Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Unclean

Have you ever heard the term "The Rule of Threes"?


I started out the day waking up earlier than I wanted when Sean left without saying goodbye to me. Turns out, he was just outside trying to light our water heater. Good guy. He couldn't and I went without showering this morning. I feel DISGUSTING. I get so greasy when I don't shower. I sometimes take 2 showers a day because I work hard at the donut shop.

Anyway, my day starts out like that. Then I go to work and stuff there isn't working on the network and I have to start a different project in the middle of the one I'm already doing. It's fine, I go on.
But then I check my bank account to see if I have any money to buy a soda from the break-room. Nope. In fact, the organization who I have my student loan with took out twice the amount I thought it would. Turns out, it takes A WHOLE WEEK to just report that I paid. Note to self, don't forget that you already paid them. UGH. That's what savings accounts are for, I guess.

Then I get home, forgetting about the hot water problem and turn on the kitchen faucet. It pretty much explodes water and pasta sauce all over me. ULTIMATE SAD FACE. I make dinner and, during the course of cooking, I forget that the faucet is a **** and it scares me. In turn, I punch it in the face and now we have to buy a new faucet. ALL THE SWEARS.

Now, dinner has been done for 15 minutes and Sean just came home.
I need a chocolate. and a shower.
love, Ellen

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