Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Keeps Gettin' Better.

Even though I know the title of this is alluding to a Christina Aguilara song, I've had this Avril song stuck in my head since work today...

Don't judge. It's just like that.

Anyway, I'm sure none of this has to do anything with anything. But I do have some good news! Even though I won't be at my internship too much longer, I've obviously proven myself useful because I got a pay raise today! I couldn't be happier there. And just to prove myself and make getting a raise worth the trouble it's been for others, I've been working on a lot of fun things for our upcoming sales conference that I'm pretty excited about.

In other news, today has been pretty good. Sean got to come home a little bit early today and that just gives me a little more time to hang with my bfff (I added an extra f because best friend forever forever). I think I'm gonna make him go on a walk with me later. Walking is fun plus it's pretty outside.

Maybe after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is over.
love, Ellen

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