Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it's a weird thing.

i'm not one to cry. in fact, i tend to avoid all the movies ever that are known to make people cry. i don't remember crying at my grandma's funeral because i knew she was at peace and could rejoin her family and be perfect again. i don't cry at puppies or babies or death. i just don't cry. i do cry at spiritual whatnots, but that's different. probably.

but i did. and it was weird. but i loved it anyway.

i don't know what provoked my generally dry eyes to well up and just be so incredibly happy that they cried tears of joy. but i couldn't help it. Sean just makes me so incredibly happy that there just aren't words for it. i don't know if the dictionary is that advanced. the only word i can really think of is


  [ek-stuh-see]  Show IPA
noun, plural -sies.
rapturous delight.
an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden,intense feeling.
the frenzy of poetic inspiration.

yeah, it's a drug too, but that doesn't matter. i just can't really explain it, but i'm a million billion trillion google-plex happy. i don't want to do anything but be with Sean and, when i can't, i just want to stare at the ceiling and listen to the mix cd he gave me and think about him. or write cliche poetry about it.

and, you see, that's a problem seeing as i also have work, school, and homework that i have to do. it's kind of hard to focus when there's this most amazing being standing right in my way.

i'm honestly trying not to make this super gushy, but true. I just can't help it, i guess. Sean is my best friend. We can talk forever and never get bored and we can go anywhere and do anything and just have tons of fun. We can sit in the deoderant and stare at them for a while and just laugh so hard.

and every time he says a swear, i think i like him even more. which might be weird, seeing as i don't swear all that often. but it just happens.

anyway, i've got to go to bed. i just wanted to let the world know how "freakin' happy" i am (that's a little yo gabba gabba inside joke. soory. 1667%)

love, Ellen

p.s. here's a sample of what i've been listening to lately. enjoy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

100% awesome. or maybe 1667%.

just so so so much awesome.
also, sean is still the best best best. and is playing guitar while watching me type this. hah. adorable
p.s. if you didn't get it, it's an Arrested Development quote. which just makes it that much better.
and we made a triple chocolate cheese cake. how awesome are we? like 1667%.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guess who's got two thumbs and the best boyfriend ever?

oh, that just happens to be me.
but seriously, he's the best.
it's kind of weird, this is the first night in 2 weeks that i haven't seen him.. but it's okay. He's having fun with his brother and it's cool. except that he's at a country concert. i won't stop teasing him about it.
but he's incredibly adorable.
he makes me smile all the time and tells me how great i am.
sometimes it makes me want to write really cliche poetry. actually a lot. and it doesn't help that we're talking about poetry in my early brit lit class.
he's adorable.
he doesn't get freaked out when i tell him weird things like how jenny yelled "you had sex?!" at me in my apartment and i almost punched her face in because it wasn't true. she's so assume-y.
basically, he just makes me a million happy and i just like him a million bunches.
on valentime's, it was the best best. he got me 3 (count 'em, 3) Beatles mugs. 3! and a Batman magnet!! a.dor.a.ble. here's a picture of them:
not an amazing picture, i know. i'm not a photographer. i have a camera and that's about it.
do you wanna know what i got him? because it's cussin' adorable.
adorable, right? right. i named him Sean the Jedi. a.dor.a.ble. all the way. he's just the best boyfriend ever ever ever. and right now, i'm making him a mix cd. #1.
i think that's all for right now.
also, i love love Parenthood and i cannot wait until next week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentimes!

I like that better than Valentine's because it says time. also i'm sure i heard it on a 30 Rock episode once but i'm having difficulty finding it...

Anyway, i thought it funny if i shared some of my favorite valentines i found recently.

to start:
Doctor Who Cat Valentines!!!! it's the best.

Then i found these Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog ones. they're weirder...

Then i found this dalek one and it was funny.

and i love love this one with the Beatles!
or this one. oh, yellow submarine.

and to top it all off...
hahaha cute.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Valentine's day!
And a special shout-out to my valentine, Sean! Thanks a million, you're the best.
with love, Ellen

Monday, February 13, 2012

One Big Step...

Happy 100th post everyone! and and happy day-before Valentine's Day!

i love double meanings. but this particular title only has one.
 (no, i'm not changing my major to astronomy...)
it means i have really spectacular news: I've got a boyfriend. If you haven't seen already on the facebook..
he's really great.

i kinda wish i had a picture of us to put up here.. but i don't. So that's just going to have to be too bad.

I know people love juicy secrets and details, but i'm not sure i want to post those here. so you're just going to have to contact me otherwise.

i just wanted to tell ya'll about my really great valentine and how he is so great and funny and cute and nice and sweet he is.

oh, and i'm sorry i've been a poop about the picture a day deal. turns out i'm lazy and having too much fun (at the same time..?) to take pictures. eh. you understand.

and now i'm going to go to work.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

i have good news.

i will most certainly be having a valentine this year. 1UP for me, that's for sure. or whatever...

Monday, February 6, 2012


Homies (noun): people i associate with.

i've accidentally been using this term a lot. but it's different and i like it so i will probably continue to use it.

good news. i've taken some pictures for that fervier thing. (fervier meaning february in french.)
bad news. my computer is crap at connecting to things like my printer, my ipod, my memory card... so i'll just have to put them up later.

yesterday was the super bowl. it was fun! i went to my neighbor Jayme's parent's house and we ate tons of food and watched the game and the commercials and played with her nieces and nephews. i've decided i'm going to be a kick-awesome mother/aunt. so that's good.

also, this special , chocolatey delight is super yummy. hopefully i can stay full until like 2:30..

on friday, i went to a kick awesome dance. seriously, i had an amazing time. there were loads of people there and i got to hang out with all my ward friends and dance my heart out and i had friends that came and chilled with me by the punch-y zone during the line-dance! (Thanks Aaron and Sean!) usually i'm just over there by myself being a 'loser' because i hate line dances in every way shape and form. A guy proposed to his girlfriend there and it was pretty cute. but then they played the song "celebration" and then cut it off halfway and played that crappy line-dance as aforementioned. so that means the dj was crap... oh! and i got some really great photo-booth pictures. but i doubt i could get them on here.

Also more good news! I like thai food. on Saturday, jayme and jamie and me went to Thai Drift with Matt and Aaron and Cody.  it was so so tasty i had pad se ew. so tasty. and then after, we all split mango with coconut rice. SO good. and then we grabbed some yogurtland with bethany and lindsey and then met up at B's apartment with sean and marcus and chatted and it was lots of fun. man, i have a great time out here.

good news!! i got the pictures to work.
here's 'words'
 aka my bigger-than-scriptures english text-book.
then here's 'hands'

aka my fancy-done nails. they're lacey colored.

and that's all. i'm going to go to work. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 1.

apparently, this picture thing is from twitter. so here's my hashtag-view today or whatever. (truth be told, i do tweet. but it's great. the picture isn't magnificent, but does it look like i care?

look! it's my blinds and some houses across the street. and cars. and a tree.
and yeah.

some news from today:
welcome to my anonymous followers! you don't know how happy you make me, honestly.
maybe i should've posted a picture of my sweet new nail-duds. their cream and black lacey pattern. like how i want my future wedding in the future. I did them with my bffs Jamie and Jayme! we're so cool. also we went to walmart and i've got lunches! now i won't be so hungry at work all the time! hah.
oh, and there may be some exciting news coming sometime this week. keep an eye out.

now to watch Doctor who and go to bed. i've just got to finish up an episode i had already started. well.. i'm re-watching then end. but that's fine.