a sweet song. It's Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne.
Okay. this one will get you in fits if you haven't seen or heard it before and this video definitely makes me go "wha??" and then chuckle and it's all the best. It's Dominick the Donkey.
This next one is my favorite take on 12 Days of Christmas. It actually makes sense and who can go wrong with Andy Williams on Christmas? it's A Song and a Christmas Tree. again, the video has a lot less to do with the song. just listen.
This is so good. It's another crappy boy band trying to do their own Christmas jam. but it's my fave. me and Hannah Wing and Erica Farnes used to LOVE these guys we watched all their youtube vids and almost cried when Thomas left. Don't worry, Thomas is still with them for this one. hallelujah.. he was like the glue holding the sanity of that band, i think. hah. Anyway! back to the song. Presenting It's Christmas Again by Varsity Fanclub. (again with the vid, i'm sorry. maybe you can learn it and this'll be like karaoke.)
I love this one! the story is so sweet and it's just a good song. I don't totally know how to describe it... it's just one of those that has been around my whole life. Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. (listen no vid)
i think i'll wrap it up right now with this one. it's not the nicest most special song ever but i still like it. It's just one of those songs that is good to sing along to and that. it's just good, i guess. Here's Donde Esta Santa Claus by Guster. (just audio, once again. not my fault.)
love, Ellen.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

watch out.

I've got a really great blog coming. eventually. it's gonna be great. and after christmas.. but i'll probably post before then.

here's a sneak peek:
10 Events of 2011

i'm thinkin o' changing it to 11. because of it being twenty ELEVEN and all.
but who knows.

something else:
MERRY CHRISTMAS IN (approximately) 3 DAYS!

here's a picture of Marlon Brando with a cat to put you in the holiday spirit:

and if that doesn't do the trick, here's a christmas-y-er version:

Love, Ellen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

so today...

i got a haircut! yeah. i'm addicted to haircuts.
I won this one at a charity auction in my ward and it was done by my friend Heather.
here's a picture.
cute, right!? pretty short but i've had shorter. my mom would like it. (hi, mom!) and she will when i see her on THURSDAY!
now to go to work.
adios amigos!

Monday, December 12, 2011

not going to throw up.

maybe. let's just say i've got news.

Good news: i'm done with my finals! except one online one. that's wednesday-thursday. and it's environment. pukey.
news: i might have some good boy stories coming up. how soon? no one can tell... or maybe they can. i'm sure some can. and then sometimes i'm like "eh.." and others i'm like "aaaaahhh!"
Other news: CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HEEERRREEE! guess how excited i am. 100000%.
i'm still stuck on the boy news. i'm just. ahhhh. and ahahhhhhhhh. and like. ahehhhhhhahhh. you know? aahhhghhhhh
let's see some other things.. christmas...
oh! haircut. i'm getting one. it might look like this:
minus the purple. whadya think?
idk. i'll post a pic sometime. ahghhha.
ok. ok. i'm going to bed now. sleep in tomorrow! hair cut at 2. work at 4. date with Jayme at 9. awesome.
love ellen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

once upon a time...

okay. remember forever ago with the flirty boy and all? funny story... i helped him while at work today and Amy grabbed his card from my hands and looked for his name. Jesse. his name is Jesse. and he has an Alaskan drivers licence even though he's not from Alaska because he worked up there last summer.

and he flirted. again. Why must he be so handsome and cool? and then seem like he has a girlfriend. less cool. i'm so sad. weird thing...i typed that and then i watched tv and forgot i had written that last sentence. odd. whatever. here's hoping he doesn't have a girlfriend and that's like his sister or something.. that'd be cool. because he's super flirty. and i totally love his glasses. and face.

uhm.. something else. I went to salt lake last weekend. it was nice. me and some friends from my french class went and saw Like Crazy. dislike {more on that in a minute}. then we went to settebellos and it was delish and we rode trax and it was freezing. anyway. about the movie: ugh. i just. ugh. it was very open ended and was too ambiguous on the ending. i wanted them to be separate forever so that we could just get it over with. and it just felt like a big, long, sad love story where no one was happy and nothing was ever right. so whatever.

oh and i had a cell phone loss scare today. but i found it so no big deal. then i talked to my mom, my dad, and marcus on the phone. maybe i should lose my phone more often so i can have reasons to talk to people. hah. uhm... also some other things happened.

finals are next week! AGH! I have to have to have to have to have to have to study like a mill bazill.
something else at work today: we cleaned up what smelled like someone taking a potty break for several months on end that was hidden under the sink. it was super gross and i gagged. luckily, though, there was a pillar between me and Jesse so he didn't see me gag. it was gross. and that's that.

my feets hurt.
i'm gonna work on my paper now. night!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toppled Tannenbaums

at least that's how i would imagine trees in B-town and C-ville would say. but seriously. I woke up this morning to a text saying "you should stay home from school. Tolman's trampoline blew into dad's car broke the back window and side window." and i'm like kaawhaaa? so i look out my window and nothing's happening... so i go to the news websites and check the weather and it's all pretty normal.

except for the gale-force winds reported in bountiful. So i say, that i can't miss another french class and it's not that bad down here {cuz it isn't} and then i just get ready and go to school and all is normal except my french teacher brought us a half a cake and some eclairs and cream puffs and my english teacher let us out 20 minutes early.... but then i went to walmart and bought a bunch of preservatives-i-mean-food and other stuff. 

And i find pictures like these on facebook:

{that's the aforementioned car with the windows}

{This is my friend John's driveway}
{This is Cory's driveway}
{This is across the street from my parent's house}

and there's so much more. Semi's down and fuel all over and roofs blown off or smashed by trees and cars smashed and powerlines down. and i know this even though i wasn't there. because i watched this. and you should too. my dad was interviewed in the driveway but i don't think he's been on it yet... or it has and i've just not seen it. 
and that's all. and i'm probably gonna have "roommate bonding" over christmas. that's nice. and christmas-y.
AND! Emily came a visited me and Erchap yesterday! we went to happy sumo and had sushi and then went to blickenstaffs {aka wonderland} and then Em and i went to the mall real fast. yay! much better than a boring night alone. much much. 

and i think that's all.. i'm just praying for those affected in davis county (yeah, i know no one is killed or whatever, it's still a rough situation and not one we're used to.)

that is all.
love, ellen.