Friday, September 5, 2014

It's just me.

Hi. So, like always, there is no real reason for me not posting in an excruciating amount of time (because I know everyone cares so much), but I'm back.

All of August I was busy busy busy when I was completely planning on relaxing. I know I haven't posted even in April, June or July either, but... we'll just skip all that. Besides maybe that Sean took me to Fantasy Con and I got to meet Simon Pegg and he told me Happy Birthday and signed our action figures.

Or when my sister-in-law Laurelin came and stayed with us for the good part of a month...
(pictured from top left: Brady and Katie, Aaron and Melissa with their kids Aiden and Katherine, everybody, Aunt Melanie and Laurelin, Sean, Me and Katharine again) I think that's a good overview of my summer. If not, I've got a facebook or twitter or instagram and you can join me there. (@elleohellen - twitter, @ellen_donner - instagram).

August started out normal and boring since my internship ended mid-July. Then, one day, Sean came home and said "I have a crazy idea..." And it was. The next friday, we left on a suprise road trip to Minnesota to give his friends Marcus and Whitney Penny the best housewarming gift. We drove all day and got to his parent's house that night after finding one of Sean's friends in a neighboring town and giving them a ride home.

Saturday, we met up with Sean's oldest brother Damien for brunch. We spent some time at Damien's house after playing with his dogs and watching the Twin's game. Then we went to the Mall of America to kill some time and to buy me a jacket. We pulled up to the Penny's house and barely got out of the car and into their driveway when Marcus comes booking down the driveway, full speed, to give Sean a huge hug. The entire trip was worth everything for that one moment.

It was one of the most fun housewarming parties ever, just to see Sean with all of his friends. We left a little early and went back to his parent's house to spend some time with his mom who'd just got back into town. I do love my in-laws. I am one lucky girl.

The next day we drove to Gillette and spent the night with Sean's youngest brother and his girlfriend and it was tons of fun there too. I miss them so much!

Then, a week after that, Sean and I moved into my parent's house. It's been pretty good so far. We repainted the bedroom,
and set up the living room the way we like it. We're settling in pretty well (including Erma). This weekend, we're going to the Oddball Comedy Festival and I am SO EXCITED!!! So, you could pretty much say I've had an incredible summer. I might've missed some things... like that one time we went to the dam.
Or the time Sean's book made it to the Summer Reading List.
Or when Sean live-tweeted Independence Day.
Or when we went to Oregon with my family for Abby's Senior Trip.


Now, let's just wait and see what Autumn and Winter bring us...
Love, Ellen

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