Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's been decided.

I'm going to UVU.
I have a few apartment opportunites down there as well as a full tuition scholarship.
And who could pass that up, honestly?
Plus it's a jillion warmer in Orem than Logan and I'll be sorta near party friends.
I'm feeling really good about this. My parents and me are going to UV"You" days to check it out and have free breakfast/lunch and some other fun sounding stuff.

Gee, college is creepin up. Erchap told me the other day that we only have like 4.1 months to go of high school. sheoot. I hate to say it, but I really never imagined myself making it this far.
I don't really know what that means but i guess i just never thought past one school year at a time. But now i've got to think of more important crazy things.

I made a stupid joke today in my sacrament talk. I said this thing:
"I probably won't be around here for too much longer because of college and life and whatever... so i'll be signing autographed copies afterwards."
bad. idea. As funny (not) as it was, people actually jokingly asked me for autographs. I just gave a weird talk about junk and i just want to talk to my mommy for the second between sacrament and sunday school, I don't want to talk to you.

I'm having a real self-loathing party right now so, before i go into stupid depressing junk, i'm going to end and go read for English so i don't fail.
And go to bed so i don't be stupid late to stupid school because i'm stupid and can't control my stupid self enough to wake up stupid early and leave stupid on time. stupid.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Figure...

I don't really know what to talk about. But i definitely want to post. So that's what I'm going to do.

Maybe I want to talk about how I want to be asked to Valentine's even though it's a stupid and annoying holiday and dance combo. It's probably just because i'm in a dancing mood and my bedroom just isn't cutting it. It might be because i'm out of my nut. Perhaps a concoction of the two.

I keep thinking about college. I really don't want to go because it'll mean I have to start my real life and be smart and do good and stress out and not be lazy and get homesick. and probably cry because i'm homesick. That happens. But i'm also excited because i get to experience the real world, or at least a taste of it. I'll meet new people and date some guys I probably don't even know right now and i'll cook for myself all the time and all that jazz.

One of the things I really hate thinking about right now is how everything will flip. I hate to say it, but I probably won't even know or remember 90% of the people I know now and I won't get to spend my weekends playing with my family. Ugh. it makes me want to take out my hankie right now. But i'll spare you that.

I hate phonies. That was thing on a card in Boxers or Briefs last night and it was in Abby's hand. If she had played that on me, she would've won a 'true' token. I hate when you can see the fakeness smudged all over their faces and you can totally tell. I just wanna ask "Are you making that face because you want us to know that you aren't really thinking what you're saying or just because your brain-to-mouth connection is malfunctioning?"

SBB(M)C is cool. I like hanging out with them because they're cool and we can do anything, basically. Like make up fun acronyms! JGLFC, MGGFC, SBB(M)C, BC(breakfast club...), etc.

I really like my fauxhawk. Except when no one sees it. because it's cool and i want to show it off and then :P. Um... like tuesday or something this girl who's in the "madrigal" catagory of school tells me on our way to math that "You're so pretty, you could really be a model." Well, thanks. At least your not a greasy, creepy dude and his chick-minion at walmart... like that one guy... *shudder.

This has been a wonderful time. but i'm sure you don't really wanna read too much more.
Au Revoir! Adieu! Aloha! Ahoyhoy!
yeah... that last one's a hello... but with every goodbye comes a hello and with every goodbuy comes a hello as well.
thoughtful, right?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Down to business

actually... not really. but i couldn't think up a clever title for this.
and since i have no followers...


I accidentally totally fell in love with this song...
and i don't know how to embed or whatever... so it's a link.
I sorta learned it on the uke but not memorized yet.
And it's one of the only songs that I think I can actually sing. So that's a plus.
Oh. And i have some new bffs.
Tyrannasaurus Lex(Lexi), Teresius(Teresa), Erchap(Erin), and me(me).
Yeah we're so cool and fun and cool and we like to hang out and make soda and sing ukulele stuff and play truth or dare with Beck-kid(Andrew) and BabyFetus(Maddy).
And my hair is fauxhawking oh, so nicely!
I love. my hair. being a fauxhawk.
But i do think i wanna grow it out until I get married. and at that time it might be like a foot long... then I could donate it and whatever. i like hair.
HAHAHA. some funny vids. that abby and i have been laughing over all weekend. Oh, Julian Smith... haa...
hah. enjoy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Welcome to my new blog!

I sure hope you find it to your liking.

Not a lot has happened lately...
Excepting New year.
and i joined a few people on a blogging escapade!
It's only been 5 days, but i've been on top of everything.
that's probably my new years resolution... to stay on top of things and not get buried.
And to stay cool even though eventually this year i'll become a loserly freshman again. but i'll remain cool. and calm. and collected. and the like.
and to stay warm. darn freezin right now.
but luckily my YW leader Wendi gave me a warmy thing with corn in it! the smell is delightful and the warm is similar.

I've been practicing my uke. i've got some songs down!!
these are songs that I can play without any music:
Take on me - A-ha
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
5 years time - Noah and the Whale
and i'm working on up!
oh, crockett. what endless entertainment you provide!

i think i'm off to journal/read/sleep now.
Night fellows!